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After the credit card is overdue, teach you how to deal with it!

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Now due to the market downturn, many of the company's business operations have fallen into deep water, and then led to increased debt pressure. Some friends have high debts, and even the bank’s minimum repayments will not be available.

The friends who use the card should know that if the credit card is overdue for more than three months or the bank has not repaid after two dunnings, it may be pulled into the blacklist by the bank. This bad credit record will greatly reduce the chances of applying for a credit card and a successful loan! So what should I do if I accidentally overdue?

Today, we will talk about how we should handle and respond to the problem after the credit is overdue.

Let's first talk about four situations in which credit cards are overdue:

Situation 1, overdue due to false information

Measures: Is the credit record incorrect? As long as you disagree with the false information, you can go to the local People's Bank of China to file an opposition application, usually within 15 working days, you can get a reply. This bad overdue will also be eliminated immediately.

Case 2: Overdue due to non-self reasons

For example, the overdue period of bank data errors, the overdue of the receipt of bills, etc.

Measures: The bank can open a non-malicious overdue certificate. With this certificate, the application for loans and bids will not be affected.

Case 3, because of the negligence of missing credit card repayment date

Because of the busy work, life trivia missed the repayment time?

Measures: Proactively contact the bank. If the bank has not submitted your bad record to the pedestrian, after actively repaying, actively contact the bank to inform the reason for the overdue, and the overdue record is expected to be eliminated.

Situation 4, bad records have appeared in the central bank’s credit report

Measures: In this case, you should not sell the card immediately, except for paying off the debt, and you should continue to use it. Because the credit report can display up to five years of history from the month of the query.

Among them, the records in the past two years will be displayed monthly, while in the other three years only the overdue records will be displayed, and the normal records will not be displayed. In other words, if the credit card is terminated, the corresponding record will not be scrolled, but will be saved for a long time!

The correct way is to stick to the card for 2 years after repayment, and the credit during the period is good, so that the original overdue record can be overwritten by scrolling.

What should we do when we don't want to overdue our credit card?

1. Choose the minimum repayment or installment payment: Don't feel that it doesn't matter if you don't have it, as long as you pay the minimum repayment, it will not affect personal credit. Of course, both services require a certain fee or interest.

2, change the billing date: Most banks support the change of billing date, if you find that the current consumption amount may be a lot more, then you can change the billing date application to yours a few days before the billing date Before the application date, you can get an interest-free period of up to one month. During this time, you can find a way to raise money.

3. Use the bank's delayed repayment service: Some banks have their own time-to-life policy. If you can pay the arrears and overdue payment within 1-3 natural days, these overdue will not be credited. Letter.

So, what if our credit card is overdue?

Don't ignore or treat them negatively, and actively take corrective measures to save. The best way is to continue to use this card, keep a good repayment record, cover the original negative record with the new repayment record, and usually generate a new credit record after 24 months, so that Have a negative impact on your future credit behavior.

1. Some people apply for credit cards that are not commonly used. When a credit card has been overdue, it is intended to completely eliminate the need for a credit card, and simply ignore the credit card, neither repaying it nor selling it.

This approach is very wrong. If you don't pay back, you will get an overdue payment every month, which means you will get a bad credit record every month. If the company does not repay the loan for several months, it will be sued by the bank and will be convicted of malicious arrears. The credit record is even worse, and the amount of the arrears will be dragged on, and the penalty will be severely imposed.

2. If the credit card is overdue, the credit card center of the issuing bank will collect it. Some people, because of ignorance and blind arrogance, not only do not repay their money, but also "running the road" by changing the address and mobile phone contact, so that the bank can not contact themselves, thinking that such a bank can not help themselves.

In fact, this practice is also unacceptable. When you apply for a credit card, your real name information has already been recorded by the bank. Once you "run the road", the bank will determine that you are maliciously overdrawn and owed money. If you call the police, the police will list you as a wanted criminal.

3. As a credit card holder, once it is unable to repay on time due to unemployment, illness or other accidents, it is best for the cardholder to contact the bank credit card center to make a statement before the final repayment period. The economic situation, affirming that he is not maliciously owing money, and applying for late repayment and interest discount.

4. In view of the cardholder's active performance and the previous good credit history, the bank will often agree to postpone the repayment, and will agree with the cardholder to agree on the repayment plan, delay period, interest discount, monthly repayment amount, etc. . In this case, if the bank is actively contacted and the bank agrees to postpone the repayment, the bad record will not be recorded, but it should be noted that it is guaranteed to repay the loan in the future.

5, if it is usually negligent to forget the repayment, then find that after the overdue, we must repay the loan as soon as possible, it is best to repay the full amount. Then call the bank credit card center to affirm the non-malicious arrears. If the record has been well in the past and the overdue time is short, it is found that the repayment is good after the overdue period, then the bad record may not be recorded. In the future, you should not be careless. Be sure to pay attention to the bank's billing notice and collection information to avoid overdue.

6. The credit card repayment information will be recorded by the central bank's credit information system for 24 months, that is, the bad credit history generated by the credit card overdue payment will be kept in the credit information system for two years. If the card is terminated, the corresponding record is no longer scrolled, but is saved for a long time.

Therefore, after the credit card has been overdue, it is best not to cancel the credit card and immediately cancel the credit card, but should insist on reusing the card for more than two years, and the credit during the retention period is good, so that the bad record can be recovered from the credit record by rolling records. Removed from the system.

What should I do if my credit card is overdue for 90 days?

Friends don't worry, give everyone a little hope:

1. Make a credit report to the Personal Credit Information Center. If you are overdue for more than 91 days, look back.

2. Ask the bank to send a paper slip of your credit card.

3, after receiving the payment to the bank counter, retain the voucher.

4. Ask the bank to reissue a bill after your repayment.

5. Civil Litigation Bank. Refer to the legal provisions, 45 measures for the supervision and management of credit card business of commercial banks.

Summary: Overdue for more than 91 days, the repayment will be offset against the principal and then offset against interest. But all banks operate illegally. You are a reasonable repayment, he is illegal collection, and finally can only mediate. Interest is free and paid off in 5 years. Refer to the law as above.

Banks prefer to mediate and cannot lose. It is because once there is a court decision, everyone will follow suit. It is estimated that few people know about this law.

If you have been paying interest before, use this law to recover it now. Of course, this consequence is also very bad. In the future, banks and related financial institutions will not have any credit business with you.

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