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After the credit card expired, teach you how to deal with!

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Now because of the market downturn, many friends company's business plunged into deep water, and then lead to increased debt pressures. Some friends with high debt cards, and even the last minimum even the bank's repayment are not out.

Friends who use a card should all know that a credit card that has been overdue for more than three months or a bank that has not repaid it twice has the potential to be blacklisted by a bank. This bad credit records will greatly reduce the chances of applying for credit cards and loans! So, what happens when you accidentally overdue?

Today, we will talk about how to deal with the problem correctly after the credit expired.

Let's talk about credit card overdue four cases:

Situation one, the information is not caused by the overdue

Measures: credit records wrong? As long as you have any objection to inaccurate information, you can go to the local People's Bank of China to file an opposition application, usually within 15 working days, you can get a reply. This kind of overdue will also be immediately eliminated.

Situation two, non-their own reasons overdue

For example, bank data errors due to overdue, did not receive the bill due overdue.

Measures: Banks can open a non-malicious overdue proof, with this proof, apply for a loan, the bid will not be affected.

Third, because of negligence missed the credit card repayment date

Because of busy work, life trivial missed the repayment time?

Measures: Take the initiative to contact the bank, if the bank has not submitted your bad record to the people, positive repayment, take the initiative to contact the bank to inform the reasons for the overdue, overdue records are expected to be eliminated.

Fourth, bad records have appeared in the central bank credit report

Measures: In this case, you do not sell the card immediately except pay off the arrears. You should continue to use it. Because credit reports can show up to five years of records going back up from the month of inquiry.

Among them, the records in the past two years will be displayed on a monthly basis, whereas in the other three years, only the overdue records will be displayed and the normal records will not be displayed. In other words, if the credit card is terminated, the corresponding record will not be scrolled any longer, and will be preserved for a long time!

The correct approach is to insist on using the card after 2 years of repayment, and good credit during the maintenance, so that you can rely on the original overdue record rolling over.

What to do when we do not want to overdue credit card?

1, choose the minimum repayment or installments: Do not think it is not on the matter, as long as you pay the minimum repayment, it will not affect personal credit. Of course, both services need to pay a fee or interest.

2, change the bill day: Most banks support the change of bill day, if you find that the current amount of spending may be much higher, then you can bill days a few days ago, the bill of lading to your application Before the filing date, so you can get up to one month interest-free period, this time to find ways to raise money still on.

3, the use of bank delayed repayment services: some banks have their own tolerance policy, if you can 1-3 days, the arrears and overdue late payment, these overdue will not be credited Letter

So what happens if our credit card is overdue?

Must not ignore or treat negatively, and should take the correct measures to save. The best way is to keep using this card, keep a good repayment record, overwrite the original negative record with the new repayment record, usually generate a new credit record after 24 months, so that it will not Your credit behavior in the future have a negative impact.

1, some people do not commonly used credit card, when the credit card overdue payment, it is intended to completely credit card, simply ignore the credit card, neither the repayment nor the sales card.

This approach is very wrong. If you do not repay, it will have a monthly overdue payment, that is, a bad credit record will be credited once a month. And for many months do not repay, will be prosecuted by the bank, was convicted of arrears, credit records that worse, and the amount of arrears will be more and more big, serious will be sentenced to fines.

2, the credit card is not overdue, the credit card issuing bank will conduct collection. Because of ignorance and blindness, some people not only do not repay, but also "run the road" by changing the address and the contact information of the mobile phone so that the bank can not contact themselves, thinking that the bank can not help themselves.

In fact, this approach is absolutely undesirable. When you apply for a credit card, your real name information has been recorded by the bank. Once you "run", the bank will determine that you malicious overdraft and arrears will alarm, and the police will list you as a wanted person.

3, As a credit card holder, once due to unemployment, illness or other accidents result in inability to repay on time, before the final repayment period, the best cardholder with the bank credit card center to take the initiative to contact the phone to state his Economic conditions, affirming that they are not malicious debt, and apply for a delay in repayment and interest concessions.

4. Banks will often agree to postpone repayments due to the cardholder's active performance and previous good credit history. They will agree with the cardholders about the repayments, delay period, interest discount and monthly repayment . This initiative to contact the bank, and banks agreed to postpone the repayment of the case, it will not be recorded bad records, but need to be aware that later promised to be agreed to repay.

5, if it is negligence usually forget the repayment, that after the discovery of overdue, be sure to repay as soon as possible, it is best to repay in full. Then call the bank's credit card center to declare non-malicious arrears, if the previous record has been good, and the overdue time is short, found that the repayments after the good, you may not be bad records. After that can not be careless, we must pay attention to bank bills and collection of information to avoid overdue.

6, credit card repayment information will be the central bank credit system scrolling record 24 months, that is, credit card overdue repayment bad credit history will be kept in the credit system for two years. If you use the card to terminate, the corresponding record is no longer rolling, but for a long time saved.

Therefore, the credit card overdue repayment, it is best not to pay off immediately after the cancellation of credit card, but should insist on re-use the card for more than two years, and maintain good credit during the period, so you can rely on rolling records to bad records from the credit Remove the system.

Credit card expired 90 days how to do?

Friends do not worry, give you a little hope:

1, to a personal credit reference center hit a credit report. If you overdue for more than 91 days, look back.

2, ask the bank to send you a credit card paper bill.

3, after receiving a refund to the bank counter, keep the certificate.

4, ask the bank to repay a bill after you repay.

5, civil litigation bank. Reference to the terms of law, commercial bank credit card business supervision and management approach 45.

Summary: Overdue for more than 91 days, the repayment of the first arrived in the principal, offset the interest after. But all banks are operating irregularities. You are a reasonable repayment, he is illegal collection, and finally only mediation. Interest free, 5 years to pay off. Reference to the law above.

The reason why banks prefer mediation can not lose. Because once there is a court decision, everyone will follow suit. It is estimated that few people know this law.

If you've been paying interest back, use this law now to recover it. Of course, the consequences are also very bad, after which banks and related financial institutions will not engage in any credit business with you.

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