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The stock market fell into dogs, do not stop the vote or stop it?

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Set to cast a firm belief, do not be afraid to encounter a plunge.

Three questions about investing

  1. Intelligent Investment Advisory product is suitable for fixed investment?


In the Methodology of Choice 3.0, we mentioned that the values ​​followed by the Smart Investors are trusting in discipline and trust in asset allocation. To put it simply, it is to avoid chase, slaughter, anti-humanity (rebalancing), and a "basket fund" with weak investment-related links to smooth risk returns. Given the vote cast investment products, can better achieve sustainable tracking, dynamic adjustment and balance, so that more stable earnings.

To buy a good robot and Niubi, for example, they are essentially intelligent investment consulting, are suitable for fixed investment. However, Nike is not currently open to vote fixed function, if you must be scheduled to vote, only a fixed time per month jiacang on the line; and robots buy will be able to see the fixed investment entrance, more intelligent, you do not have to Caught up.

In addition to fixing the specific way of different, they also have the following differences:

1) Asset side. Robot is a passive partial index funds, pay more attention to the configuration of the market, follow the broader market, more robust; and Niu Kebao is an active management fund, more enterprising.

2) dynamic adjustment function. Robot has 5 major rebalancing function, more intelligent, the most important thing is "wave balance" function; and Niubi only 3 balance function.

3) Break down the crowd. There are 18 robot matching ratio to meet the more sub-groups; Niu Kebao has 5 combinations ratio.

4) the starting point of purchase. Robot 2,000 yuan from the vote, Niu Bao 1000 yuan from the vote.

To summarize, if you are more confident in quantifying models and algorithms, preferring transparency, and wanting to be more comfortable, you can try robots at lower rates. If you prefer to take the initiative to invest, hoping to get an excess return on the market, do not bother, you can try Niu Kebao. Then an automatic vote, one need to manually jiacang per month, on it.

In addition, it should be added that although the long-term trend may be guaranteed for such smart investment products as robots and Niubi Bao, which have large fluctuations in the long run and good long-term trends, the volatility depends on the specific circumstances and is proposed to be fixed Select equity stocks accounted for relatively high (corresponding growth, aggressive combination), otherwise, if the currency, bonds accounted for more intelligent investment products, fixed investment is not as a one-time investment, can not play the role of sharing low cost, unless You simply because it is mandatory to save some money each month.

  2. Excuse me, can I buy with the average strategy of value while selling in the same way as controlling the maximum retracement? P / E sell I think good, but I am afraid of this situation, if I plan to sell 75 times when the price-earnings ratio, the result encountered a slow bear, to a 3 years and 5 years are not reached, or to a small Bull market ended up 74 times on the Guaitou down. So I am not the same as the surplus?

I will break down your question into three small questions, in order to do the answer:

1) When using the average value strategy, it is recommended not to use the maximum withdrawal control surplus. Because the average strategy of buying value is more when the market is falling, buying less when the market goes up and redeeming the part that exceeds the target market value will have an impact on the fixed-rate of return and the maximum withdrawal will also change. Consideration criteria is not so real. Therefore, with the external profit-taking standards better, such as: price-earnings ratio, moving average deviation and so on.

2) P / E rate only, if you encounter a slow bear, 3, 5 years did not reach your planned profit-taking standard does not matter. On the contrary, continue to vote, waiting for the arrival of a wave of bull market, you will earn more. Because you have enough time to accumulate enough cheap chips, as long as the other wind like.

Conversely, if you decide to invest in the beginning or middle of a bull market, it is easy to reach a profit-taking point, although it is profitable to start a bull market. But in fact, your accumulated chips are no longer cheap, not enough, even if the market is rising rapidly, you do not earn the most.

3) Investing is a flexible activity, not to say that if you plan to sell at 75x P / E, you really have to sell at 75x! As long as the warning line, you can batch profit only (generally recommended 2-3 install only profit), do not think of selling the highest point. How much can you avoid situations such as those you say, so as not to miss the timing of taking profit, but also to gain higher returns on the basis of risk diversification?

For example: Suppose you plan to sell 75 times when the price-earnings ratio, you can relax some of the appropriate range. For example, when PE reaches about 65 times (cordon), it can be redeemed by 1/3 first. When PE reaches about 75 times, it can be redeemed by 1/3. When PE reaches 80 times or more, redeem the last 1 / 3.

  3. The stock market fell into dogs, and then fall down so really can not stand, the Fund is scheduled to vote was profitable, and now have lost several points, or stop it?

  Suggest not stop, continue to vote! The more we fall in the market, the more we must strengthen our conviction.If the amount of money is sufficient, every big drop can also be a single jiacang, increase efforts to flatten the cost.

Someone may say: It's easy to say and difficult to do. The Shanghai Composite Index dropped 10.26% for 4 days in a row, dropping below 3100 points from 3400 points once, and the stock market plunged madly. Many investors panicked. I can understand this panic mood, because at this time you are not a person's fund is down, but everyone's down. You should be fortunate that you have chosen the fund to vote, imagine, if one-time inadvertently bought the fund in the high point, this time the account will be more ugly ...

I also understand that many people want to stop the vote, or even stop the mood. The more you worry about the bigger the loss, the return of capital is far in the foreseeable future. From the behavioral economics point of view, everyone has the psychological loss of avoidance, which is the weakness of human nature.

However, we should all know that investment has always been anti-human. I also believe that the friends who choose to vote for the vote certainly have fancyed that fixed investment can overcome the greed and fear in human nature without any timing. Therefore, in the current market, the market is falling, the more we must insist on the vote, the only way you can pick up cheaper chips in order to continue to lower average cost, as long as the market to a larger level of rebound or the bull market, you Can profit out.

Conversely, if you stop fixing or stop loss when the market is down, it is a pity that you missed the opportunity to flatten your costs! This opportunity is very rare in the bull market. In my opinion, no matter the economic fundamentals, market valuations, or the profitability of an enterprise, A shares are not subject to systemic risk at the moment. The slow-growth bull market remains unchanged and medium- and long-term optimistic (on behalf of personal opinions, We still need to maintain independent thinking). So much to say so earnestly, is to make everyone firm belief, long-term vision, do not annoy remorse because of immediate loss ...

Finally, with a paragraph of investment guru Peter Lynch's words as an end, and encourage each other:

"Whenever the stock market plunges and I worry about the future, I will recall the fact that in the past there have been 40 stock market slumps in history, to calm down my fearsome heart. I told myself that the stock market plummeted. Is a good thing, so we have another good chance to buy those very good company stocks at a very low price. "

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