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Ma Yun is "too helpless". Doesn't she still want to go to jail when she borrows money?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Good Night Princess         Author: Goodnight Little Princess

Now that Alipay has exceeded 800 million users, it is a leader in the industry. With the development of the economy, Alipay software has also launched financial services such as lending and spending, which has caused many people to solve the problem. There are many people who may not use it at hand, but they have good luck and usually have a good look at their quota.


At first, Ma Yun did not develop Alipay. In order to solve the problem of money transfer on the e-commerce platform, he had talked to the bank, but the bank directly rejected Ma Yun.

In desperation, Ma Yun bragged himself to think of ways, at the time, if there is no relevant department's license, the development of such financial-related software is very risky, Ma Yun is ready to go to jail. But then Ma said that if the bank does not change, Ali will change the bank, Ma Yun really did.

In the end, Alipay won the market, but also derived a lot of their own business, but on the issue of borrowing money, Ma once clearly expressed his bottom line, so that any user can not be free to overstep. This is not to remind everyone to seize the time to pay back the money. At that time, people built Alipay at the risk of being jailed. Now that you don’t pay back, are you planning to go to jail on your own?

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