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Ma Yun is "too helpless". Do you still want to go to jail?

Time: 2018-02-14         Source: Goodnight Princess         Author: Goodnight Little Princess

Now Alipay has more than 800 million users, which is the leader in the industry. With the development of the economy, Alipay has also developed financial services such as borrowing, flowering and other financial services, and many people have solved it for a while. The hand is awkward, many people may not need it, but they have the opportunity to borrow money, and usually look at their own quota is also very good.


At the beginning, Ma Yun did not develop Alipay. In order to solve the problem of money transfer on the e-commerce platform, he once talked to the bank, but the bank directly rejected Ma Yun.

In desperation, Ma Yun tried his best to find a way. In the era, if there was no license from the relevant departments, it would be very risky to develop such financial-related software. Ma Yun was ready to go to jail. But then Ma Yun said that if the bank does not change, Ali will change the bank, Ma Yun really did.

Finally, Alipay won in the market, and also derived a lot of its own business, but with regard to borrowing money and not paying back, Ma Yun has clearly expressed his own bottom line, so that no user can pass it. Is this reminding everyone to hurry and pay back the money? At that time, people risked imprisonment to establish Alipay. Now that you don’t pay back, are you going to go to jail yourself?

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