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What happened to the people who had gone through the collection of the company?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Wu Yanwei         Author: Wu Yanwei

First, the collection of personnel is generally divided into "telephone call" and "outgoing team members."

Let's talk about the "telephone call" personnel. Telephone collection personnel generally do not go out; telephone collection has an execution cycle, there is no refund in one cycle, automatically switch to a collection of people; telephone collection is generally young people, universal graduation time is not long, easy to brainwash After working for several years, it will generally change course.

The cultural level of telephone collection personnel is not particularly high, and it is generally secondary schools, high schools and college students. People with better academic qualifications are reluctant to engage in this type of work; telephone calls for collection of trends in recent years are all moving toward the Mainland. Many electrodynamic companies are registered in Hunan, Xiamen, Jiangsu, etc. The electric propulsion companies in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen first-tier cities are gradually decreasing. This is mainly to consider the cost.

The telephone collection personnel generally adopt the “low base salary” + “high commission” salary method. For these salesmen, the payment is everything, and there is no salary if there is no refund. Therefore, they will not resort to measures and have no bottom line. Before the call collection staff enters the service, they will conduct systematic training. The training focuses on: no compassion, telephone conversation, standard speech, searching for clues, and psychological repression.


After collecting telephone work for a period of time, there is a general psychological problem. Because there are too many negative things every day, it really destroys one's belief and becomes hysterical. I know a girl who turned out to be a gentle and virtuous man. After three years she became a shrew.

In addition, the “outreaching team members” are also divided into two categories: the personnel of the platform's outreach group and the outsourcing platform's outreach team, which is generally the platform’s own staff, are relatively more civilized and are less timid. Many of the outbound visiting teams that are outsourced are borne by the reviewing companies, and even some of them are released from prison and are specifically engaged in debt collection. You should be careful when you come across this type of person.

The biggest purpose of your visit is to give you and your family the psychological pressure to tell you by action that debt collection has been added. This kind of situation is not a small psychological stress for the average person. The most common behaviors of visiting homes are: sending letters, interviewing, looking for relatives, and finding unit leaders. By harassing these people, the pressure on your side is the most common behavior for all debtors. It is usually the platform's own foreign visitors who do this kind of thing.

In some cases, the foreign visitors may also: splash paint, trace, desecrate, beat people, kidnap, etc. This situation is generally outsourced foreign visitors. Pure debt collection companies have no limit. This situation is basically dealing with "dead" and "bad debts," that is to say, the platform judges that your account is difficult to recover, and it will be sold at 20%, and they will earn money when they recover. This is basically unscrupulous.

2. After an outside visit, most people will pay back the money

After the average person visits the door, relatives will take the initiative to pay back the money; the people who don’t pay back the money are all living in difficulties.

3. When visiting foreign countries, the method of protecting oneself is very simple

If you do owe money, try to negotiate as much as you can, and repay the money as agreed. Generally, as long as you do not miss the appointment, the other party will not harass. If you owe money, but your life is difficult, be sure to explain the reasons in good faith, and give a reasonable repayment plan, you will generally agree. Because he forced you to useless. If the other party has excessive behavior, such as: beating, abusing, kidnapping, without hesitation, direct warning. The money owed can negotiate the arrears, but the deviant behavior is absolutely impossible and the law will protect you.

If the police call the police, when the police go out, you just need to emphasize the other party's illegal behavior. For example: The other person beat me. There is no need to mention the debt owed by both of you. Do not let the police arbitrate the debts owed by you. Remember that the matter of arranging the arrears is not returned to the police, and they say it is useless.

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