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After those companies have experienced collection door, then what happened?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Wu Yan Wei         Author: Wu Yanwei

First, collectors are generally classified as "telephone collection" and "foreign exchange group members."

Let me talk about the "call collection" staff. Telephone collection staff generally do not go out; telephone collection has the implementation of the cycle, in a cycle without payment, automatically transferred to a collection staff; telephone collection are generally young people, the general graduation time is not too long to facilitate brainwashing After a few years of work, I usually change jobs.

The telephone collection staff cultural level is not particularly high, are generally secondary school, high school, college students based. People with better academic qualifications are reluctant to engage in such work; the trend of telephone collection in recent years is moving toward the interior. A lot of electrowetting companies are registered in Hunan, Xiamen, Jiangsu, e-driven companies in the north-south Guangzhou-Shenzhen city is getting smaller. This is mainly to consider the cost.

Call collectors generally adopt the "low base salary" + "high commission" pay method, for these salesman, the money back is everything, there is no paycheck no salary. So they will not count tactics, there is no bottom line. Telephone recruiting staff before induction, will be a systematic training, training focused on: no compassion, telephone scenarios, standard surgery, looking for clues, psychological stress.


After working for a while, it is common for telephone collectors to have psychological problems, since too many negatives each day face up to the point where they destroy the faith of one person and become hysterical. I know a girl, the original very gentle and virtuous one, completely transformed into a shrew after 3 years.

In addition, under the "foreign visit group of staff", is also divided into two categories: platform for foreign exchange group and outsourcing platform for visiting group of personnel, usually platform own staff, relatively civilized, courageous also relatively small. Outsourcing outsourcing groups, many of them are borne by the debt-paying companies, and even some of the prisoners will be released to release personnel to collect debts. You should be careful when it comes to such people.

The biggest purpose of visiting foreign countries is to give you and your family psychological pressure, and to tell you by action that the debt collection has already been added. This situation to the general psychological pressure is not small. The most common forms of outbound visits include sending letters, interviewing, looking for relatives, finding unit leaders, and stressing on the side by harassing them, the most common of all debtors. Generally do such things are the platform's own foreign visitors.

In some cases, foreign visitors may also paint, track, curse, beat, abduct, etc., and this is usually the case of outsourced foreign visitors. Pure debt collection company, there is no bottom line. This situation is basically dealing with "bad debts" and "bad debts", which means that the platform to determine your account is difficult to recover it, the 2 fold sold out, they earn money earned. This time is basically unscrupulous.

Second, after visiting home, most people will pay back the money

Most people come to visit outside, the relatives will take the initiative to pay back the money; do not pay back the basic life is difficult.

Third, outside visits, the protection of their own way is simple

If you really owe money, then try to negotiate some good attitude, according to the agreement to pay back the money. As long as you do not lose the general agreement, the other will not harass. If you owe money but you have a hard time, you must give a true account of the reason and give a reasonable plan of repayment. You will generally agree. Because he forced you to useless. If the other party has aggressive behavior, such as: assault, abuse, kidnapping, without hesitation, direct alarm. Arrears of money can be negotiated debt, but the behavior of the devil absolutely not, the law will protect you.

If the police call, the police when the police, you just have to emphasize each other's illegal behavior, for example: the other beat me. Do not make any mention of the amounts owed by both of you. Do not let the police mediate your debt. Remember that the adjustment of the balance of arrears is out of the custody of the people and that they are useless.

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