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What happened to the people who had experienced the collection of the company?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Wu Yanwei         Author: Wu Yanwei

First, the collection personnel are generally divided into "telephone collection" and "outside interview team members."

Let me talk about the "telephone collection" staff. Telephone collection personnel generally do not go out; telephone collection has an execution cycle, there is no payment within 1 cycle, automatically transfer a collection of personnel; telephone collection is generally young people, the general graduation time is not too long, easy to brainwash After a few years of work, it will generally change.

The cultural level of telephone collection personnel is not particularly high, and it is generally secondary school, high school, and junior college students. People with better academic qualifications are reluctant to engage in such work; telephone calls for trends in recent years are all developing inland. Many electric reminder companies are registered in Hunan, Xiamen, Jiangsu, etc., and the electric reminder companies in the first-tier cities in the north and south of Guangzhou and Shenzhen are slowly decreasing. This is mainly to consider the cost.

Telephone collection personnel generally adopt the "low base salary" + "high commission" salary method. For these salesmen, the payment is everything, and there is no salary without returning money. So they will not resort to means, no bottom line. Before the telephone collection personnel enter the job, systematic training will be carried out. The focus of the training is: unsympathetic, telephone scene, standard speech, finding relationship clues, psychological oppression and so on.


After working for a period of time, the telephone collection staff will generally have psychological problems, because there are too many negatives every day, which will indeed destroy a person’s beliefs and become hysterical. I know a girl. It turned out to be a gentle and virtuous person. After three years, she became a shrew.

Let's talk about the "outside interview team", which is also divided into two categories: the platform's external visiting group and the outsourcing platform's external visiting group, generally the platform's own employees, relatively civilized and courageous. Many outsourcing groups that are outsourced are undertaken by the accounting company, and there will even be a part of the prisoners who are released from prison to specifically collect debts. When you come across such people, you have to be careful.

The biggest purpose of the interview is to give you and your family psychological pressure, and tell you by action that the debt collection has been found on the door. The psychological pressure of this situation for the average person is not small. The most common behaviors of visiting a visitor: sending a letter, interviewing, finding relatives, finding a unit leader, and harassing these people, giving you pressure on the side, which is the most common behavior of all debtors. This kind of thing is generally the platform's own foreign visitors.

In some cases, the interviewer will also paint, trace, swear, beat, kidnap, etc. This situation is generally outsourced. Pure debt collection company, no limit. This situation is basically dealing with "dead accounts" and "bad debts", which means that the platform judges that your account is difficult to recover, and sells it at a discount of 20%. At this time, it is basically unscrupulous.

Second, after the visit to the door, the average person will pay back the money.

After the average person visits the door, the relatives will take the initiative to pay back the money; the basics of not paying back are all difficult to live.

Third, when visiting a foreign visit, the way to protect yourself is very simple.

If you really owe money, try to negotiate a good attitude and pay back the money according to the agreement. Generally, as long as you don't lose your appointment, the other party will not harass. If you owe money, but your life is difficult, you must explain the reasons in good faith, and give a reasonable repayment plan, generally agree. Because he forced you to useless. If the other party has excessive behavior, such as: beating, abusing, kidnapping, without hesitation, direct alarm. If you owe money, you can negotiate the arrears, but the deviant behavior will definitely not work, and the law will protect you.

If the police call out after the police call, you only need to emphasize the other party's illegal behavior, for example, the other party beat me. It is not necessary to mention the arrears of both of you. Don't let the police go to mediate your debts. Remember, the matter of adjusting the arrears is not returned to the police, and they are useless.

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