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In the face of violent collection, how to avoid family and work affected?

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Long live foodie zy         Author: eat goods Viva zy

New Year is about to see someone holding a bulging wallet to go home. However, what about yourself? Busy for a year, and finally nothing left, but borrowed a butt debt, what is more, because of the network platform to borrow money, but encountered violent collection.

To these collections, I believe many people really hate it. Because they are basically these practices: P figure group, phone flagrant, threatening words, what is more, some collections also provide on-site service. No good life, lost face, how do you say this year?

In fact, in case you really encounter violence and collection, you should deal with the debt in a calm and decent manner, to avoid the family and work being affected.

The urge to violence is enormous for normal people, and most people can not accept the serious physical, psychological and traumatic injury. Even some people pay off the money will continue to make people violent collection, because many borrowers data is collected by the collector to buy (ultra-low-cost bought "money", the borrower's privacy information is packaged by the cash loan platform (Not necessarily only sell one) after the go out, the buyer holding these materials is what we know as "violent collection" of the activities.

As can be seen from the previous case, the sale price of bad debts is only 2% of the original value, is a huge profit! ), The repayment of the natural collection of the recipient himself, but owed borrowed from the lending platform.

Very simple logic, no matter how much money we give the repayment side, the past lending records will still be retained in the lending platform above, and even third-party, fourth-party collection agencies will gradually carry out their violent collection, whether you still not yet back paragraph.

In the face of violent collection, how should borrowers protect themselves? Escape? When the old Lai? Or "hard"? Do not make these mistakes, think of ways to solve it is smart people should do. For the borrower, not just sit still. First of all depends on what debt you owe? Because the credit card and cash lending collection of violence is not the same, complaining is not the same, we need to talk separately, please be patient down:

Encounter credit card violence collection:

Credit Cards Collect Harassment of Family Members, Colleagues, Friends, Work Units: First of all, I do not want to refuse any call from the receiver. As long as I can contact you, the bank requires the receiver not to harass anyone else.

If the party harass your family and units directly to the bank's customer service phone complaints, you have not heard wrong, that is, customer service calls, very useful. Complaint Talks: The Recipient harass my family when I feel free to contact me, and I ask for a complaint and ask to stop it.

The credit card to collect arrears, playing a lot of calls a day, very annoying; do not refuse to answer his phone, the more refused to accept, the more he harass you. You can explain to him: Please contact me in a few fixed time each day, the rest is my working hours.

If he does not meet your request, call the bank customer service complaints. Complaint Talks: I and the Recipient identified a fixed contact time, but he always harassed me during work hours, causing me to not work and living normally. I asked for a complaint and asked to contact me at regular times.

In case you receive a letter from a lawyer, police, prosecutor, or court, Basically, the situation is that banks outsource their debts and are the means by which these outsourcing companies are posing. At this time you asked him for two things, "Which agency did you trust, what is your full name?" And "E-mail me the authorization letter from the bank to you."

Note that he will tell you, "I am a commission from XXX Bank." This is a flicker of yours and must reach the full name of his institution and company. For example, Hunan Yongxiong Asset Management Company. After you have the evidence, you can call the CBRC and the bank for a complaint. Complaint dialectics: collectors in the name of the prosecutor's law, to my collection, suspected of illegal. Requires the collector to terminate this behavior, according to the normal process of collection.

When you collect your debts, you are suspected of being involved in credit card fraud. Credit card fraud filing standards: overdraft principal is more than 20,000 yuan, after more than 3 times the collection has not returned, the last 3 months no repayment record. Under the circumstances of their own situation, enough to see these three conditions. Public security need to grasp you when, will not inform you in advance, are trying to think of ways you flicker in the past. Which of you have caught the suspects, you will call to tell you, I want to catch you.

Ventilation in advance so that you quickly run it? The best way to avoid credit card fraud is to have a continuous repayment every month, do not lose contact, contact information should not be changed. Too much interest, feeling no hope how to do? Call the CBRC and bank customer service, negotiate to stop interest-bearing, many banks this done a good job, generally can be done.

Requester asked face to sign repayment agreement, whether there is a problem? Basically there will be traps, do not go. The bank does not authorize the collector to sign the agreement of the power of payment, the greatest possibility is to lie to you in the past, contain you.

The biggest difference between the cash loan violent collection and the malicious collection of credit cards is that they can only complain to the CBRC and useless complaints from the lenders. When credit card arrears malicious collection, complaints to the bank customer service is the most useful, because of supervision. But cash loans are private companies, complaining to businesses that they are useless.

When collecting cash credit for violence, it will affect your personal credit. Many cash loans are not creditworthy. If you hold your ID card and go to the People's Bank to make a credit report, you know it for free. Local address yourself Baidu. If you really credit, it is estimated that your credit has long been spent, it will not be dead.

If you have naked in the hands of others, cash lending officers holding threats how to do? Without hesitation, direct alarm, cause: extortion. Now grass-roots public security attaches great importance to this piece, will be received immediately after the case, arrests, sentencing train for you to do. At the same time will help you protect the information, do not worry about the leak.

When cash levies on violence, blast your address book and harass family, friends and colleagues. Direct complaints to the China Banking Regulatory Commission, telephone and web site their own Baidu, I believe the country, the China Banking Regulatory Commission will really control; successful complaint, up to 3 working days this phenomenon will disappear.

When money levies on debt collection, you are suspected of fraud? If you do not provide false materials, such as fake ID cards, fake mortgage documents, it does not matter, you never have the possibility of being fraudulent, is a typical civil. Cash loan does not involve any criminal responsibility, do not be afraid, he said what ignore him, just talk about how the repayment of the matter just fine.

In fact, do not be afraid to encounter violence collection, to be handled properly, not to harm themselves and their families. The state said, can not violent collection.

"Notice on Regulating and Reorganizing" Cash Loan Business "clearly states that all types of agencies or entrusted third-party agencies shall not collect loans through such means as violence, intimidation, defamation or harassment. Malicious collection involves a variety of situations, to the specific circumstances, you can focus and private letter to me, to help you analyze and give you solutions.

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