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How to avoid family and work being affected in the face of violent collection?

Time: 2018-02-15         Source: Long live zy zy         Author: eat goods Viva zy

It’s going to be New Year’s Eve, and see if someone else is going home with a bulging wallet. But what about yourself? I have been busy for a year, and finally there is nothing left. Instead, I borrowed a debt, and even more, I borrowed money from the online platform and encountered a violent collection.

For these collections, I believe that many people really hate it. Because they are basically these practices: P pictures group, phone calls, speech intimidation, and even some of the collection also provide on-site service. Good life is gone, face lost, how do you say this year?

In fact, if you really encounter a violent collection, you should also handle the debt in a calm and decent way to avoid affecting your family and work.

The violent collection of the spirit of the normal people is very huge, and most people cannot accept the serious trauma of this body and mind and reputation. Even if some people return the money, they will continue to be violently collected, because many borrowers' information is collected by the collector (the "money" bought at a low price, and the borrower's privacy information is packaged by the cash loan platform. (not necessarily only sell one) After the buyer went out, the buyer took the information to do what we know as "violent collection".

As can be seen from the previous case, the buying and selling price of bad debts is only 2% of the original value, which is a huge profit! ), the repayment is naturally collected by the collector, but the arrears are borrowed from the lending platform.

Very simple logic, no matter how much money we give back to the recipient, the previous loan records will remain on the lending platform, and even third-party and fourth-party collection agencies will continue to collect them violently, whether you still paragraph.

In the face of violent collection, how can borrowers protect themselves? Dodge? When Lao Lai? Or "hard hit"? Don't make these mistakes. Finding a solution is what smart people should do. For the borrower, it is not just sitting still. The first thing to look at is that you are owing those debts? Because the situation of credit card and cash loan violent collection is different, the complaints are different. We need to talk separately. Please be patient:

Encountered credit card violence collection:

Credit card collection harassment of family members, colleagues, friends, work units: First, I do not refuse to accept any call from the recipient, as long as I can contact you, the bank stipulates that the collection party must not harass other people.

If the party harasses your family and unit, directly complain to the bank's customer service phone, you are not mistaken, it is the customer service phone, it is very useful. Complaints: In case I can contact me at any time, the collector will harass my family, I will ask for a complaint and ask to stop this behavior.

When a credit card collects arrears, it is very annoying to make a lot of calls a day; don't refuse to pick up his phone, the more you refuse to pick up, the more he harasses you. You can tell him: Please contact me at a fixed time every day, the rest is my working time.

If he does not meet your request, he will call the bank customer service to make a complaint. Complaints: I and the collector have fixed the contact time, but he always harassed me during working hours, causing me to work and live. I asked for a complaint and asked to contact me at normal time.

In case you receive a letter from a lawyer, public security, inspection court, or court, you will be sent a letter. This situation is basically the outsourcing of the arrears by the banks, which is the means by which these outsourcing companies impersonate. At this time, you ask him to ask for two things. "Which agency are you, what is the full name?", "Send me the power of attorney from the bank to me."

Note that he will tell you "I am the commission of XXX Bank", this is the full name of his organization and company, such as: Yongxiong Asset Management Company of Hunan Province. After you have the evidence, you can call the CBRC and the bank to make a complaint. Complaints: The collector collects the goods in the name of the public prosecution law and is suspected of breaking the law. The collector is required to terminate this behavior and collect it in accordance with the normal process.

When you collect the arrears, you are alleged to be involved in credit card fraud. The standard for credit card fraud: the overdraft principal is more than 20,000 yuan, and has not been returned after more than 3 times of collection. There is no repayment record in the last 3 months. Under the measurement of your own situation, look at these three conditions. When the police need to catch you, they will never notify you in advance, and they all think of ways to fool you. If you have seen any suspects, you will call and tell you that I am going to catch you.

Does early ventilation allow you to run quickly? The best way to avoid credit card fraud is to have a monthly repayment, don't lose your connection, and don't change your contact information. There is too much interest, what do you feel like you have no hope? Calling the CBRC and the bank's customer service, and stopping the interest rate first, many banks have done a good job, generally can do it.

The collector asked for a face-to-face repayment agreement. Is there a problem? Basically there will be traps, don't go. The bank does not authorize the recipient to sign the repayment agreement. The biggest possibility is to lie to you and contain you.

The biggest difference between cash loan violent collection and credit card malicious collection is that it can only complain to the CBRC and complain to the lender. When a credit card debt is maliciously collected, it is most useful to complain to the bank customer service because there is supervision. But cash loans are private companies, and it is useless to complain to companies.

When cash scams are collected, it will affect your personal credit; many cash loans are not credited. If you take your ID card and go to the People's Bank to make a credit report, you will know it, free of charge. The local address is Baidu. If you really have a letter, it is estimated that your credit has already been spent, and it will not die.

If you have a bare strip in the hands of others, what should the cash loan collectors hold with a threat? Do not hesitate to call the police directly, the cause: extortion. At present, the grassroots public security attaches great importance to this piece. After receiving it, it will immediately file a case, arresting people and sentenced them for a long time. At the same time will help you protect the information, do not worry about leakage.

When your cash loan is violently collected, explode your address book and harass your family, friends and colleagues. Direct complaints to the China Banking Regulatory Commission, contact phone number and website Baidu, believe that the country, the China Banking Regulatory Commission will really manage; complaints successful, up to 3 working days this phenomenon will disappear.

When the cash loan violence collects the arrears, say that you are suspected of fraud? If you don't provide fake materials, such as fake ID cards, fake mortgage documents, then it doesn't matter, you have never been swindled to file a case, which is a typical civil. Cash loans do not involve any criminal liability. Don't be afraid. He said that he would ignore him and just talk about how to repay.

In fact, you should not be afraid of encountering violent collections. You must handle them properly and do not harm yourself and your family. The state said that it cannot be collected by violence.

The "Notice on Standardizing the Reorganization of "Cash Loan" Business" clearly states that all types of institutions or third-party agencies may not collect loans through violence, intimidation, insult, slander, harassment, etc. There are many different situations involved in malicious collection. If you want to see the specific situation, you can pay attention to it and trust me personally to help you analyze and give you solutions.

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