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"Beijing middle age under the flu" screen: 99% of people do not understand commercial insurance logic

Edit: Lisa Source: Dr. Meng Meng Date: 2018-02-13


The flu can kill! After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and still not being rescued, this time everyone realized the importance of insurance, but do you know how to buy it?

Recently, an article "Beijing Middle Age under the Influenza" brushed the circle of friends, the author used a detailed record of 26,000 words to record the whole process of the father-in-law from a "small cold" to death.

A middle-class family that looks like an elite, but in a moment the building will fall.

I am still an old man, not a self-supporting family. The family has been affected so much that people can't think about it:

  How much have we prepared in the face of risk?

After sorting out, the pressure of this "pneumonia" to the author's family is far more than the 20,000-day ICU ward accommodation fee.

More hidden risks and expenses such as hotel accommodation expenses, nursing expenses, relative airfare and lost time, etc., are actually unexpected before the onset of illness.

And even more frightening is that the author and his loved ones are always at risk of being infected.

According to the incidence rate of major illnesses in China’s life insurance industry,If you are now 30 years old, in the next 20 years, 7% of your peers will have serious illness or death; in the next 30 years, 17% of the same age partners will be lying in hospital beds for 5 years. 32% survival rate or death.

This is not a small number. Everyone will always underestimate their own risks. The continuous incidents of colleagues and friends and the numerous easy-to-followings make us feel deeply confused and insecure.

However, how many families have prepared for these potential risks?

Moreover, from the text, it can be seen that the author is a middle class who has certain economic strength and social connections in Beijing.

But such an elite person is already faltering in the face of the subsequent blows.

Then those family members are not as good as most of his family. When faced with serious illness, is it only waiting to die?

  In fact, the article mentioned a very important solution - commercial insurance

With the improvement of the social and economic level, more and more people realize that relying solely on social security is not enough.

In particular, after 80s and 90s, the perception of insurance has far surpassed that of predecessors, and young people will calmly face life and death and face risks.Many people have sufficient insurance awareness, but they are trapped in this industry too much, and not many people can understand the thick terms.

Even the sales staff can't say clearly the logic of insurance. When selling, it puts too much emphasis on love and responsibility, and the benefits of financial management, and it is not like the ruin of a complex financial product that can resist risks.

For example, in this incident, many netizens mentioned "heavy illness insurance". Can it really solve this problem?

 What can a serious illness insurance pay?

Critical illness insurance is not what everyone usually thinks, as long as the life-threatening disease is a serious illness.

  Critical illness insurance has a clear scope for underwriting, and only those major diseases that have been covered by the insurance contract will be compensated.

In order to regulate major illness insurance, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission has issued the "Regulations on the Use of Diseases for Major Sickness Insurance", which mentions 25 major diseases that must be covered by insurance.

These 25 diseases have covered 99% of the cases of severe diseases. They are enough for the average person. As for the market, they use hundreds of diseases as insurance for selling points. If they are cheap, they can buy them. Ten diseases are a lot more expensive, so it is not necessary, because the cost of the insurance company is really not increased.

It can be seen from the table that most of the serious illnesses are not directly related to the pneumonia caused by the flu, only"Deep coma" and "significant organ transplantation"It seems to be a little bit.

For example, there is a treatment method mentioned in the article - artificial lungs, which seems to be associated with "significant organ transplantation".

But in fact it is completely different from the definition of "significant organ transplantation" in insurance. Artificial lung is essentially a machine that replaces the human body's breathing, so don't mention the fact that it has not been transplanted in the text, even if it is transplanted, it is not a major organ transplant.

Another example is the “deep coma” that may be claimed. It is defined as: continuous use of ventilators and other life support systems for more than 96 hours. That is,At least "coma" for more than 4 days.

The father-in-law of the author of the article, from the death of January 23 to the death of January 24, even less than 48 hours, is not in line with the conditions of claims, and will not pay.

So what about "end-stage disease"? This is likely to be paid, the end-stage disease is not limited to the type of disease, as long as the doctor can judge that life can not last for 6 months, then the heavy illness insurance can pay, paying the responsibility of serious illness. It’s just the father-in-law of the text, I’m afraid that it’s too fast, and the insurance company is too late to investigate, and people are gone.

Nowadays, the mainstream critical illness insurance on the market, in addition to the heavy illness compensation, also has a death payment, if it has not been seriously ill for a lifetime, or is not caused by the serious illness caused by the critical illness insurance, the body In the same time, you can get the amount of insurance.

Although the money is not taken to see a doctor, it can be used to deal with the aftermath, or to pay off the cost of turning over when I see a doctor.

  Who should buy a serious illness insurance?

The significance of serious illness insurance lies in the compensation for income loss. That is to say, if you have a serious illness, you must have no way to work for at least one or two years. Only insurance can compensate for the loss of income. This money is not all for medical treatment, but only one of them. A small part is used to supplement the lack of medical insurance, such as nursing expenses, nutrition costs, and these medical insurances are not reported.

Therefore,For the adult role of the family, you should buy a full amount of critical illness insurance.The full amount here refers to the minimum amount of 500,000 insured, and the economic pillar is to achieve about three times the annual income, in order to avoid the loss of income and the supplement of expenses caused by the serious illness.

The significance of a child buying a serious illness is that there is enough money to go to the doctor, and it is cheaper to take care of the younger age. The family's heavy illness premiums should account for about 2/3 of the total premiums, and the family's total premium budget cannot exceed 10% of the after-tax income.

However,Not everyone can buy a serious illness insurance, or is suitable for buying a serious illness insurance.

There have been a lot of small problems, or people over the age of 40, it is not appropriate to buy a lifetime of serious illness, the former is because the health can not pass, the latter is because the premium and the amount of insurance have been upside down, there is no guarantee lever, also It loses the meaning of security.

Many people feel that they have bought insurance, and insurance companies will be embarrassed when they make claims. It is easy to collect money.In fact, the vast majority of claims disputes are due to consumers not knowing what insurance was originally purchased, or not telling their medical history when they were insured, and more than 95% of the sales staff at these two points cannot afford to Responsibility guides consumers to do their jobs.

For the critical illness insurance, this is a long-term contract between the insurance company and the customer. It is regulated and protected. No matter what size the insurance company, it must pay according to the terms, so it is entirely possible to choose product protection. Excellent products for small and medium insurance companies.

  Is medical insurance useful?

Social security is available to most people, but when faced with serious illness or better medical conditions, social security will not play a big role. Imported imported equipment is not reported, and now many domestically produced. The equipment and drugs are not reported.

In this case, no medical insurance is absolutely impossible, andMedical insurance is divided into ordinary medical insurance and high medical insurance..

Ordinary medical insurance is generally reflected in the additional insurance of traditional insurance products, as well as group insurance purchased by enterprises or units. One characteristic is that the insurance amount is not high, the deductible is low, and the scope of reimbursement is the same as social security, and only reimbursement is exceeded. The part of the social security reimbursement ratio does not have any reimbursement ability for good medicine materials.

The high-value medical insurance is the most popular insurance in recent years. The high deductible is high, the insurance amount is high, and the cost is low. Although most of them are not used, once they are used, they are very cheap. This is the number. There are not many opportunities for insurance company wool. The price is only two or three hundred yuan, but you can buy millions of insurance, and it is not limited to social insurance. It is a very powerful supplement for social security.

Generally, highInpatient medical expenses for medical insurance will include: bed fees, meals, nursing fees, intensive care unit bed fees (ie ICU), medical expenses, medicines, surgery fees, etc.

That is to say, most of the expenses of the author's father-in-law can be reimbursed.

This kind of medical insurance, as long as the physical conditions allow, it is best to have one person, but we must pay attention to the company's ability to pay and the probability of suspension, the choice of large companies will be relatively better.

  How to find a good doctor, a good hospital?

The author repeatedly complained:Good hospital is not good.

And a lot of critical illness insurance and medical insurance will be accompanied by a green channel service, which can solve this problem and help you to directly enter the designated expert ward. Although you can't find the most famous doctor you specified, it is a good medical group. There is no problem.

There are still a lot of green channel services that can reimburse the travel expenses of different places, and it is quite human.

  Poor critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance and medical insurance are the most important types of insurance to protect health problems, but the prevalence rate is worrying. According to statistics, the Chinese people's average critical illness insurance coverage is only 62,000, which can't solve any problems. The low insurance premium and the high premium are the characteristics of China's insurance for many years. Fortunately, in the past two years, the company has had more competitions, and the products have only begun to get better. Even in terms of protection, it has been more comprehensive than the past and has been considered to be far better than mainland insurance. Hong Kong insurance. This is a good thing.

  Buying serious illnesses and medical insurance, the amount of insurance is greater than everything else.If you don't have money, you can buy it on a regular basis. If you have money, you can buy a lifetime of multiple payments. Don't forget to return it, don't remember the dividend. The guarantee is the guarantee. It is your greed to expect the insurance to make money.

  So for this incident, there are a few suggestions I want to share with you:

1. Don't be "willful" to life. The distance between death and disease is far closer than we think.

2. Prepare the configuration of commercial insurance in advance, even if the economy is more difficult, the consumer products can be used to achieve a high amount of insurance, but the poorer, the more vulnerable is vulnerable.

3. To start to cultivate your own "risk business", you must have a sense of risk prevention, and you need to have a basic understanding of commercial insurance, otherwise it is easy to be fooled and buy inappropriate insurance.

4, the damage caused by serious illness far exceeds our imagination, not only economically, but also mental and physical damage is more desperate, we must do early prevention.

Teach you to fill out the policy correctly, pay attention to: financial notes, reply to the "dry goods" view.

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