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What will affect the personal credit? Apply for a credit card or apply for a loan?
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Let's look at some of the questions that some of my cardholders who are concerned about me ask: I applied for a net loan, out of the quota, but do not want to use, or not to cancel? Have no impact on the credit?

Let's look at some of the questions that some of my cardholders who are concerned about me ask:

1, I applied for a net loan, a quota, but do not want to use, or not to cancel? Have no impact on the credit?

2, I already have a credit card at this bank to apply for another card species, the credit has no effect?

3, apply for a loan has been found Zheng letter had any relationship?

4, a month to apply for four or five bank credit cards, but have passed, the credit has no effect?

Various kinds of problems are also varied, and the above listed problems. Also reflects the fact that many people still do not know the credit information clearly. Then chat with everyone.

Let me talk about some of the circumstances that have a particularly big impact on credit reporting:

The first aspect (this is taboo): the credit card is overdue, the loan is overdue, in short, not to lend money, if the credit is taboo, nothing to say.

The second aspect: frequently apply for credit cards in the short term and frequently apply for online loans in the short term, that is, in the short term, they are frequently checked for credit. For example, in one month, the credit card is checked for more than six times, such as Shenka Shen loan records, especially if not passed.

Followed by some we misunderstanding: Now many small partners believe that the credit is not good. This misunderstanding is relatively large. (Credit not good, we can look at two major aspects: bad records and credit too!) In the absence of bad records, we want to control is how to be checked normally, rather than highlighting that we are very short of money And the debt ratio, as long as these two points so good credit is actually to increase our credit history, is a good thing. On the contrary, if we make a random application and cause frequent credit check, then we will have an impact.

Banks and third-party agencies look at the letter mainly to see what?

Is nothing more than to see our credit history, and there is no risk? Is not a loan and credit card to raise a card, the state of very lack of money. As long as any one of these two situations occur, then the personal credit to oneself is very influential.

For example, the above you apply for four credit cards a month have passed, in fact, this down had no effect. If you have rejected, he has an impact. Of course, here is not to ask you to apply so often, but an example.

Let's briefly talk about raising credit. Nourishment letter is nothing more than by increasing the repayment history, to achieve the purpose of reflecting the good personal credit. The second is to control the number of credit check. This persevere, slowly, our credit is a good trend. Credit can not have nothing, but not difficult to be frequently checked.

Therefore, we must safeguard our own credit information, the first is that we can not expect it, and the second is to reasonably control the number of inquiries. As long as these two points well, then our credit basically no problem.

I hope this article will be useful to all of you, thank you all for your attention and I will continue to focus on this issue later.

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