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Someone wants you to repay the loan so much, don't pay back! Someone has been cheated of tens of thousands!

Time: 2018-02-22         Source: China Gold Network         Author: CICC network

Ms. Liu, who lives in Hangji, borrowed 44,000 yuan from Gitzo Consumer Finance Corporation on the mobile phone because she was tight at the time. Because the loan (quick approval time) has a higher interest rate, Ms. Liu I just want to give back this money in advance, and I know that when I repaid, I made a plan.

Ms. Liu: I used to borrow a sum of money from Gitzo and borrowed 44,000. I used this money urgently. I used this money for household use. Now at the end of the year, I have scraped a bit with my relatives and friends, and I am a little bit more. I want to put this money back in advance because the interest is too high.

Ms. Liu told the reporter that at the time, the 44,000 loan was loaned for three years. If it was all paid back, it would have to be more than 70,000. So she thought it would be better to give it back in advance, because it was all over the time. Ms. Liu did not know how to settle the loan in advance, but at this time, someone who claimed to be a Gitzo customer service contacted Ms. Liu through WeChat, saying that it can be repaid in advance.

After discovering that the situation was wrong, Ms. Liu immediately contacted the person who called her remittance at the time and found that the other party WeChat had already blackened herself, and no one answered the phone.

Ms. Liu: Hang up, not pick up.

It is now that Ms. Liu has reacted. The person who claims to be a customer service of Gitzo is a liar.

Ms. Liu: Tell me to open my wallet, then let me open the payment. I have this transfer to the bank card. I just gave me a name, typed the name, then entered, then select China Merchants Bank, then I will transfer. When I got to the name of this person, I went to his bank card and all the transfer records were there.

What Ms. Liu did not understand was why his loan information was leaked out, and the more than 40,000 yuan made Ms. Liu’s family very anxious.

Ms. Liu: More than 40,000 yuan, we can't earn this money in a year. My husband is sick, the old man is at home, and our family is all supported by me. I can't live my life now. I am too upset in the New Year. I haven't been to work for a few days. I can't think of it.

Look at it, a little big, and more than 40,000 people have been cheated. It’s really dying. At present, Ms. Liu has reported the case, and the public security organs have begun to investigate the case.

About online loans, to be honest, there are many routines, and the risks are high. If you can borrow, you can't borrow them!

However, as the saying goes: "Talk about money and hurt feelings", by the end of the year, many people have such confusion: how to get a handy, how can we quickly borrow money and live the year? Many people have turned their eyes to online loans, but in this place, we especially remind everyone that online loans are risky, and they need to be cautious when borrowing money and repaying money. The routines are particularly deep, and it is not allowed to return to the countryside!

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