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Some people let you so still net loan, do not still! Has been cheated several million!

Time: 2018-02-13         Source: Gold Network         Author: CICC network

Ms. Liu, who lives in Hangji, some time ago because of tight hands, on the phone with the Czech letters consumer finance company lent 4 thousand 4 thousand dollars, because the loan (quick approval second under the paragraph) interest is already relatively high, Ms. Liu Just want to give up this section in advance, which knows is the repayment, out of the house.

Ms. Liu: Before the loan company in the Czech Republic, a loan, borrowed 4 million 4, was urgently needed the money, the family use the money. Now by the end of the year, with my relatives and friends, I got a little more and save a little more. I want to advance this money in advance because the interest is too high.

Ms. Liu told reporters that at that time, 44,000 loans had been lent for three years. If the time was to be fully paid, she would have to return to more than 70,000. So she thought that she would still better pay the money earlier because all the capital Is through a mobile phone loan, Ms. Liu does not know how to settle the loan ahead of schedule, but at this time, there is a claim to be Gitzo customer service through Ms. WeChat contact Ms. Liu, said that now you can repay in advance.

Found that the situation is wrong, Ms. Liu immediately contacted the person who was called their remittances and found that each other WeChat already pull their own dark, and how the phone is also hit no one answered.

Ms. Liu: hang up, do not answer.

Until now, Ms. Liu responded, that claiming to be Gitzo's customer service is a liar.

Ms. Liu: Let me open my wallet, and then let me point the receipt and disbursement, payment and payment which have this transfer to the bank card, just give me a name, enter the name, and then enter, and then select China Merchants Bank, and then turn To this person's name, go to his bank card, the transfer records are all there.

Miss Liu did not understand why his loan information leaked out, and this more than 40,000 dollars Ms. Liu are also very anxious.

Ms. Liu: Over 40,000 Dollars, We Can not Make This Money Every Year. My husband is sick, the elderly are at home, our family depends on me to support. I have no way to pass my days. I feel uneasy with the New Year. I have not been to work for a few days. I can not think of it anymore.

You see, a little disappointment, more than 40,000 were so cheated away. Really annoying people. At present, Ms. Liu has filed a report, and the public security organ has also started to file a case investigation.

On the Internet loans, to be honest, routine and more risky, can not borrow not by!

However, as the saying goes: "talking about feelings of money and hurt", by the end of the year, many people have such confusion: a bit tight at hand, how can we quickly borrow money and spend the year? Many people have set their sights on online loans. However, we remind everyone here that there is a risk that Internet credit can be used. Borrowing money and paying back the money needs to be cautious. The routines are particularly deep and can not be used in rural areas.

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