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7 universal insurance rates up to 7.5%? Year-end awards will make a big profit

Edit: Old captain Source: Securities Daily Date: 2018-02-13


Since January, many consumers with financial needs will have a year-end award. How to effectively manage money has become a difficult problem for them.

The footsteps of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dog are getting closer and closer. For the office workers, in addition to the holidays as scheduled, it is even more gratifying to have the year-end awards that have just arrived, ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of yuan. During the long holiday, how can I let this money be placed on the account of the current deposit? In this issue, we visited a number of bank sales departments to explore the current sales status of various wealth management products, and issued a “year-end award management” express train at the first time. No matter how much money you have in your hand, there is always one for you!

Insurance financing (no investment threshold)

The highest settlement rate in January can reach 7.5%.

Since January, many consumers with financial needs will have a year-end award. How to effectively manage money has become a difficult problem for them. This stage happens to be the insurance company's opening stage (January or first quarter of the calendar year), so how do consumers with financial insurance needs configure the year-end award?

A person in charge of the life insurance company's silver insurance base told the Securities Daily that with the return of regulatory protection, compared with other wealth management products such as bank wealth management, the overall liquidity of insurance products is reduced and the security is enhanced. Compared with previous years, consumption In the banking, online sales and other channels, the short-term financial management will be reduced.

“Therefore, consumers need to think clearly before buying insurance products, or prefer to earn income, or prefer to get protection. If there is anti-risk demand, you can configure more secure products such as critical illness insurance and term life insurance. If it is a financial need, you can configure products such as universal insurance and investment insurance," the person in charge said.

There are still short-term risks on sale

7 universal insurance rates up to 7.5%

From the point of view of financial insurance, the above-mentioned person in charge said that there are still insurance companies selling two-year and three-year insurance products. Investors can go to insurance companies and major bank outlets for consultation according to their needs. In addition, some insurance companies are also on the eve of the Spring Festival, consumers because of the year-end awards and other idle funds, so I pushed the universal insurance of financial property.

In fact, the "Notice on Regulating Short-term Life Insurance Products Related Matters" issued by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission clearly mentions that more than 60% of the expected insurance policies sold by insurance companies last for more than one year (including one year). The annual premium income of short-term and long-term products below the year (excluding 3 years) should be controlled within 90% of the overall limit in 2016, and should be controlled within 70% of the overall limit in 2017, and should be controlled in 2018 and beyond. Within 50% of the overall limit.

That is to say, although the regulation tightens the short-term and long-term products with strong financial property, it does not eliminate sales, and each life insurance company still has a certain sales degree. In addition, our reporter was also informed that in January this year, the insurance companies with high growth rate of large-scale insurance premiums in the first half of this year were still mainly based on short-term and sustainable products; insurance companies with negative growth, especially those with serious negative growth, basically Fully transitional period.

From the perspective of profitability, recently, the "Securities Daily" reporter counted 246 universal insurance settlement interest rates of 8 insurance companies, of which 7 were 7.5%; 2 were 7%; 11 were between 6% Between (inclusive) and 7%: 69 are between 5% and 6%. This also reflects that the profit margins of some insurance products launched by some insurance companies in January are still attractive.

It is interesting to note that, in contrast, the settlement interest rate of listed insurance companies still maintains a “stable” style, and the settlement interest rates of small and medium-sized insurance companies are higher. For example, the average settlement rate of 78 universal insurances of the four major insurance companies in January was 4.9%, while the average settlement rate of 168 universal insurances of the other four insurance companies reached 4.9%.

"Fast return product" disappears

Buying insurance needs to pay attention to the return period

For consumers with year-end bonus management needs, in addition to the fact that financial insurance is still on sale, one of the biggest changes consumers face in purchasing insurance this year may be the extended product return period.

In the opening of each year in January, the combination of fast returning annuities and high-yield universal insurance is a mainstream product that brings a lot of cash flow to insurance companies. On the one hand, it can quickly make large insurance premiums. On the other hand, from the perspective of channels, it is an important contribution point for agents to complete their performance and banks to achieve intermediate income targets. In recent years, the “100 million yuan policy” has been frequently published, which is the “winning result” of such products.

The Northeast Securities Research Institute said that in the current life insurance market, the annuity account attached to the universal account is one of the mainstream products sales in the life insurance market. On the one hand, the insured person enjoys the insurance guarantee through the annuity products of the main insurance; on the other hand, the annual survival fund (usually a certain percentage of the basic insured amount) automatically enters the additional universal account, and the daily compound interest and monthly interest rate (market) The mainstream settlement rate of mainstream products is around 4.5%, and some small and medium-sized insurance companies have a universal settlement rate of 6% or higher. This way, the investment return is enhanced and the customers' attention is attracted.

Therefore, for this type of policy, the cash value of the final policy includes two parts: the cash value of the main insurance annuity and the policy account value of the additional universal account, which is also the strong selling point of the insurance plan: “Fast high return + compound interest twice growing up".

However, according to the new regulations, the two-year, annuity, first-time survival payment should be 5 years after the policy takes effect, and the annual payment or receiving ratio should not exceed 20% of the paid premium, which is further after [2016] No. 76. Limitations on fast return of products.

Year-end prize buy insurance

Beware of two major risks

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, during the period when consumers receive the year-end award, it is also the “opening-end” period for insurance companies. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently stated that there are more and more insurance products available on the market during the opening period. Consumers should beware of the following two risks when purchasing “open door” insurance products.

First, beware of "speculation" marketing. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that in order to offset the performance, some insurance sales personnel use the concept of activity speculation to sell products to consumers with the concepts of “coming soon to stop”, “limited time limit” and “product discount”, using consumers in information asymmetry and opacity. Under the circumstances of blind obedience, induce its impulse to buy "open door" products.

The CIRC stipulates in the Measures for the Administration of Insurance Clauses and Insurance Rates of Life Insurance Companies: If an insurance company decides to stop using insurance clauses and premium rates in some areas, it shall not advertise and mislead the use of insurance clauses and premium rates. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that consumers should be rationally consuming, not blindly obedient, not following the trend, and purchasing insurance according to their actual needs to achieve effective protection.

The second is to guard against exaggerating publicity. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission mentioned that in order to obtain high rewards from the company, some sales personnel use the product sales policy during the event to exaggerate the publicity and violate the principle of maximum insurance integrity. For example, when introducing new products such as dividend-paying, investment-linked, and omnipotent, there are behaviors such as disclosure at a higher historical rate of return, promised guarantees, and other exaggerated propaganda or false propaganda, thus misleading consumers to insure.

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission also reminds consumers that for new products such as dividend-paying, investment-linked and omnipotent, consumers should be aware of the following: dividend distribution of future dividends is uncertain; investment-linked insurance has uncertain future investment returns. May even lose money; the investment income above the minimum guaranteed interest rate of the universal insurance is uncertain; investment-linked insurance and universal insurance may charge initial expenses, death risk insurance premiums, policy management fees, handling fees, surrender fees, etc. The contractual agreement shall prevail.

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