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7 universal insurance rate of 7.5%? Year-end awards such investment will make a big profit

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Since January, many consumers who have the demand for wealth management will have a year-end bonus. How to effectively manage money has become a challenge for them.

Spring Festival of the Year of the Dog has been getting closer and closer to the office workers, in addition to the holidays as scheduled, but also more pleased to have just reached the end of the year award, ranging from a few thousand dollars more than a few hundred thousand dollars. During the holiday season, how can I get these money to lie on the current deposit account? In this issue, we visited a number of banking departments to explore the current status of sales of various wealth management products. The first issue of a "Year-end Award wealth management" express train. No matter how much money you have in your hand, there is always one for you!

Insurance money management (no investment threshold)

January maximum settlement rate of up to 7.5% Short-term universal insurance into a "fragrant 饽 饽"

Since January, many consumers who have the demand for wealth management will have a year-end bonus. How to effectively manage money has become a challenge for them. This stage happens to be a good start for the insurance company (January or first quarter of calendar year). How do consumers with wealth management insurance need to configure the year-end bonus?

The head of a life insurance company, Bancai Grassroots, told Securities Daily that with the regulatory return guarantee, compared with other wealth management products such as bank finances, the overall liquidity of insurance products is reduced and the protection is enhanced. Compared with previous years, consumption In the banks, net sales channels to see short-term financial management will be reduced.

"Therefore, consumers need to figure out before buying insurance products, is more biased to earn revenue, or is more secure.If there is a risk of demand, you can configure critical illness insurance, regular life insurance and other more protected products ; If it is the financial needs, you can configure universal insurance, investment insurance and other products. "The official said.

There are still short-term insurance in the sale

7 universal insurance rate of 7.5%

From the wealth management-based insurance point of view, the responsible person said that there are still insurance companies in the sale of 2-year, 3-year insurance products, investors can go to insurance companies, major banks outlets consulting. In addition, some insurance companies also aimed at the eve of the Spring Festival, consumers because of year-end awards such as more idle money because of the reason, fierce push property with wealth management universal insurance.

In fact, the Circular of the CIRC on the Matters Concerning the Regulation of Short-term Life Insurance Products made it clear that the policy that the insurance companies are expected to sell over 60% of the insurance policies lasts for more than one year (including one year). 3 Annual premium income of short and mid-life products (excluding 3 years) should be controlled within 90% of the overall limit in 2016, within 70% of the total limit in 2017 and should be controlled in 2018 and beyond Within 50% of the total limit.

In other words, although the supervision tightens the medium-short-term products with stronger financial wealth year by year, it does not mean to eliminate sales. The life insurance companies still have certain sales quotas. In addition, this reporter also learned that in January this year, the new high-speed bancassurance single premium growth rate is still based on the basic short-duration products; negative growth enterprises, especially those with serious negative growth, the basic Full transitional pay.

From the yield point of view, recently, the Securities Daily reporter statistics of 246 insurance companies 246 universal risk settlement rates found, of which 7 were 7.5%; 2 7%; 11 of 6% (Inclusive) and 7%: 69 models are between 5% and 6%. This also reflects that some of the insurance companies launched in January universal risk product yields remain attractive.

What attracts people's attention is that in contrast, the settlement rate of listed insurers still maintains a "steady" style, and the settlement rates of small and medium-sized insurance companies are higher. For example, the average settlement rate of 78 universal mortgages at the top 4 insurers in January was 4.9%, while the average of the 168 universal mortgages of the other 4 insurers reached 4.9%.

"Fast return product" disappears

Pay the insurance need to pay attention to the return period

For consumers who have year-end bonus money demand, in addition to still having financial-type insurance on sale, one of the biggest changes that consumers face in buying insurance this year may be the long product return period.

In January every year in the good start, quick return annuity and high-yielding universal insurance portfolio, is to give insurance companies a large cash flow of mainstream products. On the one hand, it can rapidly increase the insurance premium scale, on the other hand, from the channel perspective, it is an important contribution point for the agent to complete the performance and complete the intermediate income target of the bank. Frequent broke out in recent years, "100 million yuan policy" are such products, "victory."

Northeast Securities Research reported that in the current life insurance market, annuity products, additional universal accounts is one of the mainstream sales of the life insurance market. On the one hand, the insured enjoys insurance coverage through the annuity product of the principal insurance; on the other hand, the annual deposit (which is usually a certain percentage of the basic sum insured) is automatically entered into an additional universal account through daily compounding and monthly settlement (market The prevailing universal product historical settlement rate of about 4.5%, some small and medium-sized insurance companies universal settlement rate as high as 6% or even higher) ways to enhance return on investment, to attract customers' attention.

Therefore, with respect to such policies, the end-of-period policy cash value consists of two parts: the cash value of the principal annuity and the policy account of the additional universal account, which is also a strong selling point of the insurance plan: "Fast High Bonus + Compounding Second growing up".

However, according to the new rules, Liangquan, annuity and first-life deposit payment should be made after the policy has been valid for 5 years and the annual payment or collection ratio should not exceed 20% of the premium paid. This is further after [2016] No. 76 Restrictions on fast return products.

Year-end bonus to buy insurance

Beware of two risks

At the beginning of each year, at the beginning of the year when consumers get the year-end bonus, this is also the "good start" period for insurance companies. Insurance Regulatory Commission recently said that during the good start on the market available to choose more and more insurance products, consumers buy "good start" insurance products, beware of the following two major risks.

First, beware of "speculation" marketing. CIRC said that for the red performance, and some insurance sales staff to use the concept of activity speculation, "about to stop selling," "limited time", "product discounts" and other concepts to consumers selling products, the use of consumer information asymmetry, opaque The case of blind obedience, to induce their impulse to buy "good start" products.

China Insurance Regulatory Commission in the "life insurance company insurance terms and insurance rates management approach" provides: insurance companies in some areas decided to stop using the insurance terms and insurance rates, not to stop using the terms and insurance rates for publicity and sales misleading. CIRC said that consumers rational consumption, not blindly follow the trend, according to their actual needs to buy insurance, to achieve effective protection.

Second, beware of exaggerated propaganda. China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) mentioned that in order to get the company a big reward, some sales staff use the product sales policy during the event to exaggerate the publicity, in violation of the principle of maximum integrity of insurance. For example, when introducing new types of life insurance products such as dividend-paying, investment-linked and omnipotent types, there is behavior of exaggerating propaganda or false propaganda by disclosing at a higher historical rate of return and promised to guarantee returns, thereby misleading consumers to insure.

CIRC also reminds consumers that consumers should know about the following new types of personal insurance products such as dividend-based, investment-linked and omnipotent type insurance: the future bonus distribution level of dividend insurance is uncertain; the future return on investment linked insurance is uncertain , And may even lose money. The return on investment above the universal minimum guaranteed interest rate is uncertain. Investment-linked insurance and omnipotent insurance may charge for initial costs, insurance for death risks, policy management fees, handling fees, surrender fees, etc. Specifically, The contract shall prevail.

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