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How to avoid the middle age crisis under the pandemic?

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Only when the illness comes, will we know how important insurance is, but not insurance, and not everyone can buy it.

This two-day circle of friends, are an article"Middle-aged Beijing under Flu"Scrubbed. The author records over 20,000 words of father-in-law's "experience of flu and pneumonia, from the clinic to the ICU, and the presence of 29 days of yin and yang." This involves information on visits, medications, expenses, blood collection, intubation and artificial lungs (ECMOs).

  How to avoid the middle age crisis under the pandemic?

This long article, some people see the importance of health, some people see the relationship between family members. Some people see the middle-class after the fragile surface, some people see the end of whether the choice of medical treatment. Social, medical, ethical, economic, and every angle are good topics to discuss.

As an insurance agent in the media and the same middle-aged people who are old and young who can not dare to die, my instinctive reaction is that,What insurance can be used to deal with such medical procedures and reduce the burden on families. This perspective is small, but may be more pragmatic, after all, 20,000 ICU spending a day, few families can afford to live.

In fact, if the family has sufficient insurance, in such cases, although it may not change the final outcome, it will definitely reduce the burden on the family economy. It is also an unforgettable glorious moment in the abyss. After all, family members have to continue living.

So what are the types of insurance can help?

 1, serious illness insurance

Severe illness insurance, as its name implies, is the insurance that can get compensation when a major illness occurs. This insurance, it can be said that everyone should be configured for the first insurance, family financial planning in the standard configuration.

You know, the flu itself is not fatal, but other serious illnesses caused by the flu can cause death. Such as respiratory failure, heart failure, renal failure, liver failure, acute lung injury, and even deep coma, paralysis, are likely to meet the major illness insurance claims.

And critical illness insurance itself is payment type insurance, as long as the line with the standard of payment, claims directly after the claim payment. For example, if a patient has 500,000 sickness insurance, the insurance company will give 500,000 cash directly. As for how the 500,000 people use it, there are no restrictions. For the urgent need of treatment of cash flow families, it is absolutely helpless.

Even if compensation from Medicare has been obtained from any other sources, it will not affect the payment of this compensation.

  2 million medical insurance

Critical illness insurance is important, but the average family may not be able to configure millions of insurance coverage. The "Million Medicare" launched in recent years is able to get millions of medical reimbursements with less capital, which is very suitable as a supplement to critical illness insurance.

In other words, if you buy "millions of medical insurance", hundreds of thousands of patients or even millions of medical expenses can be reimbursed to the insurance company, and most of the "millions of medical insurance" do not limit the scope of medication, reimbursement The proportion of social insurance is much larger, and even individual insurance can advance medical expenses.

However, the medical insurance is compensatory. Only reimbursement of the actual cost of hospitalization is impractical in the course of treatment. For example, care workers, blood transfusion, off-road treatment fees for outpatient treatment, nursing fees after discharge, and nutrition costs , Can not be reimbursed.

Moreover, "millions of medical insurance" is the consumer insurance, buy one year, renewal is also an uncertain factor. Therefore, the combination of critical illness insurance and medical insurance is the perfect way to solve the medical expenses and reduce the family burden.

 3, many insurance companies additional services, but also to some extent help to solve some problems. Such as medical delivery services, expert outpatient appointment, the hospital green channel and so on.

Someone will ask,Social security is not enough?

Social security is a necessary national welfare for all, but social security is characterized byA wide range of low protection, reimbursement is limited, Can only solve some basic needs. The more serious the disease, the higher the proportion of self-payment involved, the more expenses outside the reimbursement of social security. So we will often see crowdfunding and donations on the internet. and,Social Security off-site payment, but also a very troubling problemThe rules in various provinces and regions vary greatly, and reimbursement is difficult.

Therefore, based on social security, focusing on critical illness insurance, supplemented by medical insurance, is the ultimate solution to the family medical burden.

of course,There are several issues to pay attention to.

1, thousands of insurance products, each one is different, the details involved are very complex, to insure themselves and their families, you must spend some time to advance understanding of the relevant knowledge, to buy the right direction. Do not completely exclude insurance, do not arbitrarily mislead the letter, we must leave their own thinking and discernment.

2, insurance is not to buy at any time can buy, age and health have certain requirements, basically 60 years of age or older, you can choose very little commercial insurance. Even young people, if there are some health problems, will be shut out by insurance companies. Therefore, as soon as possible with insurance, is responsible for themselves and their families.

Perhaps parents have no time to insurance, this is the result of the times. However, we will not be short of time and we will one day die of the "middle age crisis." If you have such a thing happened to me, at least there will be compensation from insurance companies and our children will not have to sell their houses. Such a "middle age crisis" will not be repeated.

Hands-on teaching you to correctly fill in the policy, attention: Finance secret notes, reply "dry goods" view.

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