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In 2018, the national first mortgage loan rate rose by 20%. It is even harder to buy a home.
According to the latest data from Rongrong 360, the average interest rate for the nation's first home loan in January 2018 was 5.43%, equivalent to 1.11 times the benchmark interest rate, which was 0.93% higher than in December 2017; the average first-home loan interest rate was 4.46% higher than last year. 21.75%. Of the 35 cities monitored, the lowest average loan interest rate for the first suite was 4.96% in Xiamen, and the highest was 5.84% in Zhengzhou.
Bank loan interest rates are not relaxed, and the property market tightens the tone in 2018
      Among the 533 banks in 35 cities across the country, the interest rate for the first suite of 73 banks rose, accounting for 13.70%; the lending rate of the first suite of 10 banks fell, which accounted for 1.88%; the interest rate for the first suite of 441 banks was the same as Monthly average, accounting for 81.05%.
Mortgage rates rise Floating banks favor the rental market
      In the context of tight real estate credit lines and rising interest rates on mortgage loans, the four major banks have successively introduced housing lease loans and increased the credit support for real estate companies for leasing.
          In the first quarter of this year, banks will advance their shots in advance, and interest rates are likely to continue to rise. For those with limited financial capacity, buying a home may be difficult.
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