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2018,5 strokes bring you run marathon investment banking!
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Holding wealth is more important than winning wealth. Before many pictures, the little sister focuses on the fund, including the fund is also a strong recommendation for financial management, but recently told me fans were mined fund was miserable.

Set to vote for seven or eight months, not only did not make, but also a loss. I am myself, but I also always emphasize that certainty is something that must be adhered to. It guarantees a steady flow of funds in my account. This stability is in the "value line" up and down.

As the Spring Festival approached, A-share collapsed and many people had a good year. But for most of us Money White, the focus now should not be on the stock market crash, but on the financial plans for the coming year.

So how to make a reasonable financial plan? 2018, how to outperform investment marathon? Today, the little sister discusses the issue with everyone.

01 "Combine Household Assets, Liabilities and Cash Flows in the Past Year"

The New Year is a new starting point, but this starting point is based on the previous financial basis. The financial situation of the previous year is the foundation and reference of the new financial plan for the new year. Only a timely summary of the financial situation of the previous year to understand its financial problems and the advantages it can continue to maintain will be conducive to the planning of New Year's financial management.

Therefore, we have to analyze the financial situation and find out exactly how many "resources" we are using in 2018.

"Resources" is generally divided into two major categories of assets and income, that is, two financial forms used in accounting - balance sheet and cash flow statement.

The first category: the money that has been earned, the current assets. Assets mentioned here, is to subtract liabilities, which is the final net assets.

The second category: the future can continue to make money, that is, family / personal income. In order to be more accurate, it is advisable to deduct monthly or additional expenses, ie the final figure is the actual annual surplus.

The resulting two sets of figures - net worth and annual surplus - are the "resources" that we can use in 2018.

02 "Reassessing Your Risk Tolerance Based on Your Financial Position"

In fact, no more than three risk tolerance: conservative, balanced and radical. However, it is not a single factor to judge whether an individual / family is a type, nor does it work once and for all.

To put it simply, to measure the risk tolerance, we must consider many aspects such as age, amount of funds, investment objectives, subjective risk appetite and liquidity.


In general, the older, the lower the risk tolerance.

Investors in their youth (generally defined as 20-30 years old) have just started working, buying homes, supporting the elderly and educating their children not so fast and are often able to afford higher investment risks;

Investors in the prime of life (30-50 years old) work relatively stable and have accumulated a certain amount of wealth, but the economic pressure is also on the increase. For example, they face pressure to buy a house, raise children, provide for the elderly and keep cars. Therefore, the risk tolerance is Gradually declining

Elderly investors (after the age of 50) are mostly retiring and retired people. Expenditure tends to be stable, but spending on medical treatment will increase, together with the largest source of income without work, and risk appetite Is the lowest.

Amount of funds

Investors with strong assets, even if the investment failed, will not have a significant impact on the money they have lost, so the risk tolerance is relatively high. However, if the investor with weak assets can make a loss to his life Burden, therefore, the ability to bear the risk is relatively low.

【Investment target】

If the target is long-term and just needs, for example, to the child's future education costs, family medical expenses, buy a house, then the investment should be based on low-risk investment; if simply for the long-term value-added assets, then investment In the appropriate increase in the number of risk assets allocation.

Subjective risk preference

Some investors may not consider the financial status of their own good and bad, the brain to choose high-yield products, then subjectively, such people belong to risk appetite investors; and some people even have a lot of spare cash , But also insisted on depositing banks, at most, buy some bonds or bank financial management, this is a typical risk aversion investors.


This requires investors to have a rough estimate of future spending, such as the expected future length of time will need to spend a sum of money. If the future expenditure of a few words, investment will have to maintain a high liquidity, do not recommend the purchase of those with long-term closed period of the product; if the future spending is stable, then the funds for optimal allocation.

03 "Set a financial goal or continue with your goal already"

If we have achieved a certain goal in the past year, then at the beginning of the new year, we will need to re-establish a reasonable and feasible goal based on our actual financial situation.

Remember, this goal must be in line with its own financial situation and can use digital quantitative goals. Can not be the kind of "monthly salary of 3000, save enough for 500,000 within two years," fans of the goal. May be "a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan, save enough for this year 5 million" or "15 years later, to give children enough time to study abroad 100 million."

04 "Advancement of funds for personal / family protection"

Insurance configuration, you should make money in advance of the investment.

This is also the younger sister has always stressed that one is to use a small amount of insurance funds to exclude the risk of major events occurred, and secondly, insurance awareness is actually an advanced investment in wealth management, which must be counted.

Accidents, sick medical treatment, various risks threaten life, but also bring economic burden to families.

So we must adopt a way to deal with personal risk, and to maximize the economic burden reduction. In the investment planning, the first good insurance plan, to buy the insurance to buy and buy enough insurance.

On the purchase of insurance, or those few suggestions:

First, giving priority to the economic pillar of the home to buy insurance;

Second, buy first for the adult, give the child again to buy;

Thirdly, the insurance of the purely protective category takes precedence over the insurance of the investment banking class.

Fourth, back to the mortgage, it is recommended to buy regular life insurance to prevent personal risk during the repayment period.

05 "Optimize or reformulate portfolio"

I believe the overwhelming majority of investors belong to the aforementioned balanced investors, that is, they do not like high-risk, but unwilling to risk-free, low-yielding investments. Therefore, before the recommended portfolio, are based offensive and defensive long-term steady investment based.

For example, in the major categories of assets, we are mainly based on monetary funds, insurance and overseas funds.

Funding scheduled to solve the following three issues:

First, the investment period is long enough to fully dilute costs and increase profits;

Second, do not spend more energy on timing;

Third, mandatory monthly savings.

It is not hard to see that every rich man has its own way of managing money. It is not by chance that in most cases it is fortunate to get rich.

Buffett once summed up his reason for getting rich: the power of habit.

Without good investment habits, all wealth will be far away from us.

Have a good investment and financial habits, we can get the wealth of value, habits directly affect people's life.

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