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As New Year approaches, how should hundreds of millions of red packets be led?

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"It is recommended to collect it and use it at that time."

Two days ago, Shichao introduced the Raiders of Alipay Jifu.

I don’t know what the “five blessings” of bad friends are now. Is it a sweep or a lack of “professional dedication”?

Ahahahahaha, all the peppers have been gathered together, so he took him two pieces and three prizes, and envied you to death.


However, with such a good opportunity to send red envelopes, other internet giants will certainly not miss it.

In addition to Alipay, QQ, Weibo, Taobao and other platforms also announced the play of their own new year's red envelopes, and the little peppers were sorted out for you.

QQ lucky red envelope

Carve up the amount: 200 million

Event time: February 15 - February 18

The main play method of QQ Red Packet was divided into two sections.

On New Year's Eve, it is on the 15th from 19:00 to 23:30.

Bad friends log in to QQ Mobile and can see a "red envelope" icon in the upper right corner of the page.


Pull down the icon, you can view your own QQ sports summary for the whole year of the year, and you can also draw four "good luck red envelopes".


The second section of the event lasted from the first day of the New Year to the third day. In each of these three days, one lucky draw was obtained for every 100 steps taken.

You can enter the lottery entrance by pulling down the "red envelope" icon or QQ sports.

Good luck red envelopes


However, it is worth noting that a maximum of 100 red envelopes are drawn each day, and the time for withdrawal is also limited. It needs to be drawn from 9:00 to 23:50 in three days.

Poor friends may also see it. This year QQ has played a theme of “sports”.

Although the activity time is later than Alipay, the idea can be a fight. You pay Alipay to set up a blessing every year, then I Tencent has come a little different from year to year. . .

15 years to try the star red envelope

16 years brush a red envelope

17 years red envelope

18 years lucky red envelope


Sina Weibo Let Red Package fly

Weibo's red envelope activities are so special. . .

There is also the sudden reddening of the icon to force death color classification obsessive-compulsive disorder, said that is the next.


In fact, in January, Weibo's red envelope campaign has already begun and will continue until March.

The first is the “Casino Card” collection activity, which takes place from January 22nd to March 2nd.

After logging in to the mobile phone, click on the "red envelope" icon in the upper right corner, and then click on the "Casino Card" at the bottom to enter the event page.


During the event, users need to collect 8 cards to redeem red envelopes.


The entire process is similar to Alipay's “five blessings,” but it requires more cards and the access is more difficult:

Daily landing card page can get a card;

Forwarding activity Weibo can get a card;

There is also a God of Wealth card in the red envelope of the star;

Visit the designated page to get a card (requires membership).


Therefore, the average user actually has only two ways to get a card. . .

However, the God of Wealth card is also supported for exchange, you can switch cards on the card page.


The highlight of this event is that the amount after the card is an interval ranging from 0.5 to 200 yuan (the 8th and 15th days have the chance to win the 888 and 2018 cash prizes) instead of being divided equally, so there is a chance that the accident happens. The big ones are immediately accounted for without having to wait for a lottery.

The second activity is "Signing in courtesy": February 1st - February 12th.

At the same entrance, you can find [click on the red envelope] in the middle of the event page to participate in the event.


During the event time, every day you can sign in to receive bonuses, and finally you have a fun to play! ! !


As long as the accumulated amount reaches 5 yuan or more, you can apply for cash withdrawal on New Year's Eve (15th). Lucky draw is also lucky on the New Year's Eve. If you shake hands, you will get a 200 bucks.


Fraction: 1 billion

Event time: February 11 - February 15

Taobao's activities have not stopped.

Use the money we spend to send red envelopes to us. This routine is almost a hundred trials. . .

During the event period (11th - 15th), just log in to Taobao APP to get 3 red envelopes, which may be cash, deductions, or merchandise.

Do not receive the white does not receive, it is estimated that a bunch of deduction coupons.


In addition, this year Taobao contracted the red bag interaction of the Spring Festival Gala. On the spring and evening of the 15th, they could also “shake it.” In any case, there is nothing else we can do. It is better to shake a few times and earn him a big hair!

Grab the Raiders Raiders put here.

Actually, it's still a good thing to do, even if it's only 1 hair, I'm happy, too.

“ Suggest collection, use it when time comes”

Raise the amount of credit to 50,000 for the most complete Raiders, pay attention to: Confidence notes, reply "get through" access.

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