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2 minutes to teach you to spend 1W+, 100% success!

Time: 2018-08-31         Source: Tianyue Business Review         Author: Skytel Business Review

I used to pay for the amount of money, and then I read an article, and I spent 10,000 in the first place.(Extended reading:I spent the night at my girlfriend's house. In the middle of the night, I sneaked into my girlfriend's room. The next day I saw the next door. I was stupid.)

With the rise of Alipay, Huayuan has brought a lot of convenience to our daily life, but like credit cards, many people can't always raise the amount. It is skillful to raise the amount and pay the bill, then we are today. Just look at how to raise the amount of flowers.(Extended reading:Beach sneak shot, sexy girly summer show big breasts)


1. More shopping expenses such as Tmall, Taobao, and Juhua. When you pay, you choose to pay for it. You don't have enough credit cards.

2. As long as it is supermarket shopping, US group reviews, hungry, etc., all use flowers, businesses to give a fee.(Extended reading:The most wonderful country in the world, must be polygamous, divorce is illegal)

3. Travel with Ali (Alibaba taxi, don't cancel the order).

4. Seek health with Ali, watch movies with Ali, listen to music with Ali music, send express with rookie logistics.

5. Use the flowering staging several times to make Ma Yun’s father have interest to earn.

6. Bind school qualifications, binding water and electricity gas property (water and electricity payment number address must be consistent with your shipping address).(Extended reading:The 18-year-old hot female anchor was arrested. The police saw the identity card and was shocked.)

7. All credit cards are tied and credit card bills are imported.

8. Dedicated love to use Ali's charity, such as ant forest and other love activities.(Extended reading:Interviewer: Pig and sheep, which one will be fatter? Girl god reply is accepted)

9. Multi-use Alipay (transfer to Alipay more than 1,000 yuan, if there is more than enough, more good), play more red envelopes, do not transfer, do not chat, do not red envelopes, have overdue friends are deleted, the Alipay security level is opened, the level is adjusted highest.

10. Don't change the mobile phone number easily (the Alipay bound mobile phone must be the same as the receiving address mobile phone number).(Extended reading:Brain teasers: The girls' dormitory is full of water, guess a common word, this answer makes me laugh a day!)

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