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Flower chant overdue how to do? This is the most sensible!

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Nanshan

360 Xiaobian Q & A time, you ask me answer.

1. Parent debt needs to return? Does my father have a loan at my working bank that is overdue and can affect my job?


A: No problem with you, do not worry.

Loans are loans between father and bank. Both parties should sign a loan contract. Then under the loan contract is valid only between the parties to the contract, the children have no obligation to repay their father's debt.

However, if a child guarantees his father's debt and has signed a guarantee contract, the bank will require the child to bear the corresponding guarantee responsibility.

There is no legal basis for the bank to hold personal responsibility of staff due to the insolvency of relatives.

2. Flower chant overdue how to do?


A: I really want to say, then salad mix ...

Let me talk about the consequences of overdue flowers:

First of all, overdue flowers will produce the corresponding overdue interest, overdue interest according to the date of the outstanding amount of 0.05% on a daily basis.

Second, overdue accounts of flowers will be reported to sesame credit, which will affect the sesame value and may adversely affect the central bank's credit rating.

Say what to do after the chanting flower overdue, the most effective way is to pay back the money.

Even if the overdue consequences have been caused, but not paying back the money, the negative records will never be eliminated and the penalty will not be waived. After full payment, maintain good spending habits and credit habits, so that poor coverage. After the opportunity to continue to spend flowers Bai.

3. Cash withdrawal before you need to pay eight points fee, credible?


A: Certainly certainly not credible ah ...

The most common type of loan scam is pre-loan fees. After many people paid the so-called service fee according to the other's request, they were immediately pulled away by the other party and their money was lost. There was no recovery yet.

The friend mentioned mentioning the password, melt 360 Xiao Bian do not know what it is, but if it is a normal loan, the amount of the application will be hit directly to the borrower's savings card, the borrower with their cash withdrawal code can be normal withdrawal, The entire process does not involve the so-called "cash code", so this is certainly not credible.

Recent loans more difficult, many people with the melt 360 Xiaobian reaction has nowhere to be borrowed. At this moment, we should be more vigilant. Criminals know that everyone is anxious to borrow money now. Even if they need to pay a large sum of money, many borrowers are also flocking to other places. This also gives criminals opportunities. Just remember that if you do not pay the bills before lending, The chance of being cheated will be greatly reduced.

4. What is wrong with my ID number?


A: change chanting.

Information revealed too little, into 360 Xiaobian can only say that if you are in the process of loans, ID number to fill in the error, then the chances of a successful loan is small. If the platform to verify your personal information, you can explain and request changes with the other party.

So, how can I correct the ID number?

Xiaoban Rong 360 next week, we will see goodbye, of course, there are problems do not forget to give 360 ​​360 Xiaobian message Oh!

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