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What happens if the flower buds expire? It is wisest to do this!

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Financial 360 Q & A, you ask me to answer.

1. Is the parent debt required? Is it that my father’s loan at the bank where I work cannot be repaid over time and will affect my work?


A: It's okay with you, don't worry.

The loan is a loan between the father and the bank. The two parties should sign a loan contract. Then according to the legal basis that the loan contract is valid only between the parties to the contract, the child's debt to the father is not repaid.

However, if the child guarantees his father’s debt and signs a security contract, the bank will ask the child to assume the corresponding guarantee liability.

There is no legal basis for the bank’s personal liability for the employee’s inability to repay the loan.

2. How to do if the flower is overdue?


A: I really want to say that it's cold...

Let me talk about the consequences of overdue flowers:

First of all, if Huadu is overdue, it will result in corresponding overdue interest. Overdue interest will be charged on a daily basis according to 0.05% of the unpaid amount of the period.

Secondly, Huadu's overdue records will be submitted to sesame credit, which will affect the sesame score, and may also have a negative impact on the central bank's credit collection.

Let me talk about what to do if the flowers are overdue. The most effective way is to repay the money.

Even if overdue consequences have been incurred, negative records will never be eliminated and no penalty will not be waived if you do not pay back the money. After repayment in full, maintain good consumer habits and credit habits, so that good coverage is poor. Only afterwards will there be an opportunity to continue to use flower pots.

3. Before I withdraw, I have to pay 8 points for the fee. Is it credible?


A: It must certainly be certainly not credible...

In loan scams, the most common one is pre-lending charges. After many people paid the so-called service fee according to the other party’s request, they immediately were blacked out and the money was lost. There was nowhere to recover it.

The friend mentioned the withdrawal password. The 360 ​​series didn't know what it was. However, if it was a normal loan, the application amount would be directly applied to the borrower's savings card. The borrower could use his cash withdrawal code to withdraw money. The entire process does not involve the so-called "withdrawal password", so this is certainly not credible.

The recent loans are more difficult, and many people have nowhere to follow the 360 ​​Xiaobian reaction. At this time, we should be more vigilant. The criminals know that everyone is eager to borrow money. Even if they need to pay a lot of money, many borrowers are rushing. This also gives criminals an opportunity to keep in mind that they don’t pay before the loan. The chance of being cheated will be greatly reduced.

4. How to do if the ID number is incorrect?


Answer: Change.

The information was revealed too little, and the 360 ​​Xiao Bian can only say that if you are in the loan process, the ID number is filled in incorrectly, then the chance of successful loan is very small. If the platform verifies personal information to you, you can explain it to the other party and request an amendment.

So, how can an ID card number be filled with errors?

Next week financial 360 Xiaobian Qiao we goodbye, of course, do not forget to give the financial Xiaobian message oh!

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