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What if the flower garden is overdue? It is the wise to do this!

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Nanshan

In the 360 ​​Xiaobian question and answer time, you ask me to answer.

1. Does the father’s debt need to be returned? My father’s loan at the bank where I work is overdue and cannot be repaid. Will it affect my work?


A: It doesn't matter to you, don't worry.

A loan is a loan between a father and a bank, and both parties should sign a loan contract. Then, according to the legal basis that the loan contract is valid only between the parties to the contract, the child has no obligation to repay the debt of the father.

However, if the child guarantees the father’s debt and signs a guarantee contract, the bank will ask the child to bear the corresponding guarantee responsibility.

There is no legal basis for banks to hold employees personally responsible for their inability to repay.

2. What should I do if the flower garden is overdue?


A: I really want to say, then it’s cool...

Let me talk about the consequences of the overdue of the flower garden:

First, the overdue interest will be generated after the flower date is overdue, and the overdue interest will be charged on a daily basis at 0.05% of the outstanding amount of the schedule.

Secondly, the overdue records of the flower buds will be reported to the sesame credit, which will affect the sesame score, and may have a negative impact on the central bank's credit reporting.

Let me talk about what to do after the flower date is overdue. The most effective way is to pay back the money.

Even if the consequences of overdue have already been caused, if the money is not paid back, the negative record will never be eliminated and the penalty interest will not be waived. After full repayment, maintain good consumption habits and credit habits, so that good coverage is poor. Only then will there be opportunities to continue to use the flower garden.

3. Is it plausible to pay 8 points before the withdrawal?


A: Of course it must be unreliable...

In loan scams, the most common one is pre-lending charges. After many people paid the so-called service fee according to the other party's request, they were immediately blacked out by the other party, and the money was lost. There is nowhere to recover.

The friend mentioned the withdrawal password, Rong 360 Xiaobian does not know what this is, but if it is a normal loan, the application amount will directly hit the borrower's savings card, the borrower can withdraw cash with his own withdrawal password. The so-called "cash password" is not covered in the whole process, so this is definitely not credible.

Recently, loans have been difficult, and many people have nowhere to borrow from the 360. At this time, we should be more vigilant. The criminals know that everyone is eager to borrow money now. Even if they have to pay a lot of money, many borrowers are also eager to give them a chance. This also gives the criminals an opportunity to remember not to pay before the loan. The chance of being cheated will be greatly reduced.

4. What should I do if my ID number is incorrectly filled?


A: Change it.

The information disclosure is too small. The 360 ​​Xiaobian can only say that if you are in the process of loan and the ID card number is incorrectly filled, the probability of successful loan is very small. If the platform verifies your personal information, you can explain it to the other party and ask for a change.

So, how can the ID number be filled in wrong...

Next week's 360 Xiaobian Q&A, we will see you again, of course, if you have any questions, don't forget to give a message to Rong 360!

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