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Can I sue the bank if the bank has incorrectly typed 100,000 to my card?

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: melt 360 finishing         Author: JA

Xiao Bian I am ready to put away "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha," the pig smile, correct physical, seated chairs, answering this serious and upright question.

First, why banks can play money to your Cary without permission?

Card is your card, money is someone else's money, the operation is a bank teller's operation, in accordance with standard procedures, the teller in the bank's authorization to deposit or draw money on others' money operations, but you have to know people are not saints However, the teller is not a robot. We assume that the teller mistakes in the process of drawing money, and other people's money is "accidentally" assigned to your account. Describe the behavior of tellers, probably referred to as "mistake" in law, to describe the trend and development of this matter is probably "misunderstand", the teller error led to misunderstanding this matter status, to question the bank "by what" may be a bit over It's


Second, a sudden increase in Cary money, causing mood swings, can claim the spirit of compensation?

First of all, we must know when mental damages can be claimed. Different people react differently to the same thing. There are corresponding provisions on "spiritual damages" in law, which generally involve personal rights and personality rights and cause serious consequences (of course, does not include "Mood swings"). At the same time, we must also consider the subjective fault of the infringer. For example, to draw a wrong paragraph, the bank or the teller is unwittingly wrong and has no subjective fault. Then you just "feel the mood swings" The possibility of damages is infinitely close to zero.

Third, why can only bank sue you, you can not sue the bank?

The main part of the first half, the bank sued you on the premise that your card is out of thin air 100,000, and you know the matter, but you also deliberately refused to return, then the bank and the "others" can be unjust enrichment There are no legal grounds for prosecuting you for the root cause of your profit, and there are others who suffer because you do not have a legitimate basis for profits. Just understand the second half of the sentence, you have no loss, then how to prosecute others?

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