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Have you checked the credit? Be careful, these actions will affect your credit
Edit: Shenka expertSource: Rong 360 originalDate: 2018-01-12


Credit card affects the application card? Look at those credits that will black out your actions!

If you are not worried about your credit card because of multiple loans, multiple application cards, multiple overdue issues, etc., you will take the initiative to check your credit information. I believe that the majority of friends and colleagues in the small series A feel that they have not been loaned. The credit card is not overdue and the credit card will not be a problem. Yesterday, my colleague A made a whim and checked her own credit. When I saw it, I was shocked. The number of checks was quite high. Is this awkward?

Colleague A has two credit cards and four credit card accounts. The first time I queried my own central bank credit. When I saw it, I was very happy. I showed off and said that my credit was excellent and I defeated 93% of the country.

When I saw the agency's query record, it was a bit dumbfounded. Only China Merchants Bank inquired about the central bank's credit report five times. The number of queries is also really large. The reason for the above query is displayed as “post-loan management”.

Therefore, colleague A consulted the customer service staff of China Merchants Bank and learned the "truth" that was investigated:

e loan, test the amount, check once, the last credit record;

Personally apply for the promotion of temporary quotas and fixed quotas in your handheld life.

Inquiries for the instalment business or application for small loan business;

The CMB staff said that the follow-up loan will refer to the records of these institutions, even if the personal credit has no bad records, but the number of post-loan management queries will have an impact. However, if the system takes the initiative to give us a sum, it will not check the letter.

Under what circumstances will other banks query our credit information? The following is a summary of the situation of asking several banks for your reference:

CCB: The system will raise the amount of the initiative and will also inquire; the minimum repayment, credit card installment will not be queried; when applying for a loan or applying for a credit card, it will be queried.

Pudong: The quota adjustment will generally check the credit information. The credit card installment and minimum repayment will not be queried; if the self-service channel operation quota is adjusted, the system will do the approval. If the manual registration back office applies for the transfer, the credit information may be examined and approved.

CITIC: The application for the quota will refer to the credit information. The billing period is generally based on the credit card repayment of the signal card. The minimum repayment is the direct repayment of the minimum repayment amount displayed on the bill.

Whether it is to increase the quota inquiry or apply for a small loan inquiry, it is marked as “post-loan inquiry” by the banking institution. Such a large number of queries, even if the individual does not have a bad credit record, has an impact on the subsequent loan. For the bank's small loan operation, even if you just test the loan amount, be careful and try not to operate.

[Exclusive Manuscript and Disclaimer] Any work that indicates the source of “Fu 360”, any media and individuals reproduced in whole or in part, please indicate the source (360 The information materials and conclusions contained in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice.

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