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Have you checked your credit? Be careful, these operations will affect your credit
Edit: Shenka expertSource: Financial 360 originalDate: 2018-01-12


Credit card affect Shenka? Look at those operations will black out your credit!

If it is not because of multiple loans, multiple Shenkaoka, multiple overdue issues such as the fear of his own credit, spent time, will take the initiative to check their own credit information, I believe my friends and Xiao Bian colleagues A, feel that they have not been lent No credit card overdue, credit will not be a problem. Yesterday, colleague A whim, check his credit, a look surprised, was checked quite a few times, which in the end what is the situation ah?

A colleague under the name of two credit cards, four credit card accounts. First check their own central bank credit. When I saw it, I was especially happy to show off to us that my credit was excellent and 93% of the country was defeated.

When I saw the agency inquiries records, it is a bit dumbfounded, only China Merchants Bank query two years the central bank credit 5 times. The number of queries is really much, the above query reason is displayed as "post-loan management."

As a result, colleague A consulted CMB's customer service staff to understand the "truth" under investigation:

E lending, testing quotas, check once, the last credit record;

His hand in the palm of your hand to apply for temporary increase temporary quotas, fixed quotas have to check personal credit;

For staging business or apply for small loan business will check;

Merchants Bank staff said follow-up loans will refer to these agencies inquiries record, even if there is no personal credit records, but the number of post-loan management inquiries, will also be affected. However, if the system take the initiative to give us a raise, it will not check the letter.

Under what circumstances will other banks check our credit? Following the order of several banks to ask him for your reference:

CCB: the system take the initiative to lift, will check; minimum repayment, for credit card installments will not check; apply for a loan, when applying for a credit card will check.

Shanghai Pudong Development: Quota adjustment will generally check the credit card for credit card installment, the minimum repayment will not check; if self-service channel adjustment of the line, the system will do approval, if the manual registration of the background department to apply for quotas may check credit approval.

CITIC: Quota application will reference credit bill staging is generally based on the signal card with the card repayment audit, the minimum repayment is directly check the bill shows the minimum repayment amount is how much direct repayment is good.

Whether it is to enhance the amount of inquiry or apply for a small loan inquiry, are bank institutions marked as "post-loan inquiry", such a large number of inquiries, even if individuals do not have bad credit history, the follow-up loans are also affected. For the bank's micro-credit operation, even if it is just to test the loan amount is how much, but also be careful, try not to operate.

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