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Internet baby income rose eight consecutive weeks changeable average return of 5.11%

Edit: Lisa Source: Financial 360 original Date: 2018-01-12


Internet baby yields continued to rise, but continue to rise less motivated, callback pressure.

Financial 360 monitoring data show that this week (January 5 - January 11) 74 Internet baby products, the average annual yield of 4.40%, an increase of 0.04 percentage points over the previous week, rising eight consecutive weeks, The average earnings per million were 1.16, down 0.01 from the previous week. It can be seen that the liquidity is still tight and the market interest rate is still rising.

From different sales platforms, this week, Department of Sales and third-party payment system, the average baby on the seven-year annualized return rate was 4.47%, tied for first, the Department of the Department and the Department of the baby is slightly lower, with an average seven-day annualized rate of return 4.36% and 4.39%. Third-party payment system, baby earnings slightly lower than last week by 0.01 percentage points, while the other three-line baby gains are higher than last week.

Financial 360 statistics the top ten this week's earnings baby, Suning Coinpab to 5.11% of the average seven-year annual rate of return continue topped the list, is the only one more than 5% yield of the baby, Kaixin surplus, Swiss cash Camp tied for second, the average annual yield of 4.96%.

In the past month, the baby's income has risen a lot. Some baby's annualized yields have exceeded 5% and 6% on the first day of the single month. However, this is not the norm. The baby's earnings fluctuate greatly. The high income of one day does not represent the long-term income. Therefore, we suggest that we should refer to the medium-long term yield of one month, half year or one year when comparing the rate of return.

From our revenue leaderboard, we can see that only one of the many babies has an annualized yield of over 5% on an average of seven days a week. So if we see a financial institution claiming that its baby's product yield has been 5% Above, you have to doubt the authenticity, most likely not a monetary fund.

Among the 74 babies, 68 have averaged 7 days annualized rate of return above 4%, only 6 are below 4%. Among them, the average annual rate of return of 7% Rose 0.18 percentage points, but continued to bottom.

This week, the average daily rate of return on balance treasure 4.24%, down 0.1 percentage points from last week, ranking 74 in the baby in 60, still in the countdown.

  Market outlook

After 12 consecutive days of giving up, the central bank restarted the reverse repurchase in the open market this week, reflecting the neutral monetary policy mentality and gradually returning the capital side to normal. Interest rates on the money market have stabilized. Internet babies' earnings continue to hit the market with higher pressure. However, given the small possibility of a significant loosening of capital before the Spring Festival, the profitability of Internet babies may be narrowed down during this period.

In fact, there are still more than the remaining treasure more profitable current financial management, concern: Financial 360 Financial Secretary, reply "current" view.

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