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Internet baby income rose for eight weeks in a row

Edit: Lisa Source: Rong 360 original Date: 2018-01-12


The baby's yield on the Internet continues to rise, but there is insufficient incentive to continue to rise, and the pressure of callbacks is greater.

The 360-monitored data showed that the average seven-day annualized return rate of 74 Internet baby products this week (January 5 to January 11) was 4.40%, which was an increase of 0.04 percentage points from the previous week and rose for eight consecutive weeks. The average profit per share was 1.16, a decrease of 0.01 over the previous week. It can be seen that liquidity is still tight and market interest rates are still rising.

From the point of view of different sales platforms, the average annual yield of the baby on behalf of the sales department and the third-party payment system was 4.47 percent for the week, tied for the first place. The baby in the fund department and the banking department were slightly lower, with an average annual yield of 7 days. It is 4.36% and 4.39%. The third-party payment was slightly lower than the previous week by 0.01%, while the income of other three-line babies was higher than last week.

Financial 360 statistics of the top ten baby of this week's earnings, including Suning's change money treasure continued to top the list with an average annual yield of 5.11%, is the only baby with a gain of more than 5%, Kai Xin Ying, Hua Taibai Shuichuang Bao tied for second place, with an average annualized yield rate of 4.96% on the 7th.

In the past month, baby's income has increased by a large margin. Individual baby's annualized 7-day yield rate has exceeded 5% and 6%. However, this is not the norm. Baby's income fluctuates greatly. A high one-day return does not mean that long-term income is very high. High, so it is recommended that when you compare the yields, it is best to refer to the medium and long-term yields for one month, six months or one year.

From our revenue rankings, it can also be seen that only one of the many babies has an average annualized return rate of more than 5% on a seven-day week, so if you see a financial institution claiming that your baby's product yield has been at 5% Above, you must doubt the authenticity, and most likely it is not a money fund.

Among the 74 babies, 68 had an average annualized yield of more than 4% on the 7th day, and only 6 had 4% or less. Among them, the average annual yield of the Bank of Communications Super Cash Pod was only 3.27%, although it was more than last week. It rose 0.18 percentage points but continued to bottom.

This year, the average annual yield of the balance bag was 4.24 percent, a drop of 0.1 percentage point from the previous week, ranking 60th among 74 babies, and it is still in the bottom line.

  Market Outlook

After 12 consecutive days, the central bank resumed reverse repurchase in the open market this week, reflecting the idea of ​​a neutral monetary policy, and the funding side gradually returned to normal. Money market interest rates tend to be stable, and the baby income of the Internet continues to be higher. However, due to the less possibility of significant loosening of funds before the Spring Festival, the income of the Internet baby may be adjusted in a narrow range during this period.

In fact, there are a lot of current wealth management items that are more profitable than balance treasures. They are concerned about 360 financial secrets and reply to the “live” view.

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