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In addition to work, what can you do to make money part-time?

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In addition to increasing part-time income, but also allows us to experience the more happiness brought by hobbies and interests, find more ways to make money.

Yesterday and my friend get together, Koala recommended the public number to her, let her focus and give some advice.

The results did not give serious opinion, Tucao touches me quite a lot.

You know I understand all these, ah, I also know that to invest in financial management, ah, but this month's mortgage car loans, this point deducted wages enough to solve the problem of adequate food and clothing, no money how to manage?

No money to find ways to make money ah. Koala habitually returned to her such a sentence.

Oh, you put it light weight, this is a useless nonsense, how can you earn so much money ah.

In this way, we talk about the public soared gorgeous talk about making money on.

With yesterday chatting with friends, as well as koala around the circle of friends some examples, today we say, in addition to work, what else can part-time make money?

First, your expertise or resources for conversion

Are office workers, and so many years, generally know their own strengths and hobbies in what areas, I really do not know, look at your university majors and jobs, here are you doing better than others point .

Work for a long time, people know more, natural resources will be more up, and sometimes, is you do not consciously go and see to sum up, all sides have been vainly missed.

Light knows they are not enough, have to find ways to realize them, into your money making tools.

I often buy a home skin care products, Miss A, in fact, when we just met, just two literary young women, like to write in the watercress Weibo, feel like book reviews and the like.

Since childhood, she likes to read and write. From the beginning of her university, her work in the future must be dealt with in writing. After graduation, she has been engaged in the editing of new media operations and text-related positions.

In his spare time, she was free to know what we wrote in the Weibo and microblogging, slowly accumulated his fans.

She wrote very hard, the text is quite aura, slowly, more and more fans, she began to wonder how to use their own expertise to make money.

The final decision to sell skin care products, to go with the friends and experienced friends please sell, and suppliers to talk about the purchase, and then use their own text expertise to write good-looking copy of these skin care products, the copy on the one hand to continue to accumulate her fans, On the other hand, I also improved the conversion rate for her products.

In the past three months did not sell a goods out, and now double eleven pairs of twelve activities is hundreds of thousands, only less than two years, Koala is watching her business a little bit better of.

Now, she has resigned, nothing to see at home when watching TV to write a review of book reviews and strolls baby, but also wrote a careless read into a not a small net red.

Miss B is a micro-business, she did not Miss A such expertise, but fortunately she is rich in resources and wide sources of work units are Xinhua News Agency Baidu NetEase such a tall business, there are many first-line big-name cooperation, plus Reliable taste of their own good character, although fans are not many, but each is a real clientele of customers, more categories of goods sold more, and are the big big profits are more impressive, and Miss A, like, do I did not go to work while doing my part-time job because I earned a lot more money than my salary

Of course, there is nothing that highlights the expertise and resources of Mr. C, work in Shenzhen, Hong Kong every weekend are purchasing. Every Saturday morning carrying a large bag carrying a large luggage past, come back on Sunday night, working days after the return of the package delivery. Basically, every weekend is like this.

Hard is a bit hard, but ordinary people want to buy a house based in Shenzhen, how can it be hard?

Of course, he is not without special skills, speak very humorous temper, or else, a steady purchase order every weekend come from?

Second, play your hobby / skill

Or develop a hobby / skill

If you like and do well, just fine this hobby / skill; if you do not, you can try to nurture one.

Miss S friend, a typical eat goods, special love to eat pastry food, but also love their own baking.

At first, she just likes what she likes, often roasted to share with friends and colleagues, and share the beautiful pictures and practices in Wechat friends circle.

Because in the early education institutions to work, there are a lot of treasure in WeChat who, from time to time they will ask Miss S can be set in her cake, and slowly, it actually became her a sideline, not only their usual cost of baking Can cover, and sometimes a good business can make a pocket money, add some new tools or something.

Former colleague Miss X, although a designer, said she was thinking about computer design every day, so she really wanted to vomit after seeing the pictures and did not want to touch it after get off work.

But want to do something yourself sideline, chatting with the koala in the past, it has been watching, have not thought to learn something.

Recently saw her circle of friends, actually sold flower arrangements. Do not know when to go to school, not to mention, inserted quite good-looking, although there is no basis, but there is always the aesthetic skills, is always a little help.

Talked with her, sold quite well, that for a few years, and finally action, it is not easy.

Third, more to try, always find their own

In many cases, we do not know what we can do except work. At this time, we can try more and maybe we will take you to the path of wealth and freedom.

Miss Y is now a mum with two children, she is bigger than koala, and koala knows her already while she is in college.

She had worked in a public institution at that time. She was not busy with work everyday and did not have any substantive things. She did not understand the interpersonal relationships in her unit so she was anxious to go to work every day, Make a mess here.

Therefore, she started various part-time experiments for two years. Has tried writing, painting, baking, hand-made, etc. We introduce her to the more common way, but has not found a suitable one.

Later, when the child was born, she often took pictures of her children on the Internet. The children themselves were very cute and spirited. They were especially popular. Many local treasure boys invited her to help them pat their children.

Inadvertently inserted willow shade, at first she helped others filming on weekends, usually after work to learn what repair figure. As more and more orders, she simply resigned himself to open a parent-child photography agency, although the resignation was approved by my parents for a while, but she now feel very happy.

Fourth, sufficient funds,

Learn to invest money to make your own money

As I said before, part-time open-source methods, like my friends, do not have any money left on loans each month.Low cost, relying solely on physical techniques, naturally have to be more difficult.

But if you have enough money, there are more ways to make money.

Can go to buy a house, after a simple renovation rental, every month without spending a little money on a fixed amount of money credited to; you can also go to invest in stocks, funds, etc., or choose to rely on the net loan platform, their usual learning point about investing Money management knowledge (and insisted on watching Koala's public number ^ - ^), on average, down to 10% of the benefits of the year is not too difficult, there are two or three hundred thousand vote, each month can be more than two or three Thousands.

You can also choose to start a business, Koala University students W, after graduating from a public institution to work, these two years, he has opened several franchisees. Just busy when the opening of a few, chose the site to hiring employees behind the easy; because the choice is the franchise, stocking what he did not have to worry about. So even if it is open to work, it is not very busy, often see him in the circle of friends in the coffee shop reading or travel photos.

As for earning no money, this depends on the individual. Mr. W's family was originally a business man and there may be some innate advantages. According to him, the first store opened its own money, and the two houses behind each opened with the profit of the front store.

Well, koala temporarily think sideline to carry out better on these friends, there are only two friends can be considered only for a long time. There are still some who have done something in common or have not done so for some time. In any case, we can try more and see more.

In fact, in addition to part-time income can be added, but also allows us to experience more fun hobbies, find more ways to make money. Maybe one day, walking, you find, 咦, this road seems to go better than going to work ~

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