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In addition to going to work, what part-time jobs can I make?

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In addition to increasing income, part-time jobs can also let us experience more happiness brought by hobbies and find more ways to make money.

Yesterday, I got together with my friends. Koala recommended the public number to her, let her pay attention and give some advice.

As a result, the opinions were not given, and the spit was spit me a lot.

I know everything you said, I also know that I want to invest in financial management, but this month's mortgage loan, this wage deduction is only enough to solve the problem of food and clothing, no money how to deal with it?

If you don't have money, you can find a way to make money. Koala habitually returned her with such a sentence.

Oh, what you said is light, this is a useless nonsense, how can there be so much money for you to earn.

In this way, we turned to talk about making money from the gorgeous number of the public.

In conjunction with yesterday’s chat with friends, there are some examples of the circle of friends around Koala. Today we say that in addition to going to work, what other part-time jobs can make money?

1. Transform your expertise or resources

It’s all office workers. After so many years, you can generally know where your special hobbies are. I really don’t know. Look at your university majors and jobs. Are there any better points than others? .

After working for a long time, there are more people who know each other, and the resources will naturally increase. Sometimes, you don’t consciously go to see and summarize, and you miss it in your side.

Knowing that they are not enough, you have to find ways to cash them out and turn them into tools for making money.

I often buy skin care products at Miss A's house. In fact, when we first met, they were just two young women in literature and art. They all liked to write some thoughts on the Douban Weibo.

She loved reading and writing since she was a child. From the beginning of the university, she decided that her future work must be dealing with words. After graduation, she has been working on editing new media to operate these text-related posts.

In her spare time, she published her own things on Zhibo and Weibo as soon as she was free, and slowly accumulated her own fans.

She is very hard-working and her words are more aura. Slowly, more and more fans, she began to wonder how to use this special strength to make money.

Finally decided to sell skin care products, go to the experienced friends to sell, and suppliers to talk about the purchase, and then use their own texts to write a good-looking copy of these skin care products, these copies continue to give her fans, On the other hand, it also increased the conversion rate for her products.

In the past three months, a piece of goods has not been sold. Up to now, the activities of the double eleven pairs of twelve are hundreds of thousands. It took less than two years. The koala is watching her business get a little better. of.

Now, she has resigned, and when she is fine, she is reading a book at home, watching TV, writing a book review, and commenting on her, and also writing that she has become a big net red.

Miss B is doing micro-business. She doesn't have the specialties of Miss A, but fortunately, her network is rich in resources, and her work units are all such high-ranking companies as Xinhua News Agency Baidu Netease. There are also many first-line cooperation methods. The reliability of their own character is good. Although there are not many fans, each one is a real customer. There are many goods sold in the category, and the profits of the first-line big brands are also considerable. They are also the same as Miss A. I didn’t go to work while doing part-time work, because earning is far higher than salary.

Of course, there are also Mr. C who has no outstanding strengths and resources. He works in Shenzhen and has been purchasing Hong Kong for two days every weekend. Every Saturday morning, I carry a big suitcase and carry a big suitcase. I will come back on Sunday night. I will return the goods and deliver the goods after workday. Basically, every weekend is like this.

Hard work is a bit hard, but ordinary people want to buy a house in Shenzhen, how can they not work hard?

Of course, he doesn't have no special skills. He speaks with a good temper and temper. Otherwise, where does the stable purchasing order come from every weekend?

Second, play your hobbies / skills

Or cultivate a hobby/artisan

If you like it and do it well, you should polish this hobby/technique well; if not, try to cultivate one.

Miss S, a typical foodie, especially loves to eat pastries and loves to bake.

At the beginning, she was purely likes it. When she was baked, she would share it with friends and colleagues. She would also share the photos and practices in the WeChat circle of friends.

Because I work in an early education institution, there are many treasure moms in WeChat. From time to time, they will ask Miss S if she can order a cake for her. Slowly, this is actually a sideline of her, not only the cost of her usual baking. Can cover, sometimes good business can make a pocket money, add some new tools or something.

Former colleague Miss X, although she is a designer, she said that she is facing the computer design every day. It is really like seeing the picture and want to vomit. I don’t want to touch it again after work.

But I want to do something about my sideline business. When I talked to Koala in the past, I have been watching it. I haven’t thought about learning it.

Recently, she looked at her circle of friends and actually sold the flower arrangement. I don't know when to go to school, let alone, it is quite good-looking. Although there is no foundation, the aesthetics are there, and it is always helpful.

After talking to her, it sold quite well. After talking for a few years, it was not easy to act.

Third, try more, always find the right one for you.

Many times, we don't know what else we can do besides work. At this time, we can try more. Maybe one will take you to the road to wealth and freedom.

Miss Y is now the mother of two children. She is bigger than the koala. Koala has already known her when she was still in college.

At that time, she had already worked in a business unit. She was not busy at work every day. There was no substantive matter. However, she did not understand the interpersonal relationship in the unit. She was very anxious to go to work every day. She worried that she would be in her life. Make a mess here.

Therefore, she began various part-time tests for up to two years. I have tried writing, painting, baking, and crafting to introduce her to the more common ways, but I have never found a suitable one.

Later, after the child was born, she often took some photos of the children to the Internet. The children themselves were smart and cute, and they were particularly popular. Many local moms invited her to help pat their children.

Unintentionally, she was willing to make a film at the beginning. At the beginning, she helped people to film, and usually went to work after school to learn what to do. With more and more orders, she simply resigned and opened a parent-child photography agency. Although she was approved by her parents for a while, she is very happy now.

4. If the funds are sufficient,

Learn to invest and make your own money

The front talks are all part-time open source methods like my friends, who have enough money to repay their loans every month.The cost is low, and it is naturally harder to rely on physical strength alone.

But if you have enough money, there are more ways to make money.

You can go to buy a house, rent it after simple decoration, and you can pay a fixed amount of money every month without spending any money. You can also invest in stocks, funds, etc., or choose a reliable online loan platform, and you usually learn more about investment. Knowledge of financial management (and insisting on the koala's public number ^-^), the average income of 10% is not too difficult. If there is a 20,000-300,000 vote, you can have more than two or three each month. Thousands.

You can also choose to start a business. Mr. W, a college student from Koala, also worked in a business unit after graduation. In the past two years, he has opened several franchise stores. When I first opened the business, I would be busy. I chose the site and hired the staff. It was easy afterwards; because I chose the franchise store, I didn’t have to worry about what I bought. Therefore, even if it is open to work, it is not very busy. I often watch him in a circle of friends to read photos in a coffee shop or travel around.

As for making money, it depends on the individual. Mr. W’s family is originally doing business, and may have some innate advantages. According to him, the first store was opened by his own money, and the latter two were opened with the profits of the front store.

Well, the koala’s temporary side-effects have been better carried out on these few friends. Two of them are only netizens, but they have known each other for a long time. There are still some that have been done in general, or have not been able to continue for a while. In any case, we can take a look at it and try it out first.

In fact, in addition to increasing income, part-time jobs can also let us experience more happiness brought by hobbies and hobbies, and find more ways to make money. Maybe one day, walking and walking, you will find, hey, this road seems to be better than going to work~

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