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1 billion financial thunder, one second teaches you to identify bank financing risks

Edit: Jenny Source: Xiao Huangren reading money Date: 2018-01-12


Teach you two ways to identify the bank's financial risk.


China Merchants Bank's 1 billion wealth management products have been raging.

Xiao Huangren carefully read the news, which probably means:

A private bank customer, who took 20 million yuan in 13 years, subscribed for a fund that was sold by a privately held manager. Then, due to the underlying assets of this fund investment, not only can the interest not be obtained, but the principal can not be obtained. So this customer is not doing it.

According to this buddy, the bank account manager promised to protect the interest rate, and the expected annualized income is 11%-13%. But no one can get any evidence, just when the two sides put their mouths on the gun.

If this matter is raised to the political height of "breaking the new rules after the new regulations," it is not necessary to say that this buddy can only smash his teeth and swallow his stomach.

However, everyone first stabilized because this is not an ordinary bank financing.

First, the default fund is a wealth management product of a private bank with a threshold of 10 million. It can only be said that poverty has saved us.

Second, the underlying assets of fund products are private equity investments, not ordinary fixed income and bank wealth management.

Just rushing to the "private equity investment" word, the ass can also know that it is a high-risk investment, but it is not guaranteed to protect the interest rate.

Third, in fact, this product expired in September of the same year, but the duration of this fund is “3+1”. Due to the loss of some investment projects, it was postponed for one year.

The 3+1 structure means a three-year investment period and a one-year exit period. A fund manager who cannot complete liquidation within one year can decide to extend the liquidation period as a liquidator.

In other words, the withdrawal period of the fund is until September 2017. If the fund manager and the investor agree to extend the liquidation period by consensus, then it is not considered a “default”.

In short, this product of China Merchants Bank has nothing to do with 99% of the people.But as an investor, when choosing a wealth management product, we must examine what the underlying assets of the investment are.

If you don't recognize the ability of the underlying assets to be good or bad, then don't let it go.


Most people who buy bank financial management are still trying to stabilize themselves. Xiao Huangren teaches you two ways to identify the bank's financial risk.

First, the product is not produced by the bank.

The bank is also a company. In addition to self-operated products, it also helps others sell products. The private equity fund mentioned above is bank-sold.

The most obvious feature of a consignment product is that the product contract is not a bank chapter, but a third party such as a fund, trust, or insurance company.

Second, whether it is a structural product.

Very simple, look at the keywords in the contract.

If the flow of funds is in the interbank market, exchange market bonds, capital lending, trust plans, bills, etc., it is unstructured.

If you write gold, stocks, foreign exchange, funds, commodities, indices, etc., it is structural.

To put it bluntly, most of the structured products are bought by equity assets, making money and losing money quickly, and the income fluctuations are greater. Friends who don't want to take risks, just choose non-structural products.

Third, it is to look at the product risk level.

In the product manual and contract, some simple symbols are used to classify risks. In general, the risk is divided into five levels from low to high:

Cautious (R1), Robust (R2), Balanced (R3), Aggressive (R4), and Aggressive (R5).

For the pursuit of a steady friend, Xiao Huangren suggested buying R3 and below. How high is the risk level of R5, please refer to the private equity fund mentioned at the beginning.

This is very simple and can be seen in a second.

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