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I have two ways to make a steady investment in the fund!

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To make a fixed vote, it is necessary to achieve no surprise, no ups and downs, and bearish on book income or loss. Make a reasonable profit target, and after the goal is completed, it will decisively withdraw without changing the original intention and goal.

As the saying goes, the fund is scheduled to vote, and you are insisting on it.

Recently, the stock market has fallen into a dog, and the fund has been dragged down. The financial brother has been unable to vomit. He will buy an apprentice and will sell the master. This is not a fake!

Earned a reluctance to go, lost pain and cut the meat, people's common problems...

"There was a good income in front of me. I didn't have a profit. When I lost, I regretted it. The most painful thing about setting a vote is this."

Money is not in the bag, it can only be regarded as paper wealth, it is not yours, only really sold into the wallet, it is really earned.

Not much nonsense, today’s wealthy brothers and everyone’s funds are taking profits.

There are many ways to make a profit on the Internet, but the financial brother summed up the two methods that are suitable for the average person:

First, after reaching the target income of X%, sell it, and spend the money happily;

Second, to reach a relatively high position to sell.


Target income method

Simple and rude, presuppose a psychological target rate of return, and achieve a post-finance.

So, how good is the take profit point?

According to the fluctuation of the bidding, if it is an index fund (such as CSI 300), you can do this:

1) If the index itself is not very volatile, 10%, 20% can be, such as SSE 50, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, etc.

2) If the index itself fluctuates greatly, 30% or 40% can also be used, such as CSI 500, CSI Overseas Connect, etc.

However, the old driver knows that investment is a day-to-day meal. We must combine the market and set different profit-taking points in the bull and bear markets.

Let's talk about the bull market, the bull market profit-taking plan: 321 rule, that is, the target rate of return reaches 30%, 20%, 10% and then take profit.

To put it simply, when the fixed return rate reaches 30%, make the first take profit, redeem (empty) all, and redo the second round of fixed investment;

The yield is 20%, the second take profit, all redemption, and the third round of fixed investment after redemption;

The yield has reached 10% and a third takeover redemption is made.

The reason for this is simple: diversify risk.

In the bull market, earnings are rising rapidly, but the risks behind the gains are also accumulating.

Humanity is always greedy, which will stimulate the investment enthusiasm of the people who eat melons. This will force the profit and the pockets to be safe. The profit in batches will at least ensure 60% of the profits in a round of bull market, 60% than one-time setting. The risk of take profit is low.

As for the bear market, because the length is too long, I will swear next time...


P/E ratio (PE) valuation method

The P/E ratio (PE) is the company's share price per share divided by earnings per share, which is the most commonly used indicator to indicate the valuation.

The so-called PE valuation method is based on the current price-to-earnings ratio of the fund, and the highest and lowest PE values ​​in history, to determine whether the chickens that are held should kill the braised or continue to keep the oysters.

In general, the higher the PE value, the more expensive the price, the bigger the bubble, the less worth buying, the greater the probability of falling; vice versa.

Therefore, you can use the valuation method to judge where the bull market is roughly at the top, and at the same time, combine the enthusiasm of people around the market to determine the stage of the market, and then sell it.

So, how is the PE valuation method used?

Caige takes the CSI 300 Index as an example:

From the historical dynamic P/E ratio shown below, the valuation is 18 times higher than the bull market in 2015.

In recent years, the lowest valuation is around 7. When the bull market peaked in 2015, the valuation was close to 18. Therefore, in order to be stable, you will use 18 times as the highest point of fund redemption, and the dynamic P/E ratio will be redeemed once it reaches 18 times. .

Chart: Dynamic P/E ratio of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index

But the reason is dead, people are alive, in order to ensure that the bag is safe, you can also take a batch redemption method, such as the valuation of 15 times redemption half, 16 times and then the remaining redemption 50%, All redemptions are made at 18 times, and can be flexibly set according to your own needs.


Another friend asked, the fund is scheduled to lose money, after the index fell, do you want to stop loss?

the answer is negative!

Do a fund investment, you can buy all the way down the road. And the more you fall, the more you buy, and the lower the cost. This is the biggest difference between fund investment and stock investment.

For stock investment, if you use this method of falling over and over, once you encounter the fundamentals of listed companies (such as LeTV), there is almost no chance of turning over.

For the index, especially the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, which is based on blue chip stocks.As long as the economy of the entire country does not collapse, it will always rise back after the fall. We continue to buy on the way down, insisting on playing CALL for Guo, we will be able to realize the Chinese dream.

Therefore, the stop loss is a good way to hedge against individual stocks. But for the index fund to vote, you have to believe that this is dragging the scorpion...

To make a fixed vote, it is necessary to achieve no surprise, no ups and downs, and bearish on book income or loss. Make a reasonable profit target, and after the goal is completed, it will decisively withdraw without changing the original intention and goal.

The world has been using the renminbi to reward those who are determined, I hope you and I are.

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