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Fund fixed investment strategy, I have two strokes!

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To be scheduled to vote, we must do or not scared, up no hi, bearish book gains or losses. Set a reasonable profit target. When you finish the goal, you will quit without any change in your mind and goals.

As the saying goes, the fund is scheduled to vote, you insist, may also kneel insisted.

Recently the stock market fell into a dog, the fund has also been dragged down the water, Choi has been unable to Tucao, will buy an apprentice, will sell is Master, these words a bit not false!

Reluctant to go make money, loss of reluctance to cut meat, people's common problems ah ...

"There was once a good profit before me. I did not stop working until I lost it. The most painful thing was to vote."

Money is not pocketed, can only be regarded as paper wealth, it is not yours, and only really put into the wallet, really count as earned.

Speak nonsense, today Choi and everyone chatter fund only profit.

Constant spread online betting profit law supremacy, but Choi summarized, suitable for the average person's approach is both:

First, after reaching the target income of X%, it is sold, happy spending money;

Second, reach a relatively high position to sell.


Target revenue method

Simple and rude, his default rate of return of a psychological target, to achieve only the profit.

So, just how much profit point appropriate?

According to the fixed bidding fluctuations, if it is index funds (such as Shanghai and Shenzhen 300), you can do so:

1) If the index itself is not volatile, 10%, 20% can, such as Shanghai 50, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index

2) If the index itself is very volatile, 30%, 40% can be, such as the card 500, the card overseas Internet, etc.

However, the old driver's heart understands that the investment is a day-to-day meal, and we need to combine the quotations to set different take-profit points in the cattle and bear markets.

Let me talk about the bull market, the bull market only profit program: 321 rule, that is, the target rate of return of 30%, 20%, 10% only after the profit.

In short, when the rate of return on investment reaches 30%, make the first take-profit, redeem (empty) all, redeem the second tranche for redemption,

Rate of return to 20%, so the second only profit, redemption, after the redemption of the third round of fixed;

The rate of return to 10%, and then the third only take profit redemption.

The reason is simple, the reason is simple: spread the risk.

In the bull market, earnings have risen rapidly, but the risks behind earnings have also added up.

Human nature is always greedy, which will stimulate the investment enthusiasm of the masses to eat melon, so as to force profit, pockets for peace; partial profit, at least to ensure that in a bull market to get 60% of the revenue, than the one-time set 60% Take only low risk.

As bear market, due to the length is too long, next time you chatter ...


Price-earnings ratio (PE) valuation method

Price-earnings ratio (PE) is the company's share price per share divided by earnings per share, is used to indicate the level of valuation of the most commonly used indicators.

The so-called PE valuation method is based on the level of the fund's current price-earnings ratio, and the history of the highest and lowest PE value for comparison, to determine whether the chicken should be held to kill the braised, or continue to keep nourishment.

In general, the higher the PE value, the more expensive the price. The bigger the bubble, the less worth buying. The lower the probability is. Otherwise, the same is true.

So, we can use the valuation method to determine where the bull roughly the top area, combined with the people around the enthusiasm for the stock market to roughly determine what stage the market reached, and then choose to sell.

So, PE valuation method how to use it?

Choi to Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, for example:

The historical dynamic price-earnings ratio from the chart below, the valuation of 18 times the bull market in 2015 high.

In recent years, the lowest valuation in the vicinity of 7, the 2015 peak in the bull market, the valuation is close to 18, so in order to be steady, we put 18 times as the highest point of redemption fund, once the dynamic price-earnings ratio of 18 times to redeem .

Chart: Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index dynamic price-earnings ratio

But the truth is dead, people are living, in order to ensure the safety of pockets, you can also take partial redemption, such as the valuation reached 15 times the redemption of half, 16 times and then the remaining redemption 50% 18 times to redeem all, according to their own needs and flexible settings.


There are friends asked, the fund will vote, after the index fell, or not to stop loss?

the answer is negative!

Fund to vote, you can buy all the way down. And the more fall, buy the more shares, continue to share the low cost. This is the biggest difference between a fund's fixed investment and a stock's investment.

For stock investment, if you also use this method of falling over buying, in the event of the deterioration of the fundamentals of listed companies (such as music like this), almost no chance to stand up.

For the index, especially the blue-chip index of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index.As long as the economy of the entire country has not collapsed, it will always be able to rise back after falling. We continue to buy on the way down, insist on playing CALL Guo, we will be able to achieve the Chinese dream.

So, stop this thing, for individual stocks is a good way to hedge. However, the index fund is scheduled to vote, you have to believe it is pulling the calf ...

To be scheduled to vote, we must do or not scared, up no hi, bearish book gains or losses. Set a reasonable profit target. When you finish the goal, you will quit without any change in your mind and goals.

The world has been rewarded in Renminbi for those who are determined, I hope you and I are.

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