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I have 1 million who want to resign. How does passive income cover daily expenses?

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In fact, financial freedom is only the beginning of a free life. You can choose the business you really want to do, and you are not bound by money. That's it.

Last month, I discussed the topic of "financial freedom" with you. Recently, many users have raised their own questions. I have selected a few interesting ones to explain in detail.


Teacher of the bus, I have benefited from reading your article. I started to get financial management from 2014, mainly P2P. The stable annualized rate of return is about 10%-12%. Now I have 1 million in cash and I have a government agency with a monthly salary of 6,300 yuan, but I have already Tired of such a lifeless work, many times I want to resign, but I really don't have the courage to give up this stable job. I don't have any special skills. If I quit my job, I plan to spend five years studying. Everything starts from the beginning, and family income depends on this existing one million for financial management. Teacher, if you are, how would you choose?

First of all, I want to say that your investment is too concentrated, mainly P2P. At present, the P2P market is still lack of supervision. In this case, once the P2P market has large fluctuations, your investment risk will be very large. If it is me, I will diversify my investment and establish a global asset allocation. Even if I invest in P2P, the proportion of funds will not exceed 20%, and the annualized rate of return of the P2P projects will be controlled within 10%. more important.

In addition, if you use the 1 million cash on hand to invest, according to the annualized rate of return of 10%, there will be a passive income of 100,000 yuan a year, equivalent to a passive income of 8,000 yuan per month, which has exceeded your current monthly salary. So you have more work options and you don't have to be bound by current salary income.

However, if you want to go out of production completely and take 5 years to devote yourself to learning, this is something I disapprove. Learning itself is a very boring thing. It is difficult to stimulate your motivation to learn. It is also the most important thing to learn is to apply what you have learned. Learning knowledge alone is useless for modern society.

You describe that the work at hand is lifeless. My understanding is that work is relatively leisurely. In fact, you can use your free time to improve yourself. For example, some people work in their own jobs, such as documents. In their spare time, they can write articles published in public channels and slowly accumulate their own users. Or, they may be interested in manual work, or they can use their spare time to cultivate this. The skills of the field may be the starting point for a new career in the future.

But then again, if you really don't want to stay in your existing position, you can change jobs. Even if everything starts from scratch, it doesn't matter if you start making money very little, because your passive income is enough to cover your expenses. But I don't recommend taking off production. This kind of idea of ​​wanting to be lazy is an excuse to escape reality.


Teacher of the bus, there has always been a problem that plagues me, how passive income covers daily expenses, such as investment funds, only three or five years have income, but daily expenditures must be paid monthly, which means that passive income must be obtained The salary is paid on time, not every month, at least every year. But today's investment is hard to do unless it is a fixed income class? Bus

In fact, when you ask this question, your subconscious mind thinks that you don't have to work after you realize financial freedom, and use passive income to cover your living expenses. This is actually a big misunderstanding, and it is impossible for people with such ideas to achieve financial freedom.

Achieving financial freedom is to let you reach a realm of "there is no need to worry about the food in your hand", so that you can do business with a more relaxed attitude. Even if the business you are doing now does not make money for the time being, it does not matter because there is support from passive income. In this way, you have more choices, you can choose the careers that you are really interested in and that you are good at. In the end, these businesses can bring you more active income, let you have more investment capital, and generate more passive income through the increase of investment principal, thus entering a virtuous circle.

In addition, not only fixed-income investment projects can generate stable returns, but the global asset allocation portfolio can also generate relatively stable returns, and the returns tend to be higher than fixed-income investment projects.

Even if we retreat 10,000 steps, we will encounter a market decline at the beginning, and we can still withdraw some funds to meet the living expenses. For example, I have a global fund portfolio of 2 million. According to the annualized income of 10%, the annual income is 200,000 yuan, with an average monthly income of 16700 yuan. Assuming that my monthly expenses are 15,000 yuan, then I have initially realized financial freedom.

However, in the first year, I suffered from the global economic crisis. The investment portfolio also lost 10%, leaving only 1.8 million yuan in books. At this time, I am still able to withdraw monthly living expenses from this 1.8 million yuan. There is no problem at all. Because the global economy is continuing to rise in the long run, the portfolio will soon rise.

I will worry that this 1.8 million will be spent? Of course, don't worry, because I am still doing business. Although this business is not making money for the time being, I will definitely be able to make more money in the future. Therefore, financial freedom is my emboldened, not a lifetime commitment. This is also why, I would say that when passive income can cover daily expenses, it is “preliminary financial freedom”. It means that to be financially free to look at financial freedom, financial freedom is not a once and for all, it is only a guarantee of your confidence.


The coach is good. I have been paying attention to you for a long time. I have also used the blues to vote. I have read many of your articles, but I have always had two doubts. I wonder if I can answer them. First, can the fixed investment fund enjoy the benefits of compound interest? A fund may have a 10% return in a year, but the fund has a rise and fall. If the two-year income is 20%, three years is 30%, and so on, ten years can achieve double the effect, and compound interest 72 The law can be doubled in less than eight years. Is it wrong for me to understand it? The second is that the passive income you mentioned when the principal is sufficient is used to meet the expenses. Since it is a fixed investment fund, is it necessary to sell the fixed investment fund for expenses?


First of all, your first question is misunderstood. The second year of the fund's income should be calculated based on the net value of the fund at the end of the first year or the beginning of the second year. For example, suppose the fund rises 10% every year. The net value of the fund at the beginning of the first year is 1 yuan/share, which should be 1.1 yuan/share by the end of the year. If it rises 10% in the second year, it is the second year of the second year. 1.1 yuan / share on the basis of rising, so it should be 1.1 × (1 + 10%) = 1.21, this extra 0.01 yuan net value, in fact, is the effect of compound interest. In the third year, it was again increased by 10% on the basis of 1.21 yuan/share, and so on, so the fund also has compound interest.

In addition, if your passive income is used to meet your daily expenses, you can of course sell a portion of the fund's shares. You may ask, how does it produce compound interest? If you ask this question, then I can only say that you also regard financial freedom as the ultimate goal of once and for all. I believe that passive income can not work for a lifetime.

In fact, financial freedom is only the beginning of a free life. You can choose the business you really want to do, and you are not bound by money. That's it.

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