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I have one million to resign, passive income how to cover the daily expenses?

Edit: Catherine Source: Money Management Bus Date: 2018-01-12


In fact, financial freedom is just the beginning of a free life, you can choose what you really want to do business, without the constraints of money, nothing more.

Last month I discussed with you the topic of "financial freedom". Recently, many users have raised their own questions. I have picked out a few interesting articles to explain in detail.


Bus coach, after reading your article benefit. I started to get started with financial management in 2014, mainly P2P. The stable annualized return rate is about 10% -12%. Now I have 1 million in cash and a government agency with monthly salary of 6,300 yuan, but I have Tired of such lifeless jobs, many times want to quit, but there is really no courage to give up this stable job. I have no expertise, if resigned, I plan to spend five years to learn, all from scratch, family income rely on the existing one million to do financial management. Coach, if it is you, how would you choose?

First of all, I would like to say that your investment is too concentrated, mainly P2P. At present, the P2P market is still not regulated. In this case, your investment risk will be very great once there is a big fluctuation in the P2P market. If it is me, I will diversify the investment and establish a globalized asset allocation. Even if it is to invest in P2P, the proportion of funds will not exceed 20%. The annualized yield of the invested P2P projects will also be controlled within 10%. Security more important.

In addition, if you invest $ 1 million in cash on hand, according to the 10% annualized rate of return, about 100,000 yuan a year passive income, equivalent to 8,000 yuan a month passive income, has exceeded your current monthly salary , So you have more options for work, without having to be bound by the current wage income.

However, if you want to go full time and take full devotion for five years, I do not agree with it. Learning is a very boring thing in itself, it is difficult to motivate your study motivation through study-by-study, and the most important thing to learn is to apply what you learn. It is useless to learn knowledge in modern society.

You describe the work at hand is lifeless, my understanding is that work is relatively leisurely, in fact, you can use their free time to improve themselves. For example, some people work like clerics, so they can write some articles in public time and accumulate their own users slowly. Or they may be interested in handwork activities or they can use spare time to cultivate this Skills may be the starting point for a new career in the future.

But then again, if you really do not want to stay in your current position, you can change jobs. Even if everything starts from scratch, it's okay to start earning money because your passive income is enough to cover your expenses. However, I do not recommend taking off-production. This kind of thinking-lazy idea is an excuse to evade reality.


Bus drivers have always had a problem that bothers me. It is how passive income covers daily expenses such as investment funds. Only three or five years' income will be earned. However, the daily expenditure will be on a monthly basis, which means that passive income should be fetched like hair Wages on the same arrival, not monthly words, but also at least annually. But today's investments are hard to do unless they're fixed income? Bus

In fact, when you ask this question, your subconscious thinks that you will not need to work after the financial freedom has been achieved, and that you cover the living expenses entirely with passive income. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. People who have such an idea will not be able to achieve financial freedom.

To achieve financial freedom is to allow you to reach a realm of "having more than enough food and not panic", so that you can work in a more relaxed state of mind. Even if you do not make money now, it does not matter because of the passive income support. In this way, you have more options, you can choose to really interested in what they are good at. Ultimately, these businesses can bring you more proactive income, allow you to have more investment capital, by investing more capital, but also generate more passive income, which entered a virtuous circle.

In addition, not only fixed-income investment projects can produce stable returns, the global asset allocation portfolio also can produce more stable returns, and the returns tend to be higher than the fixed-income investment projects.

Even if we take a step back, we are experiencing a drop in the market at the very beginning and we can still draw part of the funds to meet the living expenses. For example, I have a 2 million global fund portfolio, according to 10% of the annualized return, a year income of 200,000 yuan, an average of 16,700 yuan per month. Suppose my monthly expenditure is 15,000 yuan, then I initially realized the financial freedom.

But in the first year I was experiencing the global economic crisis, the investment portfolio lost 10%, leaving only 1.8 million yuan left. At this moment, I can still get the monthly living expenses from the 1.8 million yuan and there is no problem at all. Because the global economy has continued to rise in the long run, the portfolio soon rose again.

I will worry about this 180 million will be spent? Of course, do not worry because I am still doing business. Although this cause is temporarily not profitable, the future surely can make more money. Therefore, financial freedom is my strength, rather than life-long commitment. This is also why I would say that when passive income covers daily expenses, it is "the initial realization of financial freedom." This means that to take a dynamic look at financial freedom, financial freedom is not once and for all, it is only a guarantee of your confidence.


Bus teacher is good, pay attention to you for a long time, is also using spectrum blue set to vote, read a lot of articles, but there have been two doubts, I wonder if you can answer it, First, fixed investment fund can enjoy the benefits of compound interest? A fund may have 10% of the proceeds a year, but the fund has ups and downs, if the two-year return is 20%, three years is 30%, and so on, ten years to double the effect, and compound interest 72 The law can be doubled in less than eight years, where did I get it wrong? Second, you mentioned the passive enough income to meet the expenditure of the problem, since it is scheduled to vote for the fund, is to be scheduled to vote for the fund sold for spending it?


First, there is misunderstanding about your first question. The second year of the fund's return should be based on the net value of the fund at the end of the first year or the beginning of the second year. For example, assume that the fund is up 10% every year, the first year the net fund net is 1 yuan / share, by the end should be 1.1 yuan / copies; the second year rose another 10%, then the second year of the year 1.1 yuan / share on the basis of the rise, so it should be 1.1 × (1 + 10%) = 1.21, which added 0.01 yuan net, in fact, the effect of compound interest. The third year is another 10% increase on the basis of 1.21 yuan / share, and so on, so the fund also has compound interest.

In addition, if your passive income is used to meet the daily expenses, of course, you can sell part of the fund shares. You may ask, how come that compound interest? If you ask this question, I can only say that you also regard financial freedom as a once and for all end result, thinking that you can work for life through your passive income.

In fact, financial freedom is just the beginning of a free life, you can choose what you really want to do business, without the constraints of money, nothing more.

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