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Can't save money in 2017? You have to do this in 2018.

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Buffett said: No one wants to get rich slowly.

Recently, the female hero received more than one hundred people's consultations, mainly reading the article written by the female man: about the concept of compound interest, which has a close relationship with compound interest and time, the sooner the financial management is better, many people recognize this point of view. However, the woman found that many people were excited when they read the article, and then they did not move, and life returned to the original track. There is a reader who privately believes me, let me write more articles to supervise everyone, and the woman thinks of the original intention of taking the name of the confused woman at the time: confused in small things, there must be a chivalrous heart in the big things. Therefore, in the busy schedule, I still try to write some thoughts and practices on financial management for the reference of others.

The correct way to open income

First of all, ask everyone, how do you take care of each month after receiving various salary incomes? The woman investigated it and found that many people are used for various expenses first, and the rest are used for financial management or savings.

In fact, the formal posture should be: first transfer some money for financial management or savings, and then use it for expenses. This year, everyone can give it a try. Many people always pay their wages, and they spend all kinds of expenses until the end of the month. There are still a few left, and then comfort yourself, and when you have money to manage your money, it will always appear. When I have money, I will manage the money again. This will be repeated all day long. The time will be over and the relationship will not be great.

Let's take a look at a picture that many people have seen:

Family asset allocation map

This image is called "Standard & Poor's" asset allocation map. It is the world's most influential credit rating agency "Standard & Poor's". It surveys the world's 100,000 assets with steady growth, analyzes and summarizes their family financial management methods, and proposes the world. Recognized as the most scientific and robust way of distributing assets.

After practicing for a long time, everyone will recognize the scientific nature of this asset allocation. It divides the family assets into four accounts and allocates them according to a certain proportion. The risk is distributed through reasonable asset allocation to achieve assets. The highest state of configuration - balance. However, everyone will slowly discover that the ratio does not necessarily change, and the ratio can vary depending on each person's life cycle.

Different financial strategies at different stages

The human life cycle is divided into three categories: single period, family and career formation period, family and career growth period, pre-retirement period, and retirement period.

Most people are cash assets and security assets when they first start working. With the increase in working years, the first barrel of gold was accumulated, and investment assets and stable assets began to emerge.Young people want to make money faster, so we choose a radical investment method and start to increase investment assets. When we form a family, we need a stable and value-added asset allocation to achieve the two rigid needs of our children's education and future pension. Finally, when the accumulation of wealth is completed, we will consider the issue of value added and inheritance.

The investment recommendations for each stage are summarized as follows:

1. In the single-person period, just after attending the work, the income is relatively low and the expenses are large, but everyone should not give up. This is the original accumulation period of funds.

Financial advice: Most of the monthly expenditures are self-importing, looking for high salaries and working hard. At this time, there should be some balances and small investments every month.

2. At the stage of family and career formation, this stage is accompanied by the birth of children, and the economic burden is gradually increasing; but at the same time, after many years of work, income has also increased, life has begun to stabilize, and financial resources are not strong, but they are on the rise. .

Financial advice: The biggest expenditure at this stage is to buy a house, to match the down payment, monthly supply and income, and start to prepare for the children's higher education costs.

3. Family and career growth period. At this time, it is a stage in which the business and the family grow together, and the business may be divided. At the same time as economic income growth, spending has also increased significantly, especially as children’s spending in college has increased significantly.

Financial advice: At this stage, the proportion of investment assets can be increased. The investment varieties can choose high-risk and high-yield varieties, and the net assets are accumulated year by year through investment income.

4. In the pre-retirement period, with the economic independence of the children and the maturity of their personal careers, while the income increased, the expenditures gradually decreased; however, while the career reached its peak, the physical condition also began to decline.

Financial advice: This stage is the last chance to prepare a pension, and should appropriately reduce the proportion of high-risk assets in the business chain.

5. Retirement period. At this stage, responsibility for family burdens began to decrease, and leisure and health became the subject of life. The risk tolerance is significantly reduced and the requirements for safety are increased.

Financial advice: To further reduce risk assets, the business chain should select business types with low risk in the business chain.

Looking for your own dish

Everyone understands the proportion of assets and the stage in which they are located. After we focus on financial management, what we have to face is to find the right investment for ourselves.

I suggest that you first understand your investment risk appetite, test how much risk you can bear, and what level you have. With knowledge and understanding, you can judge which type of investment you can buy, how many proportions, funds, stocks and Other wealth management products. The specific questionnaires are available on many financial websites. You can do the test yourself. Finally, you can refer to the following table for configuration.

Asset quadrant asset allocation table

Understand the types of investment products.

After the evaluation, I have a certain understanding of my ability to withstand, basically divided into: conservative, robust, growth and positive. The next step is to understand the type of configuration product.

Related configuration product type

The above is a list of frequently contacted species, and of course there are others. The principle is also to evaluate and then determine the proportion of your configuration. Dear friends, financial management needs to be carried out step by step. You can find the proportion and variety of investment that suits you according to the above steps. The next step is practice.

2017 fund vs stock returns?

Many small partners have questioned my 12% annualized rate of return. Many people find it difficult to do it first. In fact, if the configuration is good, the benefits will be far more than that. Of course, the benefits should also be concerned with risks. This is inevitable. Why do we repeatedly emphasize asset allocation because we must pay attention to risk control and cannot go wrong.

Let's take a look at the trend of the 27-year trend of the stock market in the eyes of many people.

  The Shanghai Composite Index(1990-2017): Since the stock market opened in 1990, the Shanghai Composite Index experienced a major ups and downs in the 1990s. In the 2008 financial crisis, the decline was as high as 72.8%. In 2015, the violent de-leverage, the fuse mechanism, and the index were close to the waist. . . . After so many twists and turns, what is the income?

Please see the picture below:

Accident? The stock market still achieved a good annual growth rate of 14.3%. As for the future trend of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, let us wait and see.

The above is the stock market's income situation, let's look at the trend of the fund in 2017.

According to the statistics of the China Fund, in 2017, the average yield of more than 2,500 funds exceeded 10%, and the 90% fund achieved positive returns. Most funds have a yield of between 0 and 10%, accounting for more than 45%. The yield is between 20% and 20%, accounting for more than 20%. Funds with a yield of more than 20% reached 527, accounting for more than 20%.


Active partial stock fund's 2017 yield distribution

The time has been extended to a five-year period. From 2013 to 2017, a group of funds took advantage of the momentum and achieved relatively good long-term performance.

Active equity fund 50-year performance top 50

Here, the woman said that the following views, we can clearly find that after 2015, the structure of A-share market participants has undergone important changes, the trend of institutionalization of retail investors is more and more obvious, and the degree of individual stock differentiation is getting higher and higher. Since 2017, investment in public funds has outperformed investors' own stocks in terms of risk and profit. It is easier to buy funds to make money than to buy stocks. In fact, professional people do professional things, reducing personal stock allocation and increasing fund allocation will be a trend.

Everyone has read the above data, and will feel that 12% of the annual income is difficult? The above is calculated from a single species alone. If you invest personally, from the perspective of stability and configuration, we will do a comprehensive allocation of assets and balance the benefits and risks so that the investment path can go further.

In fact, the asset allocation is like the coaching of football matches. In the goalkeeper and defense line, we must allocate some money funds, deposits, bond funds, bank wealth management products, etc., to form a reliable backbone of family assets. In the midfield, it is necessary to consider investment types that have both offensive and defensive, offensive and defensive, such as hybrid funds and trusts. On the forward line, you can buy stocks or stock funds with higher risk and higher yields. Although the risk is relatively large, it may bring you higher profits.

Operating tool

Many readers ask, where do we need to invest? In fact, now it is online account opening, the process is particularly simple, buy stocks, funds, wealth management can go to securities companies, fund companies can also directly sell funds, banks and other channels can be, wait for the next time for women to explain the differences in various channels .

Having said that, I hope that everyone will really take action in 2018 and learn about investment and financial management. I once read Buffett’s article in a book. Amazon founder BEZOS asked Buffett. Is your investment theory plagiarized? Buffett said: No one wants to get rich slowly.

In the financial industry for many years, the woman is very agree with this sentence. Indeed, the investment ideas owned by such outstanding investors as Buffett are anti-human, that is, to overcome the quick success of human nature and wait slowly.

But many of us can't overcome our quick success, so we are often easily deceived. I hope everyone will sink their minds, choose the right direction, study hard, and realize the time, will give you the answer.

Author: confused Woman Kenshin Source: Jane books

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