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Credit cards, white bars and flowers chanting, who is better?
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In order to greet the new year, we can not avoid buying a buy, though always tell myself to chop, but still can not stop a ready to buy buy the heart! To say now chop hand artifact, these three certainly can not afford to run: credit cards, white stripes, flowers chant.

Long time no see ~ time flies fast, feeling 17 years flash on the past ~

In order to greet the new year, we can not avoid buying a buy, though always tell myself to chop, but still can not stop a ready to buy buy the heart!

In fact, you can buy it, but you have to choose the payment method, to say that chop chopper artifact which strong, these three certainly can not afford to run: credit cards, white stripes, flowers chanting.

credit card

Although flowers and white stripes are more and more enjoyed by everyone, the credit card backed by UnionPay is still the first choice when many people pay.

Apply for the threshold

Compared to spend chanting, white bars, credit cards generally apply to a stable working office workers. The applicant to the bank to provide proof of identity, proof of work and bank water and other information, the bank and then according to personal qualifications to decide whether to grant cards.


Credit card line span is very large, from thousands to hundreds of thousands have, mainly depends on the applicant's qualifications. If you have a stable income each month, but also win a few large credit cards, the days should be able to live more comfortable.

Interest-free period

Interest-free credit card period, the provisions of various banks vary, the longest 60 days.

Installment fee

A lot of friends around are card, swipe crooked card when the bill immediately hid in the corner crying. This time we have to rely on billing staging to help!

Taking into account the cardholder's repayment ability, all banks have introduced a credit card bill staging business, cardholders can choose the appropriate period according to their own circumstances, installment rates each bank is different, generally 0.6 % -1%.

About early repayment

Most banks do this in terms of installment services: "If you apply for early termination of the bill, you must pay the remaining installment balance and handling fee once you have been approved by ICBC return)".

Jingdong white

Talking about e-commerce giants, nature can not but mention Jingdong, let's East brother in addition to love to drink milk tea, spell up the cause to the lever drip! White striped Jingdong Finance is a "first consumer, post-payment" credit products.

Apply for the threshold

Spend six at Jingdong Mall, reach bronze membership, and bind a bank card.


1000-15000 yuan

Interest-free period

White striped repayment is the bill of lading, 9 days after the bill is the repayment date, plus a 30-day fixed interest-free period, you can enjoy up to 40 days of interest-free services.

Installment fee

White staging fees charged on schedule, each rate according to consumer spending habits and credit conditions ranging from 0.5% -1.2%, usually 0.5%, are free to choose into 3, 6, 12, 24 period.

About early repayment

White stripes in advance repayment, still need to pay the remaining period of the fee.

Ant flowers chanting

Credit cards, white bars and flowers chanting, who is superior?

These two years, flowers chant become the new darling of many online shopping people. Say that since the flowers chanting, my mother no longer worry about me no money.

It is actually Alipay launched a "first consumer, post-payment" consumer credit products, originally only for online shopping days Lynx Taobao, and now many mainstream platforms like the public comment, the only product will be, used.

Apply for the threshold

In general, as long as the completion of Alipay real name certification, and sesame credit points at 600 points or more users can open flowers Bai.


1000-50000 yuan

Interest-free period

Flower chanting repayment rules is the receipt of the repayment on the 10th of next month, together with Taobao in the country to maximize the automatic confirmation of receipt is 13 days, if aimed at getting started, the longest 53 days interest-free period.

For example, you bought a product on July 19, 13 days later, that is, August 1 system to confirm the receipt, the repayment date is September 10, so you can enjoy 53 (13 +30 + 10) days of interest-free period.

Installment fee

Hunting can apply for installments, 3 2.5% commission rate, 6 commission rates 4.5%, 9 commission rates 6.5%, 12 commission rates 8.8%.

About early repayment

Flower chanting after the choice of early repayment, the subsequent installment fee can be waived.

Having said that, credit cards, white bars and flowers chanting in the end which is the most cost-effective?

Assuming the same amount of bills, the installment a certain number, whether cost-effective mainly depends on the level of fees. Aoki finishing the flowers chanting, white bars and major banks staging fees rate shown in Figure:

As can be seen from the figure, in general, the white bar fee <credit card installments <flowers chanting, and credit card installments, workers and peasants in the construction of four lines relatively low commission rates, commercial banks are much higher commission rates .

But then again, although the fee is high, but the full repayment pressure, the Office still have to do, but your own heart to have a few, do not be fooled back to the number of money!

In addition, like the Double 11, Double 12 this special festivals, flowers and white bars are generally introduced chop hand benefits, such as a temporary raise or installment interest-free, this case is definitely more cost-effective than the credit card installment!

In short wow, easy chop hand repayment! After all these payment methods are tomorrow's money, and then let tomorrow have no money to spend! Everyone at the same time buy a buy must be mindful, try to choose a cost-effective payment method, do not because of the temporary happy bond into the slave!

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