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Credit card, white strips and flower beds, who is better?
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In order to welcome the new year, what we can't avoid is buying and buying. Although we always tell ourselves to pick up our hands, we still can't stop a heart, want to buy and buy! To say that the artifacts are now in hand, these three must not be able to run away: credit cards, white bars, and flower beds.

I haven't seen it for a long time~ Time flies so fast, I feel like it has passed in 17 years~

In order to welcome the new year, what we can't avoid is buying and buying. Although we always tell ourselves to pick up our hands, we still can't stop a heart, want to buy and buy!

In fact, you can buy it, but you have to choose the payment method. If you want to say which one is strong, these three must not be able to run away: credit card, white strip, flower pot.

credit card

Although the flower and white bars are more and more popular, the credit card backed by UnionPay is still the first choice for many people to pay.

Application threshold

Credit cards are generally suitable for office workers who have stable jobs compared to flowers and white bars. The applicant provides the bank with identification, work certificate and bank flow, and the bank decides whether to approve the card according to the individual qualification conditions.


Credit card quotas range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands, depending on the applicant's qualifications. If you have a stable income every month and you can get a few big credit cards, you should be able to live a comfortable life.

Interest-free period

Regarding the interest-free period of credit cards, the rules of each bank are different, and the longest is 60 days.

Installment rate

There are a lot of card friends around, it’s cool when you swipe your card, and the account is single and you just hide in the corner and cry. At this time, it is necessary to help by the billing period!

Taking into account the cardholder's repayment ability, each bank has introduced credit card billing instalment business, cardholders can choose the corresponding period according to their own situation, the instalment fee rate is different for each bank, generally 0.6 per month. Between %-1%.

About early repayment

Most banks have the following provisions in the installment payment service: “If you apply for early termination of the bill, we must pay the remaining installment balance and handling fee in one lump sum after the approval of the Bank (the principal and commission charged are not included). return)".

Jingdong White Strip

Speaking of e-commerce giants, naturally can't help mention Jingdong, let's not only drink milk tea, but also fight for the cause! The white strip is a credit product of “first consumption, post payment” launched by Jingdong Finance.

Application threshold

Spend six strokes in Jingdong Mall, reach the Bronze member, and bind a bank card.


1000-15000 yuan

Interest-free period

The repayment of the white strip is the billing system. The repayment date is 9 days after the bill is added, plus a 30-day fixed interest-free period, which can enjoy up to 40 days of interest-free service.

Installment rate

The white staging fee is charged on schedule. The rate of each period varies from 0.5% to 1.2% according to consumers' consumption habits and credit status, generally 0.5%. It can be freely divided into 3, 6 and 12 periods. period.

About early repayment

The white bars are repaid in advance and the handling fee for the remaining period is still required.

Ant flower bud

Credit card, white strips and flower beds, who is better?

In the past two years, Huayuan has become the new favorite of many online shoppers. It is said that since I have a flower garden, my mother no longer has to worry that I have no money.

It is actually a “first consumption, post payment” consumer credit product launched by Alipay. It was originally used only for Tmall Taobao online shopping. Now many mainstream platforms like public comment, Vipshop, Jumeiyou can also used.

Application threshold

Generally speaking, as long as the Alipay real-name certification is completed, and users with a sesame credit score of 600 or above can open the flower.


1000-50000 yuan

Interest-free period

The repayment rule of Huayu is to repay the loan on the 10th of the next month after receiving the goods. In addition, the maximum automatic confirmation of the receipt period of Taobao in China is 13 days. If the aiming day starts, the longest has a 53-day interest-free period.

For example, you bought a product on July 19th, and after 13 days, that is, the system confirms the receipt on August 1st, the repayment date is September 10th, so you can enjoy 53 (13+30+) 10) The interest-free period of the day.

Installment rate

Huayan can apply for installment payment, the 3-stage handling rate is 2.5%, the 6-stage handling rate is 4.5%, the 9-stage handling rate is 6.5%, and the 12-phase handling rate is 8.8%.

About early repayment

After the flowering instalment, the early repayment is selected, and the handling fee for the subsequent instalment can be waived.

Having said that, credit cards, white bars and flowers are the most cost-effective?

Assume that the amount of the bill is the same, the number of installments is certain, and whether it is cost-effective depends mainly on the level of the fee. Aoki has arranged the flowering and white bars and the installment rates of major banks as shown in the figure:

As can be seen from the figure, in general, the white fee rate <credit card staging <flowers, while in the credit card staging, the commission rate of the four major banks of workers and peasants is relatively lower, and the commission rate of commercial banks is much higher. .

But then again, although the handling fee is high, but there is pressure for full repayment, the office will still have to be done in stages, but you have to have a number in your heart, don’t be fooled and give back to others!

In addition, like the special festivals such as Double Eleven and Double Twelve, the flower buds and the white strips generally introduce handcuffs benefits, such as temporary rally or instalment interest-free, in which case it is definitely more cost-effective than credit card staging!

In short, wow, it’s easy to pick up your hands! These payment methods are all about spending tomorrow's money, and then let tomorrow have no money to spend! Everyone must buy more and buy more at the same time, and try to choose a cost-effective payment method. Don't become a debt slave because of the moment!

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