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30-year-old 40 million debt back, this life there is a chance to comeback it?

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: melt 360 finishing         Author: JA

A friend is now 30 years old, because before ignorance led to now owed 400,000 debt. He worked in the state-owned enterprises, but also unwilling to mediocrity, at least now began to plan their own future, to study the food to sell, who is also a variety of sideline, more business, you think he may stand up?

30 years old, up to now have no deposit but also have 40w. For me, nothing more than three points: 1 gambling, 2 long-term access to clubs, can not afford the temptation, a good face that they are no different with others, so playing with money on the lack of money. 3 business, career failure or more serious.


If you want to overturn the above three points is not impossible

  1. For those who have conscience to consider the family, the first is to quit gambling!Of course, if there is no conscience, it certainly will not care about the family to think about the future! Strict control of themselves, do not contact or allow gamblers to find you together, what is not a good thing together, no other people encourage themselves to be aware of the dangers of gambling.

Only come back from the table, to do something meaningful, no longer pay big money, two o'clock front line, follow the family's opinion, after all, not the whole of you, physical and mental health, cheerful, quit gambling success!

  2. The type of play that wants to hate, After all, 30-year-old person, for the bottom of the family is intended to start working on the outside from junior high school earn money, helpless can not withstand the temptation of reality can not afford to deposit but also with the outside account, it is necessary to think ! Because you do not have background, what superior? Without a rich father, why do you spend extravagant time outside? A conscience can understand it.

Fanpan opportunity is to allow others to eat you spit it out. Excuse me with some money out of extortion is to gather a specific network of contacts to facilitate future operations which can be recovered, this type of person is often supported by others you and others are not comparable, a little awake not everyone can be like them Access to upscale clubs all day long, they raise money to help people, and then people earn money you do not have the economic power can not be done! The kind of people who purely play good face, run out of money and ask the family to want, or to borrow, can not borrow this kind of person, really good to think about the future, or regret the whole life. Think of parents old people who keep it? How to do? How do you deal with when you die? Cherish what you have at the moment. Even if not for their own family should think about it! There are still 30-year-old friends around what they should be clear, pure people just do not have a true friend. Way out is to find their other half, down to stabilize the first home and then find money, because there is no diploma there is no perfect technology so can only find a job down to life, but the parents got married. Often go home and see their parents do filial piety, everyone in the world has its own truth, who is not fabricated.

3. Doing business and doing business is not the same two different things, doing business, business who do not carry accounts? Moreover, only 40w!

Doing business is the way out as long as you think there is room for appreciation worth the work, exercise caution, everything has to pay will have a return, the goal of a dream will certainly be realized, but the setbacks on the road of dreams, if you choose this The right way then there must be a huge profit.

If it is business, in order to make money instead of doing business then you have more problems because they have no culture and no money, then you go to study more to learn management and operation, do a good job of market research, not like no head Flies like a blind hit. Without that talent you learn more, and more exchanges with the industry, the first to do a little slow, even if noodle shop also depends on the location of the environment, right? Will not want to run, such a big man fell did not pull someone.

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