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At the age of 30, I have a debt of 400,000 yuan. Is there a chance to turn over in this life?

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: JA

A friend is now 30 years old and has lost 400,000 debts because he was not sensible. He is working in a state-owned enterprise, and he is not willing to be mediocre. At least he is now planning his own future, studying food to sell, taking a variety of sideline businesses, and wanting to start a business. Do you think he is likely to turn over?

30 years old, still have no deposits and still have 40w. For me, it is nothing more than three points: 1 gambling, 2 long-term access to the clubhouse, can not withstand the temptation, good face feels that they are no different from others, so they play short of money. 3 Doing business, failing to do business or more serious.


If you want to turn over the above three points, it is not impossible.

  1. For those who have a conscience to consider the family, the first thing is to quit gambling!Of course, if there is no conscience, then it will certainly not care about the family and ask for the future! Strictly control yourself, don't contact or let gamblers find you, it's not a good thing to be together, no one else's embarrassment. You can realize the danger of gambling.

The only thing to do is to leave the table, do something meaningful, no longer have big money, two points and one line, listen to the opinions of the family, after all, you will not be whole, and you will be successful if you are healthy and cheerful!

  2. If you want to be greedy, then you have to think about it.After all, the 30-year-old person, for the bottom family, is planning to work outside to earn money from the beginning of junior high school, but can not afford the real temptation to save money and take the account, then you have to think about it. ! Because you have no background, why do you want to be superior? There is no rich jealousy. Why do you spend a lot of time outside? Any conscience can understand.

The opportunity to turn over is to let others spit out what you eat. Some people take accounts to squander and go out to spend a lot of money to gather a specific network, so that it can be recovered in the future. These people are often supported by others and you are not comparable to others. Sober, not everyone can be like them. Going out to the high-end clubhouse all day long, they raise money with money, and then make money with others. You can't do it without economic strength! The kind of person who is purely greedy and good-faced. When the money is used up, he still asks the family to ask for it. If you don’t borrow it, you can’t borrow the kind of person who is lending. You really have to think about the future, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life. Think about parents and relatives, who is old? What should I do if I am sick? How do you face when you die? Cherish what you have at the moment. Even if you don't think about yourself, you should think about your family! There is also a 30-year-old who knows what his friends should be. There is no real friend around the purely greedy person. The way out is to find the other half of yourself. If you don’t have a diploma and don’t have a hard skill, you can only find a job to get down to work, and get married and have a parent. I often go home to see my parents doing their filial piety. Everyone in the world has its own reason. No one is made up.

3. Doing business and doing business is not the same as two things. Who does business without doing business? Only 40w!

To make a career is to let go of your hands and feet as long as you think that there is value in the appreciation space. Be cautious in your actions. Everything will pay for it. If you have a goal, you will realize it. It’s just a frustration on the road of dreams. If you choose this If the road is correct, then there must be great benefits in the future.

If you are doing business, in order to make money instead of doing business, then you have more problems because you have no culture and no money, then you should go to study and manage and operate, do a good job in market research, not like no head. Like a fly, a slap in the face. If you don't have that talent, you should learn more and communicate with people in the industry. Let's start with small ones. Even if you open the noodle restaurant, you should look at the environmental location. I don’t want to run it. If such a big person falls, no one will pull you.

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