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Is your "ant borrowing" closed? If you don't pay back, you can't!

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Southern Metropolis Daily         Author: Southern Metropolis Daily

Recently, many netizens found that their "ant borrowed" was quietly closed - the ant borrowed the account was suddenly closed without giving a reason and without prior notice.

The media said that the ants actively shut down some user accounts to control the loan balance.

According to Shanghai TV, the Alipay's small loan product ants borrowed or relied on excessive leverage and violated the relevant regulations of the central bank, and actively closed some user accounts to control the loan balance. The ants borrowed through ABS (asset securitization) and other means, the leverage has been close to 80 times, and the leverage rate is only about 2.3 times when the ants borrowed the registration place.

Alipay: Some users are cleared or reduced.

To this end, the reporter contact Alipay officially, the relevant person in charge told Mr. Xu that as a consumer credit product, ants will dynamically adjust the qualifications and quotas of users based on user usage and credit behavior. "Some users are retired or reduced in terms of quota; or some users are allowed to enter or increase the amount, which is normal." And the relevant reports on the ants borrowed, he thinks it is not true.

The ant borrowing is a loan service for personal consumption launched by Ants Jinfu's Chongqing Ants Small Loan Co., Ltd. The current application threshold is sesame in 600 or more. According to the difference of the scores, the amount of loan that the user can apply for varies, and the interest is paid on a daily basis.


There are also netizens who are "intimate" to reply, even though they are closed, there is a big money repayment...


This time, the ants borrowed and shut down, which also affected many netizens. In addition to some accounts being closed, some netizens said that their quotas have risen and they are confused.

Some netizens joked that they still have arrears in the ants borrowing money. If they are closed, can they not be used?

Some netizens said funnyly, the dream should wake up, and not paying back will affect personal credit.


Netizen "ya_pppei" told reporters that now she can only pay back and can't borrow money. "It was only two days ago that I found out that the account had been closed when I had to pay back, only the entrance to the money," she said. She said that she was also very confused. Her quota was 5,000. She only borrowed once, 700 yuan, and each time she still paid 100 yuan. It was not overdue, and she was afraid of affecting her personal credit. She saw the relevant report and left a message, but she did not know why she closed her account. "I don't know if it violates the relevant regulations. I guess it is a new year to recalculate the credit value and then allocate the amount according to the credit value."

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