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Your "ants by chant" was closed it? Do not pay back the money!

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Southern Metropolis Daily         Author: Southern Metropolis Daily

Recently, many netizens found that their "ants by the chant" was quietly shut down - did not give a reason did not give notice in advance, the ants by chanting account was suddenly closed.

The media said the ants to take the initiative to close some of the user account, to control the balance of loans

According to the Shanghai TV Station, Alipay's small-a-lending ants lend chants or because of excessive leverage and violate the relevant regulatory requirements of the central bank, and voluntarily shut down some user accounts to control lending balances. Ants by chanting through the ABS (asset securitization) and other means, the leverage has been close to 80 times, while the ants to borrow registration, leverage is only about 2.3 times.

Alipay: Some users are retreating or reducing the amount are normal adjustment

To this end, the reporter contacted Alipay official for the first time, the relevant responsible person Mr. Xu told the Southern reporter, as a consumer credit products, ants borrowing chant based on user usage and credit behavior, the user's qualifications and the amount of dynamic adjustment. "It's normal for some users to be dismissed or reduced, or some users have been allowed in or raised their quotas."

Ants by the chanting is the ant gold service under the auspices of ants in Chongqing Small Loans Co., Ltd. introduced a loan for personal consumption services, the current threshold of sesame application is more than 600 points. In accordance with the different scores, users can apply for a range of loans, with the loan, according to the days of interest.


There are netizens "caring" reply, despite the closure, there is a big money back ...


The ants by the chanting of the closure, but also affect many users, in addition to some accounts are closed, there are users that their quota has risen, confused.

Some netizens joking, they are still ants by arrears arrears, if off, is it right?

There are netizens funny that the dream woke up, do not repay the money will affect personal credit.


Netizen "ya_pppei" told reporters that now she can only pay back the money, can not borrow money. "I found out the other two days ago that when I had to pay back the money, I found that the account had been closed and only the entrance was returned," she said. She said he was also very puzzled, his quota is 5000, only once, 700, each time also 100 dollars, no overdue, afraid of affecting their personal credit. She saw the report, left a comment, but did not know why she closed her account. "I do not know if it violated the rule. I guess it is the new year that recalculates the credit, and then the credits are distributed."

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