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Fun loans, what kind of loans, is the real loan?

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Kyrgyzstan House Shenzhen Station         Author: Kat House Network Shenzhen station

When it comes to lending, many people who have bought a room should have experienced it. And of these, is it most appropriate for them to know how to lend? Today I talk about smart people's loan it! Maybe lending you to earn money, every day a dream laugh.


The longer the loan, the better for the lender, and why?

If you loan the money, then you will have to pay a fixed amount every month. Many people ask me, the longer I loan, the more interest is not? Then you have to repay the principal and interest is not much? I can tell you, NO! NO! NO! You think about it, in our country at this stage, has always been inflation, the value of the currency has been depreciating, maybe you now have a 3,000 yuan salary, but to thirty-fifty Year, your 3,000 yuan, may only be enough to buy 1,500 yuan of things, and even 1,500 yuan of things can not buy, because of the existence of devaluation of this thing, so you convert, be earned.

The longer the loan, it is also a good thing for the lender, why?

We borrow 500,000 to buy a house with a price, A also 10 years, B also 20 years, and C also 30 years, the same number of loans, but also different time, and then calculate the monthly payment of money > B> C For the people who borrow, the monthly payment is less, which is to reduce the pressure on loans, but also ease the pressure on the funds in life, plus the number is fixed, after a few years, should not it be easier to pay back? ?

However, although I do not advocate early repayment, some people who have capital will insist on paying off in advance, and I can not stop it. However, if you really do this, I can give you some advice.

Normally, if you want to prepay, it is best not to exceed one-third of the loan term because repayments are usually interest-bearing, and if you exceed one-third of the loan period, your prepayment becomes Not so cost-effective. If you are lending 10 years, advance should be in the first 3 years, 30 years should be in the first 10 years.

For people who buy a house, every month apart from the mortgage, there is no money, if the longer time, then they can still reduce a little each month, and then the remaining can be saved up in advance to prepare use.

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