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Fun loans, how loans, is the real loan?

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Shenzhen Jiwu Website         Author: Kat House Network Shenzhen station

When it comes to loans, many people who have bought a house should have experienced it. Among these people, whether they know how to make a loan is the most suitable for themselves? Today, I will talk about smart people's loan method! Maybe the loan will be made to you, and you will laugh every day.


The longer the loan, the better it is for the lender. Why?

If you donate money, then you almost have to pay a fixed amount every month. Many people ask me, the longer the loan, the more the interest is. Isn't the principal and interest to return more? I can tell you, NO! NO! NO! You think about it. At this stage in our country, it has always been inflation. The value of the currency has been devaluing. Maybe you are now holding a wage of 3,000 yuan, but it will be three to fifty. In years, your 3,000 yuan may only be enough to buy 1,500 yuan, and even 1,500 yuan can't be bought because there is a devaluation thing, so if you convert it, you can make a profit.

The longer the loan term is, it is also a good thing for the lenders. Why?

The price we all loaned 500,000 to buy a house, A is still 10 years, B is still 20 years, and C is also 30 years, the same number of loans, but also the time is different, and then calculate it, every month to pay back a > B> C. For those who are lending, the lack of monthly payments means that the pressure on loans is reduced and the pressure on funds in life is relieved. In addition, the number of loans is fixed. After a few years, shouldn't it be easier to return? ?

However, although I do not advocate early repayment, some people who have capital insist on paying off early. I can't stop it, but if you do, I can give you a suggestion.

In general, if you want to repay early, it's best not to exceed one-third of the loan term because repayments usually pay interest first. If you exceed one-third of the loan term, then your early repayment becomes Not so cost-effective. If you loan for 10 years, you should be in the first 3 years in advance and 30 years should be in the first 10 years.

For those who buy a house, after every month, in addition to the mortgage, there is no money. If the time is still longer, then they can reduce the amount of each month, and then the remaining can be saved in advance to guard against use.

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