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Banks and small loans have borrowed a total of 500,000, and now they can't repay. What should I do?

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: JA

One principle is that you have to pay back debts, and you can’t afford it. It’s sad to see you in this situation. Life is likely to go downhill. I am not serious about it. The movie is estimated to be quite a lot.

  There are two kinds of credit loans and mortgage loans in bank loans.Bank interest rates are relatively low, and loans can be made a little more. The problem of non-payment is very serious. Use the law, you are old. Dealing with Lai believes that you have read the news, I will not go into details. Real estate and other assets include freezing bank cards, you can't open new cards, and you can't get out. The letter of taint can not go with you, and now it is a credit society. It will be strengthened in the future, and no one will deal with you.


Small loans are suitable for short-term use, and the amount of money used is not large. Because the high interest rate and high risk can indeed solve many problems. This is called the urgent need to solve the problem. If the amount of borrowing is large and the time is long, it is not enough, and it may be bankrupt. Time is money, and small loan companies rely on these money to turn around. As long as the national legal interest rate is 4 times higher than the national legal interest rate, it is not protected I don't know if your agreed interest rate is more than the legal rate. The four times interest rate is also very high. I don't think you can afford it four times. Small loans within four times take two means of dunning, legal means and their own means.

  More than four times the state does not protect, does not mean illegal.You borrowed money to show that you have an agreement, that is, there is an agreement, you are eager to use the money, the value of this money is very high, just like eating a steamed bun, one person is full, and then a more gimmick. A man is going to starve to death, and a girl saved his life. This is the marginal utility of economics. Small loan companies are not charities.

Therefore, the money owed must be paid off. If the person is not there, the bank’s money may not be repaid, if you have not left the assets. Small loan companies can't. They also have a lot of means.

I don't know what you thought when you borrowed money. You didn't say it, I was guessing. It is possible to say that one is not enough to buy a house, the first payment for a small loan, the bank mortgage, the total price of the house is tentatively set at 550,000, and the first payment is 165,000.

It is not a wise move for a small loan company to make a real estate speculation. The money can only be used for a few days. If you return it on a monthly basis, it will soon be doubled. It is not possible to put two houses in. Before you borrow money, think about the repayment ability and leave room for it. Otherwise, you must have a broken family, be careful! This thing is more than gambling, the end of gambling is over, that thing is a hole, a growing hole.

The only way to find a way to raise money.

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