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Landing ventures want loans, how to get the first start-up capital in life?

Time: 2018-01-12         Source: Xiao Meng wallet         Author: Xiao-meng wallet

Many younger brothers, even though they were relaxed after the debt had been landed, caused huge losses for the family. So many people have the idea of ​​starting a business, the problem is that entrepreneurship is a good idea, but money is still the first business start! How can we convert the loans that have brought us to our own pain into the start-up support on our own wealth?

Unlike online microfinance loans, loans for large-scale venture capitals have another set of internal logic. Xiaobian today analyzed the loan knowledge for friends who want to start a loan business:

If you want to make a loan of 200,000 yuan to open a restaurant, then from the point of view of the loan's properties, it belongs to:Loans! Whether you borrow money from banks, financial institutions, or online platforms, how much you can borrow depends on how your personal qualifications are, Good credit quality can choose credit loans; poor qualifications, assets can also choose a mortgage loan.


Let's talk about mortgage loans:

Many people who do not understand the loan think that there are collaterals (property, cars, etc.) in the hands that can make money out of the bank, or cash out. This is a big misunderstanding. Modern banks are not pawn shops and banks always value The borrower's first repayment source!

  Mortgages only serve as a guarantee measure that allows banks to reduce the probability of risk.In the eyes of the borrower, it's hard to break the jar, and the collateral is taken out. At the bank, a business from lending to the end of processing the collateral indicates that bad loans have already occurred. The bank's non-performing loan ratio will increase, the account manager will be blamed, and the branch will be embarrassing at the head office. And most banks are more cautious about borrowing investments because the risks are too unknown, especially for individual loans. So even if you have a car and a house to start a business with a bank loan, it's not too hard!


Recall credit loan:

Many credit lenders who have not used microloans often have misunderstandings. They have not owed any money. No disciplinary action is good credit. In fact, credit is also graded. If you want to borrow one or two thousand, as long as the credit information is good, it is easy to borrow on various kinds of APP. However, if you borrow more than 200,000, you must meet the following conditions: have a stable job and work Nature, good work unit, stable income proof, sufficient water flow, high income, good credit record, low debt ratio, etc. Credit loan is a comprehensive assessment, and borrowing money is not as simple as everyone thinks. This is especially true for large credit loans.

So if it is so difficult for the banks to borrow money, will they not continue their business and continue to carry it?

No, if you are full of confidence in your investment business and you are determined, consider ways:

If there are collaterals, the big banks may not transfer loans to small banks or financial lending companies. They compare several companies and choose according to their own needs.

If you take a credit loan, you can choose a secured loan, or you can choose to apply for a credit card or find a financial company. Loans must find formal institutions. It is impossible to find a reliable financial intermediary to save a lot of trouble!

In addition, if it is considered that corporate registration and taxation costs are high and self-employed entrepreneurs are wanted, the subsequent operating cash requirements are not large, but they are frequent and chaotic. Although as a business owner, you have a good income, you can often spend credit card. However, because income is not stable and there is no work unit, banks often refuse to apply for a card due to risk considerations. So if you are a self-employed entrepreneur, how can you apply for a credit card quickly?

Provide sufficient card materials

Under normal circumstances, the information required for office workers to apply for a credit card includes:Personal identification, proof of work, and certain proof of property, including bank liquidity and wages.

Self-employed individuals who apply for a credit card can only provide proof of identity and property and cannot provide proof of work. This needs to prove that they have a stable source of income. The specific method can provide half a year's bank flow. In addition, you can also organize your own property certificates, including stocks, funds, financial products, etc. that you have invested in. You can even provide your own property, vehicle and other property certificates.

Apply for a business bank and select the appropriate card type

Applying for the same bank credit card to which your frequently used business account belongs can greatly increase the success rate. Some banks only need to submit a credit card application form and identification materials, and the asset certification bank will check and provide it on its own.

In addition, prior to applying for a card, as soon as possible, first deposit some funds at the bank to do so, which can also improve the probability and amount of card application. In this way, when the bank audits, it will automatically find out the deposits of the applicant in the bank, and it will classify you as a high-quality customer, so as to carry out the next card.

Try to apply at offline outlets

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, network cards are more convenient and faster, and you can apply for your favorite cards without leaving your home. However, because of the need to fill in a fixed unit work address when applying online, individual businesses cannot provide it accurately. The lack of an important basis for auditing depends on whether or not the card is successful. Therefore, when individual merchants are advised to apply for a credit card, they must select the nearest city network to apply, prepare the above materials, and increase the probability of approval.

Today's business-related loans are related to sharing. For those who have problems with loans during the startup period, you can leave a message in the comment area. Landing is not the end, raising the family to support a genius is the goal! I wish you all a prosperous business and ample financial resources.

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