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Have you been dubbed by the ant flower?

Time: 2018-01-15         Source: Wukong Q & A         Author: Rural New Vision

Hello, we have to be a creditable person, try not to default on borrowing or other borrowing money, which is conducive to the growth of our credit.


If you are using it or overdraft, you must consider it clearly. We have the ability to pay off within the specified time. If it doesn't work, then don't let it go, otherwise it will be bad if it is in arrears.

First, the extra interest is generated. The principal we borrowed was already enough. It is even more burdensome to generate interest.

Second, if the deadline is not returned, then the other party will definitely come to collect the money. Even the other party will entrust a third party to collect the money. After all, it is a matter of course.

Third, after the overdue period, the score of the credit system will decline. If you want to use it later, it will definitely not work. So try to make it as early as possible without overdue, otherwise you will lose yourself.

The above points hope to help everyone, after all, we personally have no way to confront the Internet. In the future, life will be connected, so the credit system will become very important in the future!

If you owe Alipay money, I advise you to return it as soon as possible. Don't drag it, otherwise your future life will be even more sad!

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