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Second batch under the card under the real weapons: how deep the water of social security
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Social security and credit cards, loans related?

Social security and credit cards, loans related? In fact, the relationship between the big sister card today to talk about some of the key issues in social security.

The so-called social security, which is what we commonly refer to as "five insurance and one gold", is a kind of social security system established by the state. The specific five-insurance refers to the basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and unemployment Insurance, maternity insurance. Social security, these five aspects of a little protection. Frankly, what you can use is Medicare, but Card Sister has not been to the hospital for several years.

Social security how to pay yourself?

Insurance on their own, take the normal channels can be on the three insurance (pension, medical, unemployment), looking for agents can be on the five insurance a gold. However, feeling a little awkward, pay their own social security, too disadvantageous. If it is for the next card or under the loan, it is better to try all kinds of payment of social security, online search search, pay attention to identify liar.

Social security base water is too deep

"Social Security contribution base" referred to as "social security base." This is a lot of banks and lending institutions under the card under an important reference amount of data, the same is the monthly income of 5,000 yuan, the company gives you the lowest social security base pay and the actual wage payment, the striking difference.

For example, in a certain year, the average monthly wage of workers in Beijing is 6,463 yuan. If your monthly salary is less than 6463 × 40% = 2,585.2 yuan, the contribution base of pension insurance and unemployment insurance will be calculated according to 2585.2 yuan. If your month Wages above 6463 × 3 = 19092 yuan, then the base payment in accordance with 19092 yuan, if your monthly salary between the two, according to personal wages.

For those who pay 2585 and 19092 yuan a month, the company generally has two operations. One is based on actual wages calculated payment. One is the very low base pay bill, according to the lowest standard to pay, which is a major business costs, which means that your boss can save more money. Because, the business pay a lot of parts. Let's look at the chart Wages in Shanghai, 5,000 yuan, the company needs to give each employee more than 2100 more than 2100 social security each month.

According to the lowest base, for individuals, on the one hand to hand wages will be more, but more loss:

First, the lower the payment, the less pension you receive;

Second, less payment of the provident fund, individuals and units paid to pay part of the housing provident fund accounts, which are owned by staff of all the money, the unit less pay how much you how much loss;

Finally, judging by the banks, if they do not pay social security according to the actual wages of their employees, they will be considered as companies that are not well-run and will naturally control the credit limit and the loan limit.

In all fairness, according to the full payment of social security, is a conscience company.

Personal social security inquiry method

Social Security Center inquiries: to bring ID card to the insurance area where the social security center inquiries.

Telephone consultation: Call the labor security comprehensive service telephone "12333" for policy advice and information inquiry.

Internet access: visit the city's social security service network or social insurance business website, click the "personal social security information query" window, enter my ID card and password (such as Qingdao's password is your social security number), you can check my insured information.

To Beijing as an example: Social Security launched a social security APP, concerned about the WeChat public number: Beijing Social Security Center, the Internet can check. By social security card number, computer number, ID number, phone number and other information registered account password, with the ID number and password to enter the social security system inquiries.

Under the Social Security card under the next multi-card, as long as your credit is not bad, the next card that is a matter of minutes, do not say anything else, pay is social security are second batch.

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