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Bank borrowing money is not easy to borrow, why can I borrow money with my mobile phone number?

Time: 2018-01-15         Source: Wukong Q & A         Author: The second element of the devil

Why do some platforms borrow money with their mobile phone numbers? I have the following opinions!

It has been difficult for banks to borrow money all the time. This is well known. Because banks, as such a large financial institution, must consider both lending and income, as well as the risk of lending. If you do not have any credit, any mortgage, the bank lends to you a lot of risk, once the bank bank gives you money, you do not have the bank's money, for the bank, the bank is not Willing to take on this risk.


Then why are some small loan companies or online lending platforms willing to lend you money? There is only one reason for them to be willing to do so, that is, profit, that is, money. These small loan companies do a risk assessment every year. Every year, they have a lot of bad debts to make predictions. That is to say, how much money is not collected every year, they have already recognized.

There are many people who don't understand. If so, how do these small loan companies make money? The answer is interest. Companies of this type generally have higher interest rates than banks, and liquidated damages are also very horrible. Such profits are enough to make up for the money that cannot be recovered every year.

So, summed up, there are no platforms that can make money with the phone number, the answer is profit. Is the platform for Alipay, Pratt & Whitney, and Microfinance? The answer is yes. Although Ma Yun said how to make people's welfare for the sake of the sky, we must know that not only Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, but also the borrowers of Alipay and the flowers of Ma Yun have earned a lot of money.

Of course, I have to admit that some platforms are still very conscience. The daily interest rate is generally between 0.3% and 0.5%. The next paragraph is fast and the amount is high. If you can't borrow money at the bank, they are really good choices.

So all things can't be separated from a "profit" word, whether it is a bank or these online lending platforms and institutions, when you get the money in their hands, don't thank them, because you have already paid interest.

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