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Want to buy insurance for parents over the age of 50, how should I choose?

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They are all configured, but also want to buy insurance for parents, what to buy?

Before the list of insurance to share, we are very enthusiastic response, point praise is particularly high.

However, we also found that there was a type of high-frequency message that said: "They are all configured and want to buy insurance for their parents. What should they buy?"

Last week, I did my parents' support plan for my friends.50-year-old two elderly people, configure 500,000 accident insurance +3 million reimbursement of the amount of medical insurance, add up to a year's total premium will be about 2,500 yuan.

Not much money spent, but also to make our a filial piety. We talk about it in detail.

Before the specific introduction, give you a parental protection list. In this order, we improve the protection for our parents step by step.

01 to buy insurance for their parents, do not ignore these two premises

The first thing to do for parents: pay health insurance

We have said many times that social health insurance is the most basic and cost-effective guarantee for our family. The same is true for parents.

If your parents do not have health insurance yet, you can call 12333 and consult your local Social Insurance Administration. Whether it is residents Medicare, or NRCMS are.

2 concerned about cost-effective, select the necessary, cost-effective commercial insurance

Some friends are very worried about their parents' protection, bought a lot of long-term insurance, or even life insurance, a year to pay tens of thousands of premiums, a lot of pressure.

In fact, the older parents, and then buy a large amount of long-term serious illness and life insurance, the protection effect is not obvious, and even higher than the premium may occur.

For example, a section of cost is not bad, serious illness insurance:

To buy a 55-year-old, the maximum can only buy 100,000 insurance coverage. Paul to 70 years old, even pay 15 years, the total premium on more than 200,000 yuan.

Perhaps in the first few years of paying premiums, there was still a relatively high level of protection leverage. However, the more it went, the more expensive it was.

For the older generation of parents, what kind of insurance is suitable for them?

02 to parents of commercial insurance, what are the suitable choice?

1 comprehensive accident insurance: all need to be configured

Older people have a weaker physique, and the risks of sprains, falls and fractures are also on the rise. There is a great need to configure an accident insurance policy for parents: they pay mainly for accidental death / disability.

In the market, many adult accident insurance can be guaranteed to 65 years old. And if parents have exceeded this age, there are also special elderly accident insurance can be configured, and some products can be guaranteed to the age of 85 ultra-high age.

The price is not expensive, usually pay two or three hundred a year, you can trade in exchange for the protection of 100,000, more cost-effective.

2 medical insurance: to protect as much as possible to protect

Generally suitable for parents under the age of 60, healthy body configuration

If parents are in good health, under the age of 60, you can also consider the deployment of commercial medical insurance, used to reimburse medical expenses outside health insurance.

For example, 55-year-olds, to buy a certain type of medical insurance, pay 1066 yuan per year, you can get 3 million reimbursement protection, not limited to social security both inside and outside.

However, health insurance requirements are relatively high. Like "2 above hypertension, diabetes," the elderly high incidence of diseases, are generally not insured. Before you insure for your parents, you should tell you something about your health.

* Health notification for a million medical insurance

3 cancer prevention: icing on the cake

Suitable for parents focused on cancer protection

Cancer is the most prevalent disease, accounting for over 50% of claims by insurance companies. Therefore, the market, there are also cancer-specific cancer prevention programs introduced: the contract of cancer, one-time payment of insured amount.

Compared with common serious illness, cancer prevention insurance only protects cancer, the price is lower. Select short-term insurance, the annual premium will be cheaper.

For example, to 55-year-olds to buy some short-term cancer prevention, cancer insurance amount of 100,000 yuan, one year premium is only 500 yuan.

03 to parents full protection, not necessarily rely solely on insurance

You may have noticed that we can not give enough protection to our parents just by insurance. Want more comprehensive protection for parents, we have more to do other aspects of preparation.

Savings, too, are the last word

If the overall count, the protection of parents is not enough. Then we need to do some special savings in advance with our parents.

For example, if you want to set aside $ 300,000 for your parents in 10 years to prevent the disease risk. That can save 30,000 yuan each year, and with some steady current, regular products to invest. While maintaining the value, but also relatively easy to cash.

If you have the ability, you can also prepare more for the health care, rehabilitation costs.

It is also important to have regular physical exams for parents

Many diseases, the earlier discovered, the better treatment. Not only parents, young people also have to pay attention.

Now many large medical centers, have different medical packages, according to their parents' physical condition and budget to choose from. If the family has a past medical history, or relatives have high incidence of disease, you can also consult the doctor, add some inspection items.

In addition, encourage parents to go out to make friends, exercise, are good ways to regain health.

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