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2018 credit card new rules! The card family is careful! Bank action, mandatory freeze card
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"How was my bank card disabled?"

"How was my bank card disabled?"

After Lao Wang’s phone calls one by one, I finally confirmed a sad reminder that many banks are suspending credit cards in large numbers.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has given this sales card a code name called “Double Zero Card”. Our dear little trick, also released some personal accounts for account cancellation earlier this year. These policies are aimed at the "dormant card" policy, which is relatively peaceful.

ICBC, CCB, China Merchants Bank, etc. started the GPS location of the card! Credit card large area card!

In the face of fake card theft and POS card chaos, the bank has also launched new measures! At present, all aspects of the information show that ICBC first announced the opening of credit card swipe GPS positioning!

6 hands brush a few big chickens, hard brush, the results are all in the same position, mad at the card friend Xiao Wang, these months even the temporary amount is gone, the stage has also been done, are thousands of Ten thousand brushes, how can there be no temporary, previously 0.38 have temporary, should not!

In the face of fake card theft and POS card chaos, the bank has also launched new measures! At present, all aspects of the information show that ICBC, CCB, and China Merchants Bank have opened credit card swipe GPS positioning!

Handling "sleep card" for multiple banks

Many citizens can easily find several bank cards that have not been used for a long time by flipping through the drawers at home. These debit cards and credit cards, which banks call "sleep cards," are likely to have been deactivated by banks without your knowledge.

The “double zero card” defined by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank refers to the bank balance of deposit balance and accrued and unpaid interest. Any bank card that has opened the bank's wealth management product purchase, fund, third-party depository, foreign exchange treasure, collection and payment, personal loan repayment and other business functions is not within the scope of this “upgrade”.

China Merchants Bank also released some personal accounts for account cancellation earlier this year. Other commercial banks, including the four major banks, have already issued regulations on the sale of “sleep cards”.

If the bank card has no money in the long-term card and there is no other incidental business, it is likely to be sold out, and the user is generally not notified when the account is closed.

Of course, if your bank card is deactivated by the bank, it is not difficult to get back to use. Just carry the debit card and the cardholder's personal valid ID card to the outlet counter for re-enablement, no need to pay any fees.

"The huge number of 'sleep cards' is a great waste of the resources of the banking system, and it also has hidden dangers for users to be stolen and leaked personal information." For the reason why banks handle "sleep cards", there are insiders. Said.

What does the card purchase consume to get location information:

1. Comparison of the positions of online/offline transactions of cardholders

For the payment link, the financial institution compares the location of the transaction with the real position of the customer through a payment security platform, and conducts risk control in the bank anti-fraud system.

2. The cardholder dials the bank customer service phone number, and the bank customer service personnel can further provide the cardholder with financial value-added services around.

3. Manage the regional use of POS machines of financial merchants, and over-range or abnormal use will be restricted.

4. Provide location information inquiry service for bank mobile phone clients.

5. Provide the bank with the authenticity identification service of the cardholder information.

What is the impact of credit card freeze on credit history?

If the credit card is frozen, it does not mean that the credit card is overdue, unless it is due to the freezing of the credit card due to overdue payment. Credit card freezing is only a temporary status, but if it is frozen just before the bill is issued, it will be displayed on the credit report. There is an impact on the application for a credit card, and there is no impact after the subsequent thawing.

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