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2018 Credit Card New Rules! Cardholders are careful! Bank action, forced freezing of cards
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"My bank card, how was it disabled?"

"My bank card, how was it disabled?"

After one call and one after another, Lao Wang called for a sad reminder. Many banks are blocking credit cards.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank took a codenamed “Dual Zero Card” for this sales card. Our dear little trick also announced the cancellation of some personal accounts earlier this year. These policies are based on the "dormant card" policy and are fairly peaceful.

ICBC, CCB, China Merchants Bank, etc. start credit card GPS positioning! Large area card credit card!

In the face of false card theft and POS credit card mess, the bank has also launched new measures one after another! At present, all aspects of information show that ICBC first announced the opening of credit card credit card GPS positioning!

6 hands brush a few big chickens, brush hard, the results are all in the same location, mad death card friends Xiaowang, and even these months have not even the temporary limit, the staging also done, are several thousand 10,000 brush, how can there be no temporary, before all 0.38 have a temporary, should not be ah!

In the face of false card theft and POS credit card mess, the bank has also launched new measures one after another! Fundamentally all aspects of information show that ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank opened credit card credit card GPS positioning!

Handling "Sleep Card" Multiple Banking Rules

Many people will look through the drawers of their homes and they will find several bank cards that have not been used for a long time. These debit cards and credit cards, which the bank calls "sleeping cards," may have been deactivated by the bank without your knowledge.

The "double zero card" defined by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank refers to the balance of deposits and bank cards with accrued and non-accounted interest equal to zero. The bank cards that have opened business functions such as purchase of wealth management products, funds, third-party custody, foreign exchange treasure, collection and payment, and personal loan repayment have not been included in this "upgrade".

China Merchants Bank also announced the cancellation of some personal accounts earlier this year. Other commercial banks, including the Big Four, have already issued relevant regulations for "sleep card" cancellation.

If the bank card has no money in the long-term card, and there is no other incidental business, it is very likely that the bank card will be cancelled and the user will not be notified when the bank card is cancelled.

Of course, if your bank card is deactivated by the bank, it is not difficult to restore it. As long as the debit card and the cardholder's personal valid ID certificate are brought to the counter to re-enable it, no cost will be incurred.

"The huge number of 'sleeping cards' is a huge waste of resources for the banking system, and it also has hidden dangers for users to be stolen and personal information leaked." For the bank to deal with the "sleep card", there are insiders like this Indicated.

What does it cost to get credit card location information:

1, Cardholder online / offline trading position comparison

For the payment link, the financial institution compares the position of the transaction with the actual position of the customer through the payment security platform and performs risk control in the bank anti-fraud system.

2. The cardholder dials the bank's customer service phone, and the bank's customer service staff can further provide cardholders with peripheral financial value-added services.

3. Manage the use of POS machines for financial merchants in a regionalized manner, and the use of ultra-range or abnormal use will be limited.

4. Provide location information inquiry service for bank mobile client.

5. Provide banks with authenticity identification services for cardholder information.

How does a credit card freeze affect credit records?

The fact that a credit card has been frozen does not mean that the credit card is overdue, unless the credit card is overdue because of overdue payments. A credit card freeze is only a temporary state, but if it is frozen just before the bill is issued, this record will be displayed on the credit report. There was an impact on applying for a credit card and there was no impact after the thawing.

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