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2018 new rules of credit cards! Beware of card holders! Bank action, forced freeze card
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"My bank card was deactivated."

"My bank card was deactivated."

After Pharaoh calls one after another hit, and finally confirmed a sad reminder of things, a number of banks are a large number of credit card closure.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to the sales card took a code-named "double zero card", our dear little trick, also released earlier this year for some personal account sales account processing. These policies are for the "dormant card" policy, but also more peace.

ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank and other start GPS positioning card! Credit card seal a large area!

The face of pseudo-card fraud and POS credit card chaos, banks have also started a new measure! At present, all aspects of the current information shows that ICBC first announced the opening of a credit card swipe GPS positioning!

6 hand brush a few big chickens, hard brush, the results are all the same position, angry card kings Wang, and these months even the temporary amount is gone, staging has done, are a few thousand Million brush, how it will not be temporary, before all 0.38 are temporary, should not ah!

The face of pseudo-card fraud and POS credit card chaos, banks have also started a new measure! Fundamentally present all aspects of information display, ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank opened a credit card swipe GPS positioning!

Handling "sleep card" a number of banks out of the rules

Many people casually flip home drawers, you can find several long used bank card. And these debit cards, credit cards, which banks call "sleep cards," are likely to have been suspended by the bank without your knowledge.

The definition of "double zero card" by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank refers to the bank card whose deposit balance and accruals are zero and whose interest is zero. Where the bank has opened the line of financial products to buy, fund, third-party depository, foreign exchange treasure, collection and payment, personal loan repayment and other business functions of the bank card is not within the scope of this "upgrade."

China Merchants Bank also announced the sale of some personal accounts earlier this year. Other commercial banks, including the four major banks, have already released the relevant regulations on "sleeping card" cancellation.

If the bank card has no money in the long-term card, and no other incidental business, it is likely to be sold off, and the sales account generally will not notify the user.

Of course, if your bank card is disabled by the bank, it is not difficult to resume using it. As long as carrying the debit card and the cardholder's personal valid ID card to the counter counter to re-enable the process on the line, at no cost.

"The huge number of 'sleeping cards' is a tremendous waste of resources for the banking system, and there are potential risks for users to be stolen and personal information is leaked." There are internal reasons why banks deal with "sleeping cards" Said.

Credit card spending for location information to bring:

1, cardholder online / offline transaction location comparison

For the payment link, the financial institution compares the location of the transaction with the true position of the customer through the payment security platform to control the risk in the bank anti-fraud system.

2, the cardholder dial customer service telephone bank, bank customer service staff can further provide the cardholder with financial services around the value.

3, the financial business POS machine regionalized use of management, beyond the scope of use or abnormal use will be limited.

4, for the bank mobile client to provide location information query service.

5, for the bank to provide cardholder information authenticity identification service.

Credit card freeze credit records have any effect?

Credit card is frozen does not mean that the credit card is overdue, unless it is due to credit card overdue payment due to freeze. A credit card freeze is a temporary condition, but if you freeze it just prior to billing, the record is displayed on the credit report. Affect the application for credit cards, after the subsequent thaw has no effect.

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