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Balance treasure and bank finance which is more secure? The probability of loss is very low

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Balance treasureAnd bank financial management are more secure financial products, young people useBalance treasureMany, older people with the bank more money, then in the end who is more secure?

Yu-Po over the influence of young users is very large, almost no one I do not know unknown, but also feel that the safest financial products under heaven is the balance of Ma's home treasure, but the banks are skeptical. In recent years, the frequent outbreak of deposits missing, financial loss cases, so that they think the bank is now a big cheat, but the bank's product threshold is too high, buy trouble, anyway, I will not buy.

Bank financial management is the elderly or more wealthy people will buy, after all, the minimum threshold of the purchase of 50,000 yuan, they will most of the money on the bank, that there is no longer a bank safe place. Conversely, such products for the balance of treasure that is not very safe, the Internet gives the impression that people do not fly.

It can be seen that there is a completely different picture of Yu Bao and bank financial management among different groups of people. So which one is more secure compared to the other? Financial 360 financial analysts believe that,Both belong to the lower risk level of financial products, are relatively safe, but more secure than what, to be insured and non-guaranteed financial management.

Bank financial management is divided into five risk levels, one for the capital protection, 2-5 are non-guaranteed financial management, most of which are at risk level 2. Financial 360 monitoring data show that the risk level of a financial products accounted for 30.24%, two financial products accounted for 58.75%, three financial products accounted for 10.83%, 4-5 financial products accounted for 0.18%.

Level 1 wealth management products are guaranteed, so there will be no loss situation; Level 2 wealth management products, although nominally non-guaranteed, but the probability of loss close to 0, excluding the floating income structured finance can achieve the expected benefits Probability up to 99%, 1-2 financial products accounted for nearly 90%.

Level 3 financial products are moderate risk, earnings volatility, the principal may be a loss, but the magnitude will not be too large, 4-5 financial products is very high risk, the equivalent of stock funds, index funds, you may get High yield, may also be a larger loss. Of course, most of this wealth management products are for sale to high-net-worth banks or private bank customers of ordinary banks.

In conclusion,90% of bank financial products is safe and reliable, there will be no loss.

Here to talk about the remaining treasure. The essence of Yuen Po is a money fund, which is a non-guaranteed financial instrument. Therefore, it is a possible loss fund and there have been losses in the history of the world. However,In the history of China, no single currency fund has ever suffered a loss.

  Yu-Po this monetary fund will also have a risk rating, and its rating belongs to level 1, That is to say, though nominally non-conservative, but equivalent to capital preservation.

In this way,Yu-Po and risk level 2 for the bank's financial management at a risk level.

Taken together, the conclusion is that the following product risks increase in turn:

  Bank Financials with a Risk Level of 1 <Yu Bopo and Bank Financials with a Risk Level of 2 <Banking Financials with a Risk Level of 3 - 5

Young people feel that banks are a big risk management is wrong, because most of the losses are not bank self-financing products, but the consignment funds or other financial management; seniors or conservatives feel the balance is not safe, Because it basically does not exist the possibility of loss.

Financial 360 financial analysts hope that we should not be limited to a certain kind of wealth management products, but also do not have prejudices on other wealth management products, but to learn the asset planning, the funds will be rationally allocated among different financial products.

There are three safe and profitable ways of managing money, attention: Financial 360 financial secret, reply "fly spectrum" view.

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