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Which is safer for Yu'ebao and bank finance? The probability of loss is extremely low

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Yu BaoAnd bank financial management are safer financial products, used by young peopleYu BaoMany, seniors use banks to manage more money, who is safer?

Yu'ebao has a very strong influence among young users. Almost no one knows no one, and feels that the safest financial products under the sun are Ma Yunjia's balance treasure, but they are skeptical about banks. In recent years, there have been frequent cases of deposit disappearances and financial losses, which made them feel that the bank is now a big bully, and that the bank’s product threshold is too high and the purchase is troublesome. I will not buy it anyway.

Bank financing is the purchase of seniors or wealthy people. After all, the minimum threshold for purchasing is 50,000 yuan. They put most of their money in the bank and think that there is no safer place than the bank. On the contrary, it is not very safe for products like Yu'ebao. The Internet gives people a feeling that they are not very reliable.

It can be seen that the image of Yu'ebao and bank wealth management in different groups of people is completely different. So which one is safer than the two? Rong 360 financial analyst believes thatBoth of them are wealth management products with lower risk levels, which are safer, but which one is safer than that, and it is necessary to separate the insurance and non-guarantee financial management.

Bank financial management is divided into five risk levels, level 1 is guaranteed business, and level 2-5 is non-guaranteed wealth management, most of which are level 2. According to the data monitored by 360, the wealth management products with a risk level of 1 accounted for 30.24%, the level 2 wealth management products accounted for 58.75%, the level 3 wealth management products accounted for 10.83%, and the 4-5 wealth management products accounted for 0.18%.

Level 1 wealth management products are guaranteed, so there will be no loss; the second-level wealth management products are nominally unguaranteed, but the probability of loss is close to zero, and the structural wealth management of income fluctuations can be achieved. The probability is as high as 99%, and the proportion of 1-2 wealth management products is close to 90%.

Level 3 wealth management products are medium-risk, the income fluctuations are large, the principal may lose money, but the range will not be too large, the risk of 4-5 level wealth management products is very high, equivalent to stock funds, index funds, you may get High returns may also result in large losses. Of course, most of these wealth management products are sold to high-net-worth customers or private-sector customers of banks, which ordinary ordinary people cannot buy.

The conclusion is that90% of bank wealth management products are safe and reliable, and there will be no loss.

Let's talk about the balance treasure. The essence of Yu'ebao is the money fund, which is non-guaranteed wealth management, so it is possible to have a loss. In the history of the world, there has been a loss of money funds, butNo money fund has ever lost money in the history of China.

  Yu'ebao's monetary fund also has a risk rating, and its rating is level 1.That is to say, although it is said to be unguaranteed in name, it is equivalent to saving money.

In this way,Yu'ebao and the Banking Division with a risk level of 2 are at a risk level.

On the whole, the conclusion is that the following product risks increase in turn:

  Banking with a risk level of 1 <Yu Bao and Banking with a risk level of 2> Banking with a risk level of 3-5

Young people think that the risk of bank financing is very wrong, because most of the losses are not the bank's own wealth management products, but the funds or other financial management; the elderly or conservatives feel that the balance is not safe, Because it basically has no possibility of losing money.

Rong 360 financial analysts hope that you should not be limited to a certain wealth management product, nor do you have stereotypes about other wealth management products, but must learn asset planning and rationally allocate funds among different wealth management products.

There are three safe and profitable ways of managing money, paying attention to: 360 financial secrets, reply to "reliable" view.

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