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Sesame credit 919 points! Great God teaches you to raise sesame seeds

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You don't have to be too deliberate, you can't do it every single thing, just choose what you can do, and then you can maintain it with your heart.

On Weibo, someone has sunk his sesame credit score, 919 points!


Netizens have said: "Give it to you" "I will accept you if you don't accept it."

It can be said that Sesame Credit is increasingly connected with our lives. Many people think that the high scores of sesame credit are people of the Great God level. For the grassroots people like me, it is unattainable. In fact, otherwise, even if the wealth is like the national husband Wang Sicong, the credit score is not necessarily high, because he does not use Alipay, and he does not care about what ants spend and borrow.

Therefore, the sesame is not necessarily the local tyrant, just because they "put the eggs in the same basket" and use Alipay at a high frequency.

Before we talk about the scoring skills, let's take a look at how the sesame seeds are calculated. After all, knowing ourselves and knowing each other can be a battle.

How is the sesame score calculated?

First look at the calculation ratio of the score:

l Behavioral preference accounts for 25% (shopping, financial management, transfer)

l Credit history accounts for 35% (previous performance record, repayment status)

l Performance capacity accounts for 20% (integrated asset information, such as account funds, provident fund, real estate and vehicles)

l Identity characteristics account for 15% (education, address, real name consumption behavior)

l Personal relationship accounts for 5% (impact and friend quality)

Sesame credit is based on the length of Ali's registration to grasp the data source, which means that the sesame score is “time* (credit history + behavior preference + performance ability + identity trait + personal relationship) - debt = credit line).

Understand these influencing factors, and then the right medicine, it is much easier to improve the sesame seeds.

How to improve sesame seeds?

1, Ali's platform consumption

Alipay's behavior preference data, mostly from Ali's shopping website, so if there is shopping need, try to choose Taobao, Tmall, free fish and other platforms to buy.

In addition, the points earned in Tmall consumption are more than Taobao. These points can be used as the basis for the extra points of sesame. Therefore, under the same conditions, Tmall will be preferred.

2. Open ant flower garden and online merchant bank

Open the flower garden, often use and repay on time, the bonus points are more obvious. In addition, you can support the online merchant bank opened by Ma Dad, and you can also get free from Alipay.

3. Do more charity and donate money.

Doing charity and donating donations will help you to improve your sesame seeds. The amount is arbitrary, love is not the amount of money, it is persistence.

4. Buying wealth management and insurance products

Use Alipay's wealth management products, such as Yu'ebao, Ant Jubao (the effect is better~), etc., regularly transfer some liquidity, let Alipay know that you are rich! Or buy some cheap insurance, such as Alipay account security insurance, a few dollars can be guaranteed for one year, is also a guarantee for account security.

5, the right amount of binding credit card and repayment on time

Bind the credit card and then use Alipay to repay, so Alipay can get an electronic bill, knowing that you are a reasonable person and able to repay. The number of credit cards is 3-5, which is the most reasonable. If you have too many credits, you will judge that your debt is under pressure and affect the credit!

6, the mobile phone number must be fixed

Alipay bound mobile phone must be the same as the delivery address mobile phone number, and is your usual payment bank card binding mobile phone.

In addition, the delivery address is also best to remain stable, it is recommended that you only keep one address.

7, living services

Payment for all types of life, fixed telephone, broadband, mobile phone, gas, water and electricity.

It should be noted that the payment address needs to be the same as the delivery address. If it is not the same, it will not help to raise the points.

8, make some good friends with good credit

Make more friends with good credit and maintain certain interactions, such as chatting, red envelopes, transfer, etc. After all, "friends are their own mirrors."

9. Authorize other platform data

Alipay works with many third-party platforms to cross-validate data and supplement relevant information to more accurately assess your credit rating. For example, vehicle information, academic information, LinkedIn, veins, nails, etc.

10. Improve personal information

Try to complete your personal information, such as academic qualifications, corporate email, vehicles, real estate, provident fund, and so on.

In a word, you can use Alipay to do things with Alipay. Of course, you don't have to be too deliberate, and you can't do it every single thing.Just choose what you can do, and then maintain it with your heart.

What are the privileges to increase the credit score of Sesame?

I don’t know how to look at it. When I look at it, I’ll take a cursory look at it. I can enjoy as many as 65 services, almost all aspects of life. Of course, it also reflects from the side that with the development of society, credit is becoming more and more important, so we must maintain our own credit.

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