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Sesame credit 919 points! God hand teach you to raise sesame points

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We do not have to be too intended, nor can we do everything we can, just choose what we can do and then we can safeguard it.

On Weibo, someone sunburn their sesame credit points, 919 points!


Users have said: "To kneel," "acclimatized you serve."

It can be said that sesame credit links with our life more and more closely. Many people think that sesame credit is high God's level, for people like me and other grassroots, is unattainable thing. In actual fact, even if the wealth of national husband Wang Sicong, credit points are not necessarily high, because he is not using Alipay, but will not care what ant flower chanting, by chanting.

Therefore, the sesame high points are not necessarily tyrant, just because they "put the eggs in the same basket," high frequency Alipay Bale.

Before talking about sub-skills, let's first understand how sesame points are calculated? After all, know yourself, in order to know yourself.

How to calculate sesame points?

Take a look at the calculation of the fractional ratio:

L 25% behavioral preference (shopping, money management, transfer)

L 35% credit history (past performance records, repayment)

L 20% of the compliance capacity (comprehensive asset information, such as account funds, provident fund, real estate and vehicles under the name)

L identity characteristics accounted for 15% (education, address, real-name consumer behavior)

L 5% personal connections (influence and friend quality)

Sesame credit is based on the length of time Ali registered to seize the data source as a starting point, that is, sesame points is "time * (credit history + behavior preferences + performance ability + identity characteristics + connections) - debt = credit line."

Understand these factors, and then the right medicine, to enhance sesame points become much easier.

How to improve sesame points?

1, Ali's platform for consumer

Alipay behavior preference data, mostly from Ali's shopping site, so if shopping needs, try to choose Taobao, Lynx, free fish and other platforms to buy.

In addition, Tmall spent more points than Taobao, these points can eventually be used as sesame points plus points, so under the same conditions, the preferred day cat.

2, opening ant flower chanting and online banking

Flower chanting, often used and repayments on time, extra points more obvious. In addition, you can support what Ma Dad opened the Internet banking, Alipay cash withdrawal from above can also be free Oh.

3, do more charity, donations

Charities, donations, will naturally help sesame sub-upgrade. Amount of random, love is not the amount of size, is insisted.

4, buy financial management, insurance products

Use Alipay's wealth management products, such as the remaining treasure, Ant Ju Bao (better Oh ~), etc., regularly into some liquidity, Alipay know you are rich! Or buy some cheap insurance, such as Alipay account security, a few dollars you can protect one year, but also a security of the account.

5, the right amount of credit card and repay on time

Bind your credit card, and then pay with Alipay, so that Alipay can get e-bills, know you are a reasonable card and have the ability to repay people. 3-5 in the most reasonable number of credit cards, too much, then you will judge the debt pressure, affecting credit!

6, the phone number to be fixed

Alipay bound phone must be the same as the phone number of the receiving address, and is your usual payment bank card binding phone.

In addition, the receiving address is also the best stable, it is recommended that you only keep an address.

7, life service

Payment of all kinds of living, landline, broadband, cell phones, gas, water and electricity.

It should be noted that the payment address needs to be consistent with the delivery address, if not the same, it will not help to raise points.

8, pay some good friends credit

Make more friends with good credit, and maintain some interaction, such as chat, red envelopes, transfer and the like, after all, "friends are their own mirror."

9, authorize other platform data

Alipay and many third-party platform cooperation, you can cross-validate the data, the relevant information is added, you can more accurately assess the credit rating. Such as vehicle information, academic information, LinkedIn, vein, nail and so on.

10, improve personal information

Try to fill their personal information, such as academic status, business mail, vehicles, real estate, provident fund and so on.

In a word, can use Alipay thing, use Alipay. Of course, we do not have to be too intended, nor can we do everything,Just choose what you can do, and then maintain your heart.

Improve sesame credit points, what are the privileges?

Do not see do not know, a look of surprise, a good look at the lender Jun, can enjoy as many as 65 services, covering almost all aspects of life. Of course, also reflected from the side, with the development of society, credit is more and more important, so we must safeguard their own credit Oh ~

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