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2018 wants to seize the money-making fund, it depends on these two tricks!

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How can we catch the money-making fund when the New Year A shares start to open?

Core Tip: New Year A shares are opening, how can we catch the money-making fund? Today, I will give you two ideas to catch Niu Ji. I hope everyone will make big money in the new year.

In the first week of the new year, A shares ushered in a good start. The two cities and various industries generally rebounded, and the market turned from cloudy to sunny, and the popularity gradually gathered. Everyone's emotions have become optimistic, and they are ready to do something.

However, there are thousands of funds in the market. Do you know how to catch the cow base? The dish has two ideas to share with you.

● Idea 1:

Keeping a close eye on the top players in the first half of the year, these fund managers and products are likely to continue their strong market throughout the year. There are two reasons for this:

 The first point is the external cause.The short-term style of the market is unpredictable, but if you look at the year, you will always find a main line running through the audience. For example, last year's "beautiful 50" white horse stock market, brought out a group of white horse stock funds. The year before was the introduction of a number of small-cap stock style quantitative funds.

 The second point is the internal cause.Good-performing products and fund managers are more likely to get the attention of fund companies, invest more, encourage more, and fund managers are more aggressive. Especially the unnamed fund manager, without idol baggage, is more likely to shine.

Remember, the performance mentioned here refers specifically to the performance in the first half of the year, especially in the first quarter, not the performance at the end of last year. The results at the end of last year were more used to develop new funds and harvest new leeks...

● Idea 2:

There is a class of fund companies that can focus on it.

These companies have a relatively complete product line, equipped with active funds from all walks of life, and the style is relatively positive and even radical. When a certain vent is coming, one of its active funds will only be able to seize the vents and take the lead.

The advantage of this layout is that even if 99% of the funds don't make money at a certain stage, as long as 1% of the funds make a lot of money, the company can continue to maintain exposure.

E Fund is such a company. Found no, last year's E Fund's consumer industry, the previous year's E Fund resources, the year before the rise of E Fund, the emerging funds that are far ahead of the year, have Yi Fangda figure!

Ok, let’s talk about how to catch the cow base. Then let’s take a look at what Niuji has last week.

Because I bought Vanke’s house, I bought Vanke’s stock? Last year's real estate sector continued to be effective in the first week of the new year.

Last week, the real estate sector led the way, Penghua Real Estate Rating (160628) rose more than 8 points. In the active fund, the two fund managers who are optimistic about real estate - He Qi of Everbright Prudential and Mo Haibo of Wanjia Fund.

He Qi's China Everbright China Manufacturing 2025 (001740) rose 7.58% in the past week, and Mo Haibo's Wanjia Collection (519185) also rose 6.53%.

He Qi is optimistic about the leading real estate financial enterprises. This year, there will be a situation in which the national real estate data will go down comprehensively and the sales of key cities will bottom out. It is expected to trigger the emergence of liquidity and policy inflection points, while high-quality real estate companies will be big in the coming year. Probability will usher in a chance for stock prices to rise.

In addition, He Qi also believes that the current valuation of leading stocks such as banks and brokerages is reasonable and will fully benefit from the financial de-leverage.

He Qi graduated from the fund manager for three years and can be said to be promoted. Last year he began to emerge, which is a black horse.

As for Mo Haibo, he is the pillar of Wanjia Fund. The performance in the past two years is also good, but the fund is a bit more. If you want to buy his fund, it is best to choose him to manage it separately.

Last week, the A-share real estate sector was very strong, and the east side was brighter in the west but it was dark. Connaught safety ball real estate (320017), GF US real estate (000179) fell three points in the past week.

The fund that invested in A shares lost a lot, and Huashang Smart Life (001822) fell 2.31%. This fund has been established since 15 years ago, and its performance has been unswerving. This year, it is not good for the year. I don’t know when it will turn over.

Finally, this week's new fund preview:

Bank of Communications issued a new fund called the Bank of Communications quality upgrade (005004), proposed to be the fund manager Han Weijun.

This name may not be familiar to you. It was only started as a fund manager at the beginning of last year. However, the performance of Korea is still quite good, ranking in the forefront of the market for two consecutive years, it is worthy of attention.

Today I shared with you the two ideas of ambushing Niuji, which is also the inspiration I have observed over the past few years for your reference. However, if you really want to practice, you still need to be diligent in tracking.

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