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2018 want to seize the money-making fund, rely on these two strokes!

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New Year A shares opener, how can we seize the money making fund?

Core Tip: New Year A shares opener, how to seize the money making fund? Today, we give you two sentiments to grasp Niu Ji, and hope that everyone will make a big money in the new year.

In the first week of New Year, A shares ushered in a good start. Two cities and various industries generally rebounded, the market turned cloudy, popular gradually gathered. Everyone's mood has become optimistic, gearing up ready to do something.

However, there are thousands of funds in the market, you know how to seize the cattle base it? Caiji has two ideas to share with you.

● idea one:

Pay close attention to the first half of the takers, these fund managers and products are likely to continue the strong market throughout the year. There are two reasons for this support:

 The first point is external.The short-term style of the market is unpredictable, but if you look at the year, you will always find a main thread running through the audience. For example, last year's "pretty 50" White Horse stock market, brought out a group of White Horse Equity Fund. The year before was brought out a number of small cap stocks of quantitative funds.

 The second point is internal.Good performance of product and fund managers more easily get the attention of the fund company level, more investment, encourage more, fund managers are more aggressive. In particular, the less well-known fund manager, no idol burden, more easily out of color.

Remember, the performance here refers specifically to the performance of the first half, especially the first quarter, not the performance of the end of last year. The end of last year's performance is more used to send new funds and harvest new leek ...

● idea two:

There is a class of fund companies can focus on.

Such companies have a more complete product line, equipped with active funds of all walks of life, and the style is relatively positive and even some radical. When a certain outlet comes, the active fund of its own can always catch the outlet, and come out on top.

The advantage of this layout is that even if 99% of the funds in a certain stage do not make any profits, the company will continue to enjoy the exposure as long as 1% of the funds make a lot of money.

E-party is such a company. Found no last year's easy-Fonda consumer industry, the previous year's easy-Fonda resources, the year before the new easy-up growth, those far ahead of the fund, there are easy to square figure!

Well, how to catch the cow base, then we have a look at which cow base last week.

Vanke bought a house, so I bought Vanke shares? Last year's what to buy what logic, in the first week of the New Year real estate section continues to be effective.

Last week, the real estate sector leader, Penghua real estate rating (160628) rose over 8 points. Active funds in it, the leader is optimistic about the two real estate fund managers - Everbright Prudential letter He Mo Wan Fu million funds.

He Qi Everbright Made in China 2025 (001740) rose 7.58% the week after, Mohebo's 10,000 (519,185) also rose 6.53%.

He Qi optimistic about the financial real estate leading enterprises on the grounds that this year there will be a comprehensive national real estate data downlink and key cities sales bottoming out the scene and is expected to trigger the emergence of liquidity and policy inflection point, and high-quality real estate company in the next year Probability will usher in the chance of a stock price surge.

In addition, He Qi also believes that the current valuation of banks and brokerage stocks leading shares reasonable level, in the context of financial deleveraging will fully benefit.

He Qi master graduated three years to become a fund manager, can be said to be promoted rapidly. Last year he began to emerge, can be described as a dark horse.

As for Mohambo, he is the pillars of the fund of 10,000. The performance of the past two years is not bad. However, the fund of the fund is a little bit too much. If you want to buy his fund, it is better to pick him for management.

A-share real estate sector last week is very strong, the eastern side of the bright western dark. Lion global real estate (320017), GF US real estate (000,179) fell three points in the last week.

Investment in A shares of the fund lost much, Chinese business intelligence life (001822) fell 2.31%. The fund was established 15 years to now, the performance has not been good, this year and unfavorable, I do not know when to stand up.

Finally, this week's new fund preview:

Bank paid a new fund, called Bank of quality upgrade (005004), the proposed fund manager Han Weijun.

The name may not be familiar with everyone, only started early last year, fund managers. However, the performance of South Korea is still quite good, ranked the forefront of the market for two consecutive years, it is worth attention.

Today, I share with you the two ideas of ambush Niu Ji, but also my inspiration for observation in recent years, for your reference. However, really want to practice, but also diligent tracking.

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