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Bank finances ushered in 2018 city business income first fall ranks first

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The average yield of bank financial products this week was 4.86%, ushered in the first decline in 2018, circulation also dropped significantly.

 This week the bank financial market overview

Financial 360 monitoring data show that this week (December 29 - January 4) a total of 1922 models of bank financial products circulation, a substantial decrease of 1095 last week, a decline of 36.3%. Circulation has shrunk sharply for two reasons: First, during the New Year's Day, most banks suspended the sale of wealth management products, and second, the year-end bank savings pressure has been eased, reducing the issuance of wealth management products.

This week the average expected annual rate of return on bank financial products was 4.86%, down 0.06 percentage points from the previous week and ending 16 consecutive gains while ushering in the first decline in revenue in 2018.

No matter from the circulation or the return rate, it can be seen that the bank has a lot of pressure on the year-end capital. After the assessment node, the pressure on the Lanxu storage is relieved, and the circulation and the yield of the bank drop in double figures.

  First, the period of income is not very different

From different periods of view, this week, 685 wealth management products within 3 months, the average expected rate of return of 4.8%, 3-6 months 595 wealth management products, the average expected rate of return of 4.88%, 6-12 months of financial products 544 models, the average expected rate of return of 4.9%, 12 months or more financial products 76, the average expected rate of return of 4.9%.

Weekly circulation of wealth management products this week, the circulation and yield are declining, product yields over different periods of little difference, within 0.1 percentage points. Suggest that everyone according to their own liquidity needs to choose different terms of financial products.

  Second, to ensure that earnings management wealth rise

From the different types of income, this week to ensure that the proceeds of wealth management products 146 models, the average expected rate of return of 4.33%, protection of floating income class wealth management products 437, the average expected rate of return of 4.28%, non-guaranteed floating income wealth management products 1198 Section, the average expected rate of return of 5.14%.

This week, both guaranteed floating income and non-guaranteed floating income wealth management products declined. However, the revenue of wealth management products with guaranteed yield increased by 0.05 percentage points as compared with the previous week, and the average return even exceeded the guaranteed capital gains products with floating income.

  Third, city commercial banks, state-owned banks tied for first place gains

From different types of banks, the average expected rate of return on financial products by city commercial banks and state-owned banks this week is 5.01%, ranking first. The average yield of financial products for postal savings banks is 4.76%. The average of wealth management products of joint-stock banks and rural credit cooperatives The yields were 4.75%. The average yield of wealth management products was 4.70%. The average yield of wealth management products of foreign banks was 4.17%.

After all, the small banks to attract investors mainly rely on high-yield, but the state-owned banks yield more than 5% this week is unusual, the reason why the high yield is mainly because the following three types of product distribution ratio High: First, private banking customer wealth management, the second is the risk level of 3 or more financial management, and the third is structured finance, and these financial management either the threshold is too high, or greater uncertainty of return.

The volatility of wealth management returns of foreign-funded banks is relatively large, and the income gap of financial management is also very large. Most of the high-yielding wealth management products are structured wealth management. Most of the low-yielding wealth management products are foreign currency wealth management.

  Fourth, 35 banks average financial return over 5%

Note: Banks with less than 5 weekly wealth management product releases are not included in the rankings

Financial 360 product revenue circulation of more than 5 banks rankings, the data show that 35 banks average yield of more than 5%, a decrease of 30 last week, a very large margin.

Bank of Communications to 5.79% of the average expected rate of return topped the list, the bank has 14 products expected rate of return of more than 6%, but all structured finance, high yield may not be able to get; Zheshang Bank and Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank in two , Three, the average yield was 5.63%, 5.52%.

Of the top 20 banks with revenue, there are 13 city commercial banks, 4 share banks, 2 rural commercial banks and 1 state-owned bank.

  Fifth, the market outlook

New Year's Day after the capital shortage has been alleviated, the bank's assessment pressure will also be reduced, but then there is the Spring Festival this pass, the banking system is still facing a greater liquidity test, so the bank's financial rate of return is unlikely to continue to fall , The short term may be a narrow range of high volatility.

Which bank's financial products yield the highest? Concerned: Financial 360 Financial Secretary (rong360licai), reply "Bank Finance" for the latest real-time list.

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