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Internet baby earnings hit a 31-month high Yu Bao climbed 19 positions

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This week, the average rate of return of Internet baby as high as 4.36%, continue to rallies,Balance treasureThe recent sharp rise in yield, ranking jumped 19.

According to data from 360 monitoring, the average 7-day annualized return rate of 74 Internet baby products this week (December 29-January 4) was 4.36%, up 0.07 percentage points from the previous week and the average return of 10,000 copies was 1.17, an increase of 0.01 over last week. After New Year's Day baby's earnings continued to rise.

In addition, the average seven-day annualized return rate of Internet baby in December 2017 was 4.21%, a substantial increase of 0.22 percentage points from November and the highest level since June 2015, the highest level for 31 months.

From a different sales platform, the third-party payment system this week, the average baby seven-year annualized yield of 4.48%, still ranked first, consignment sales baby average seven days annualized yield of 4.43%, followed by the Fund Department and the Department of the baby is not much difference between banks, the average seven-day annualized yields were 4.32%, 4.33%.

360 financial statistics weekly earnings top ten babies, including Suning Coinbo with 6.02% average annual return on the highest seven once again topped the list, but also the only one income break 6 baby; Flush benefits Po and Harvest Fund live music on average seven days annualized rate of return of more than 5%, divided into two or three.

The top ten baby gains are 4.89% or more, in addition to changeable treasure, other baby benefits bite very tight, little difference.

However, investors need to be aware that, when comparing the benefits of baby products, you can not just look at the seven-day annualized rate of return on a particular day or week. Because the baby's earnings are changing daily, and sometimes fluctuate, it is recommended to check one Month, half year or year average rate of return.

Among the 74 Internet babies this week, 63 had an average of 7% annualized yield above 4%, while only 11 were below 4%. Among them, the top 10% of BOCOM's super-cash stood at the bottom with an average yield of 3.09%.

This week, the average annual return of balance treasure is 4.34%, an increase of 0.19 percentage points from the previous week, ranking from 57 to 38. Celestica fund announcement shows that in the fourth quarter of 2017 total balance of assets treasure 15.75832 billion yuan, an increase of 20.237 billion yuan over the third quarter, once again hit the highest level in history, but the size of an increase of only 1.3%, significantly lower than the previous three quarters . Affected by the balance redemption and the new rules of the IMF, there is a possibility that the balance scale of Yu Bao will be declining in 2018.

  Market outlook

New Year's Day is over, the market liquidity slightly relaxed, so short-term Internet baby earnings continue to rise high lack of pressure, greater pressure on the market, but the overall market liquidity before the Spring Festival is still tight, there is some support for baby earnings below.

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