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The amount is higher and the bank is also my card application experience.
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Give you a lot of money to say, but the deciding factor of how much is to decide is yourself!

When I graduated from college and joined the work, my aunt recommended a credit card when I was working on a salary card. Since then, I have embarked on a road of no return. Then start looking for relevant information online.

The first time I applied for a small move, the online application was rejected after a few days, because the work unit did not go to the door in the suburbs. There is just one female colleague who wants to apply for a small trick. He said that he can come over with 5 or more salesmen, so he mobilized his predecessor and wanted to do it. Finally successfully handled, and the card was released earlier than Xiaoyan. The amount of the offer was not smooth, and there was no intention to see the staging of Dafa. It was just that the credit card amount fell below 100, and the maximum installable amount was greater than the available balance. I tried it, the amount instantly became 39k, very happy, with hope, the next day, naturally continue to use the card, a variety of cards. Looking forward to the second staging opportunity after 10 months. However, the secondary staging window did not arrive as expected, waiting for the black house. The hope that rises in my heart has been smashed...

Next is CCB. When the salary card was processed, the unit address was not filled at all. I just didn't know when I joined the work. The salesman said that he did not fill out his branch, and the card was not selected, he handed it over. I waited for more than two months before I got off the card, but the unit address was wrong, and the registered letter was returned. It was found by WeChat that it was a silver coin, and the amount was 13k. I saw that there was a hot purchase card, so I did not report a little hope that the online banking card channel applied for the Beijing hot purchase white, the next morning I used the WeChat check progress, I did not expect approval. This is really a surprise for Xiao Xiao.

I saw that the aunt was also very popular, and it happened to be the new company's payroll line. I went to the ICBC outlet to apply. The result was that the star was too low. I was despised by the aunt and said that at least four stars were used to fill out the form. MasterCard, after the credit card, 10k, after the card is down, in September, there are 65 bricks for a week (not my brick, temporary), I have already learned to step by step to win, decisively go to the counter to open financial management, immediately I bought it and took it out in two days. Before the ICBC card, there was basically no running water, that is, a few hundred balances. At the end of September, the phone applied for a raise, and after a few days of no response, it is estimated that it is overhanging. Think about it or wait for 6 stars and try again. After the National Day holiday in October, I opened the app and saw the 6-star customer. On the 13th, I called to apply for the amount. I asked for 50,000, and I received a text message on the 16th. I mentioned 40,000, and I managed to raise the amount. !

Talk about the old farmer, on March 15th, apply for the old farmer, and wait until June 15th to collect the letter locally. This speed is acceptable. When I had no news in August, I was in a hurry. I played a lot of customer service before and after. Finally, the outlets gave the results to the inquiry. After the local credit collection in June, they were rejected. Ten thousand grass horses drifted through my heart. In September, he went to play a CPF stream, and caught up with the old farmers in November. In late November, the card was released, with a quota of 35k.

Finally, I said that I have experienced the experience of the Bank of Communications. I have twice applied for Jinfeng Phoenix, but because of the change in work, the entry time is not long, and the Bank of Communications refused because the social security was not connected. In particular, the second telephone call was quite detailed. What was the name of the last work unit? When the question was over, it was rejected.

The friend's card is purely for the credit card of 100 new households. The net application is second, the amount is 30,000. Before that, she only had 15,000 credit cards from China Merchants Bank. After the card is rubbed, the card is not used very much. Usually, the main force is still other lines.

Feeling: Regarding the amount of money, this is what many people care about. My feeling is that I insist on swiping the card, not overdue, multi-stage, more bricks, and occasionally use the machine tao point. The amount is higher than the bank. There are many examples of people who have not been able to get over the time. With a credit card, the desire to consume will indeed increase. After all, consumption is just a credit card, which is convenient and fast. This is also the root of many card slaves. Credit cards are a double-edged sword. They can be used well to improve their living standards and even create their own. Career; bad use will make you indebted.

The above is the card experience of the card friend.

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