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Quota is also a high bank credit card experience with my application
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How much to give you a large bank to say, but how much is the determining factor in your own!

When I graduated from college and worked in a salary card, my aunt recommended a credit card, and I embarked on a path of no return. Then start to find relevant information online,

The first application for a small trick, a few days after the application was rejected, the reason is that the work units in the suburbs do not go home. There is exactly one female colleague who wants to apply for a small trick, saying that more than 5 clerks can come together and mobilize their predecessors and have one to handle. The last successful management, and under the card in advance. The quota was not smooth. One day I did not intend to see the staging of Falun Dafa. The amount of credit card swiftly dropped to below 100 on the very day. The maximum allowable amount was larger than the available balance. Then try, the amount of instant into 39k, very happy, with hope, the next day, nature is to continue to use the card, a variety of swipe. Look forward to 10 months after the second staging opportunities. However, the secondary staging window did not come on schedule, but it was a dark room. The hope of my heart has been punctured ...

The next is CCB, for wage card did not fill in when the address of the unit, just to participate in the work do not know. Clerk said his sub-branch did not fill out the card species did not choose to hand it over. Wait for more than two months before the next card, but the unit address is incorrect, the registered mail is returned to go. Check through WeChat is Wumart silver card, the amount of 13k. Seeing that there are hot purchases, so do not report a little hope in the online banking card channel applied for the purchase of the capital hot, the next morning customary to check the progress with the WeChat, did not expect to grant. This is really a humble surprise.

See Aunt popularity is also very high, and just happens to pay the new company salaries, ICBC outlets to go to the application, the result was too low star was Aunt contempt that at least four stars to fill in forms, so NetApp World Travel MasterCard, credit card under the card 10k, under the card, to September, there are 65 free for a week of brick (not my brick, temporary), before we have learned step by step to win, decisively counter to the opening of financial management, immediately Buy, took out in two days. Before the ICBC card basically no running water, that is, the balance of several hundred. The end of September the phone application for a raise, and so a few days no response, it is estimated over, think about it or wait 6 stars try again. After the completion of the National Day holiday in October, open the APP to see a 6-star customers, call on the 13th to apply for a lift, asking 50,000, received a text message on the 16th, referred to 40,000, still successful raises, and really Brick !

Speaking of farmers, March 15 outlets for farmers, until June 15 local credit, this speed is acceptable. Wait until August there is no news I was anxious, before and after playing a lot of customer service, and finally to the network to check the results, in June after the local credit was rejected. Ten thousand grass mud horse drifting in the heart. However, in September went to fight a provident fund water to catch up with the farmers in November to drain water, the next card in November, the amount of 35k.

Finally, under the experience of cross-border transactions, I have twice the network application gold Phoenix, but all because of changes in work just recently, not long-term entry, Bank of Communications did not answer on the grounds of social security refused. In particular, the second phone call asked quite fine, the last name of the unit of work ... ... asked finished to refuse.

The friend card is purely in order to 薅 100 new network application credit card, network application second batch, the amount of 30,000, after she had only 15,000 amount Merchants Bank credit card. Credit card gold 薅 hand, the card is not how to use, and usually the main force or other lines.

Feel: on the amount of mention, which is a lot of people care about, my feeling is that insist on credit card, not overdue, multi-phase, and more bricks, and occasionally use the machine tao point. The amount of high bank is also high. Not overdue by the people around, a small number of occasional pit had many examples. With the credit card, the desire to consume will indeed increase, after all, consumption is only swipe, convenient and quick, which is the root cause of the formation of many card slave; credit card is a double-edged sword, well spent, can improve the standard of living and even create their own Career; poorly used, will make you heavily in debt.

The above is the card with the card experience.

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