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Master these tricks and refuse to do more difficult loans!

Time: 2018-01-03         Source: Borrow Money App         Author: borrow some money App

Recently, the days of online loans have been difficult. In particular, cash loans are even more difficult to sleep. Many cash loans are not ready to lend, and the review of borrowers is more strict on the platform of normal lending.

So many small partners are asking, now the cash loan application has become difficult, is there any skill to improve the loan pass rate?

First, the selection of the platform is critical

Many friends don't care about the size of the platform, do not look at the specific requirements of each platform, see the loan is eager to apply, thinking that each platform is the same, in fact, it is not.


Although everyone is online lending, each platform targets different people and needs different conditions, so you must find the most suitable platform application according to your own conditions before lending.

Second, pay attention to the real name system

Whether it's a mobile phone number or a shopping platform, a real-name system is good for rating. As usual, shopping is carried out through the real-name system of Taobao Tmall Jingdong and other platforms. The real name system has more shopping records. The loan platform will think that you have economic strength, so the pass rate will also increase a lot.

Third, use the enterprise mailbox

If the platform needs to verify the mailbox, it is best to keep the enterprise mailbox, so the impression on the loan platform is that you are currently in normal working condition and the income is stable. In addition, you can use some tips, such as letting another colleague simulate paying wages, and you can also use your corporate mailbox to receive credit card bills.

Fourth, improve the sesame credit

At present, many online lending platforms need to call Sesame Credit (currently Alipay has stopped many platforms to access Sesame Credit), so having a good Sesame Credit can greatly improve the loan pass rate.

Sesame credits are generally updated on the 6th of each month, so you can take some measures to improve the sesame credit before the 6th.

Fifth, apply for credit card assistance

You can refer to several banks to find the bank application that is most likely to have a large credit card. There is a large credit card, indicating that your qualifications are better. The bank will dare to give you a large credit card. Online loans will also reduce your concerns. .

Sixth, the application method is stressful

Many friends think that there are many online lending platforms, and they can spread the net. This is not the case. But in fact, this practice is very deadly. At present, some online loans are required to check the letter, regardless of whether the loan can pass or not. Records, as well as many online lending platforms, will access the loan alliance to achieve information sharing.

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