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Loan skills to send you, the adoption rate doubled!

Time: 2018-01-03         Source: East gold clothes         Author: Kim Dong Qing clothing

cellphone number:

The phone number is best to use their own phone number, my real-name authentication at least more than 3 months, just apply for the other test, the general application, however.


The SMS credit system to delete all, including the network credit platform for any CAPTCHA SMS, SMS auditing and approval SMS.


call records:

Similarly, delete all credit call records! Address Book can not be saved, big data era of these data will be collected by the network lending platform analysis.

Address Book:

In addition to delete the credit company, loan officer address book, to add some more normal use of the phone number, and have the call records.

Mobile APP:

Lending software as little as possible, lending APP is best to delete it.

ID card, bank card, hand-held documents prove:

It is important to keep the data as clear as possible and to choose a good environment for light conditions.

Unit problem:

For three non-personnel, the unit is your best packaging.

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