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Loan tips to send you, pass rate doubled!

Time: 2018-01-03         Source: Qingdong Jinfu         Author: Kim Dong Qing clothing

cellphone number:

The mobile phone number is best for your own mobile phone number. I use real-name authentication for at least 3 months. You just need to apply.


Delete all SMS related to credit, including any verification code SMS, audit SMS, and appropriation SMS.


call records:

For the same reason, delete all call records on credit! The address book can't be saved. In the era of big data, these data will be included in the online loan platform analysis.

Address book:

In addition to deleting the address book of credit companies and loan officers, it is necessary to add more frequently used telephone numbers and have recorded call records.

Mobile APP:

The borrowing software is as small as possible, and the excess loan APP is best deleted.

ID card, bank card, hand-held certificate:

Data shooting is as clear as possible, and it is important to choose an environment with good lighting conditions.

Unit problem:

For three people, the unit is your best package.

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