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Loan qualification is good, how will be rejected?

Time: 2018-01-03         Source: These things house these years         Author: These are those things in the house

Not a blacklist, why refuse?

Some people say that I am not a blacklist, without any credit overdue, how can I still be rejected? Is the credit blank is wrong? The credit history is an important document to judge a person's willingness to repay. If the credit is blank, the lender can not make any assessment. Therefore, the credit gap may also lead to the refusal of the loan.


Why loyal customers are always rejected?

Some people say that my qualification is not bad, I am a loyal customer X institutions, but each submission is always rejected, what happened? Because each organization's risk control is different, the focus of audit clients are different.

For example, you are a business owner you go to a pay card only to apply for the body, the result can be imagined. So before applying, understand the products under the agency.

Elegant loaded, but also refused?

Someone only needs 30,000, but why should fill in the application amount above a 100,000, demonstrate their own confidence. They will think that the trial will often discount the loan amount. In fact, most taboo loans without planning, blind ahead of spending.

Of course, the loan amount is based on your actual income and credit assessment come. If the qualifications in general, the application amount far beyond their actual repayment ability, the letter of trial is very cautious.


So what is the impact of the loan refusal?

Specifically, lenders keep their records when they make loans, whether they are successful or denied loans, and lenders are able to query them. In general, a small number of refusals have no effect on the borrowers and will not affect their next loans. However, if the lender inquires about the number of repudiations of lenders, it will have the following two effects:

(1) affect the personal credit of the borrower:

Loans institutions will think lenders are more tense financial situation, its income is difficult to pay the amount of repayment, it will affect the borrower's personal credit.

(2) difficult to apply for the next loan:

Loans are over-refunded, loan records show that lenders can see through inquiries, which makes it more difficult to apply for a loan next time.

Therefore, we should remind everyone here that we should try our best not to apply frequently when applying for a loan. If the application is rejected, we must clarify why we have to be rejected. Only when we find the reason can we solve the problem and the next application can pass. Blind application is not allowed Take, will only lead to rejected again.

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