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Friends borrow money, how can we not refuse to lend him?

Time: 2018-01-03         Source: melt 360 finishing         Author: JA

Life is born, no one has difficulties, the so-called penny hero hero. For borrowing money, I treat two situations:


First, reputable friends

There are borrowing friends for having multiple lending relationships. As long as he opens his mouth for money, I usually try my best to borrow and borrow directly from my own abilities. Life is alive, no one has difficulties, as long as a good reputation, debt-paying ability, generally can borrow. As for how much, according to their own ability without prejudice to their own lives under the premise. When the old debts are not repaid, they borrow up to three times when they borrow new debts.

Second, to refuse to borrow money summary

(1) For friends with better friends and friends with iron ties, the old debts are not yet repaid, but borrowing new debts: Remind him directly: "Borrowing money and repaying money sometimes," the previous old debts are gone and can no longer be repaid Borrow, ask him to find another way and urge him to also old debt. This kind of friend knows no knowledge, no reason, directly rejected, will not hurt the friendship.

(2) For the old classmates who have not been in contact for many years, the fellow borrows money: he now understands his economic situation and repayment ability from the side. If the result is credible to others, then lend him half his own capacity, and only once. If you understand his debt situation is poor, then talk to him directly about the old friendship, referred to borrow money, then care about it, let him know the difficulties; if he still continue to find you to borrow money, then sent to people , After he borrowed money from you for the second time, you immediately asked him to borrow money, so he would not ask you to borrow money again.

(3) for colleagues, perennial contact with students borrow money: If it is the first friend, you can refer to the title of a solution. If not the first case, can be solved as follows: 1, to him recommended Alipay, 360 IOUs, Jingdong Baizai and other network platform for debt; 2, to his direct that they have no money to borrow; 3, to describe his own all kinds of difficulties ; 4, let him find other students to borrow money; 5, anti-off to find him to borrow money; 6, their own Alipay, WeChat money to reliable people, leaving only the balance of dozens or hundreds, 7, firm This person can not borrow money, then shield all his information, so that he can not contact you.

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