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When a friend borrows money, how can he not be guilty and refuse to lend to him?

Time: 2018-01-03         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: JA

When we are born in the world, when everyone has difficulties, it is a so-called penny-breaking hero. For borrowing money, I treat two situations:


A reputable friend

For a multi-loan relationship, there are friends who have borrowed money. As long as he opens up to borrow money, I will generally do my best and borrow directly from my own ability. When life is alive and everyone has difficulties, as long as they have a good reputation and have the ability to pay off debt, they can generally borrow it. As for borrowing, we must lend according to our own ability without affecting our own lives. When the old debts are not returned and new debts are borrowed, they can borrow up to three times depending on the circumstances.

Second, the method of refusing to borrow money is summarized

(1) For better friends, friends who have a stronger relationship than old friends, old debts are not returned, and new debts are borrowed: They are reminded directly that “it is time to borrow money, repay the money sometimes.” The old debts in front of them cannot be recovered. Borrow, ask him to think of alternative ways and urge him to pay back old debts. This type of friend is very knowledgeable and does not need to compile reasons. He refuses directly and will not hurt friendship.

(2) To borrow money from old classmates and fellow villagers who have not been in contact with each other for a long time: They are now aware of his economic situation and ability to repay debts. If the result is his credibility, he lent him half of his own ability, and only once. If he understands that his debt is in bad condition, he will talk directly with him about his old friendship, and when he mentions borrowing money, he will take care of him and let him know how difficult it will be. If he continues to look for you to borrow money, he will send it to people. After he borrowed money for you for the second time, you immediately asked him to borrow money, so he wouldn't ask you to borrow money again.

(3) To borrow money for colleagues and associates who have been in constant contact with each other: If it is the first type of friend, refer to the title to solve it. If it is not the first case, it can be solved as follows: 1. Recommend to him the Alipay platform, 360 IOUs, Jingdong IBL and other online debt platforms; 2. Tell him directly that he has no money to borrow; 3. Tell him about his difficulties. 4, let him find other students to borrow money; 5, anti-offer to find him to borrow money; 6, the transfer of their own Alipay, WeChat money to a reliable person, leaving only tens or hundreds of balance, and then screenshots to him; 7. If you can't borrow money from this person, then block all his information and make him unable to contact you.

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