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Ma Yun zooms in, and users with sesame scores of 600 or more have benefits!

Time: 2018-01-03         Source: Tang Ziyan         Author: Don sub-salt

Now is the era of credit. Since Ma Yun has created a sesame credit system and connected it with Alipay's many services, Sesame Credit has become a pursuit of Alipay users, driving a wave of credit consumption and lending. .

Gradually, the sesame credit score began to become a yardstick for measuring the value of everyone's minds. Even Ma Yun himself ridiculed the program: In the future, the mother-in-law will have to look at the sesame seeds.


The emergence of the sesame credit system has driven the growth of Internet consumer finance. As far as Alipay itself is concerned, there are two kinds of borrowing artifacts, namely, flower and borrowing. The opening conditions of these two borrowing artifacts are all sesame scores of 600 or more. If the sesame is divided into 600 points or more, the chances of opening will be larger, and the chances of users with sesame scores below 600 points will be negligible.

Therefore, the sesame branch 600 has become a dividing line. At the same time, users with more than 600 points can enjoy more benefits, such as car rental, hotel accommodation, etc., and some financial institutions also use sesame credits as The basic conditions for borrowing, such as the good prospects of Zhaolian, can be applied for users with sesame scores above 600 points.

In the medical field, this is also a topic of great concern to the public. Ma Yun used the payment to open a convenient access to the public. The user with sesame credit of 650 points chose to open the communication for medical treatment in the hospital's Alipay service. After the information, you can get a quota of 1,000 yuan, you can use the doctor to pay. You can also use Alipay to complete appointments, check reports, and more.

At present, Sesame Credit has expanded to include ten major industries such as hotels, short-term rentals, homestays, car rentals, shared bicycles, convenient services, and agricultural equipment rentals, covering 381 cities across the country. The benefits that users can enjoy with Sesame Credit will increase.

Ma Yun’s goal is to “eliminate the deposit and cash”. Today, the two small loan companies of Ant Financial are increasing from the original 3.8 billion to 12 billion to better serve users. This means that in the future, more users with a sesame credit score of 600 or higher will be able to use the borrowing artifacts in Alipay, and users with good credit can get better services. Are you looking forward to it?

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