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Father borrowed money to passers-by, all said cheated, go home and receive the message stupid!

Time: 2017-12-29         Source: Ma Xin telling stories         Author: Ma new storytelling

"Hey, son, you'll come back today and give me 3,000 bucks and your mom will be hospitalized."

Liu Ming received a phone call to his father quickly went home and gave his father 6,000, Qian Gang to finish, his father took away Liu Ming, because his father did not want to delay his son's work, where does not work to give him money.

Father ran to the hospital while holding money. In fact, the mother did not have any serious illness, that is, acute gastroenteritis, eat bad stomach, so no serious problem, so you need 3000 only.

Liu Ming is a special filial child, his father to 3000, he gave 6000, so his father spent 3000, leaving 3000, intends to go home to save up, see the doctor the next time.


His father lined up for payment in the lobby of the hospital and was attracted by the noise of the door.

I saw a woman holding a child, kowtowing around, while kowtow on the side said: "Please, borrow a little money, I will certainly return tomorrow."

But no one is willing to lend her, saying she is a liar.

Women walked in front of his father, bowed, and then cry on his knees: "children with fever, emergency, now late, I have no way to get money, you borrow me 3,000 yuan, tomorrow my family came certainly give you back. "

My father said, "Are you kidding?"

Women said: "I am a nanny child's home, his parents on a business trip, the child had a fever at night, I quickly rushed to the hospital, go urgently no money, the child his father his mother tomorrow the first flight back, you save Me. "

Father's brain is simple, these two words, put the father impressed, directly to the woman out of 3,000 yuan.

Women said: "Thank you for your thank you, you give me your card number, will be back to you tomorrow!"

Father wrote the card number on the paper and gave it to the woman.

Women holding money thanks Xie Xie left, went to the second floor pediatric payment to pay into the emergency room.

When the women left, the hall was busy, and those who did not borrow money pointed to her father and said, "You were fooled. Have you ever read the news before?

My father said, no.

Others said: "You were lied to, ah, obviously a liar ah! The reasons for editing more and more ridiculous."

Father quickly called his son said it, his son cursed: "Father, ah, you stupid ah, you casually give a passer borrow money, you cheated.

Father quickly ran upstairs, that woman has long disappeared.

Father had to pay the mother to pay the ward to accompany his mother.

The next day, his father came home to cook for the mother, ready to bring food to the hospital, suddenly received a text message.


The original is the bank's reminder SMS ah.

Father saw the balance silly.

"Dear customer, your card number 9900 account, transferred to 30,000 yuan ... ..."

A full 30,000 yuan ah.

This father suddenly realized that he may encounter a real troubled people, a charity of their own, has been repaying others.

We can not deny that although many deceivers in the world, but good people still exist.

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