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The father borrowed money to passers-by, and said that he was cheated, and he received a text message stupid!

Time: 2017-12-29         Source: Ma Xin tells the story         Author: Ma new storytelling

"Hey, son, you came back today and gave me 3,000 yuan. Your mother is in hospital."

Liu Mingyi got a call from his father and quickly returned home. He gave his father 6000 pieces. When the money was finished, his father drove Liu Ming away because his father didn't want to delay his son's work. He didn't have money to work for him.

The father rushed to the hospital with the money. In fact, the mother did not have any serious illness, that is, acute gastroenteritis, eating a bad stomach, so there is no serious problem, so it will need 3000 pieces.

Liu Ming is a particularly filial child. His father wants 3000, he gives 6000, so his father spent 3,000, and there are still 3,000 left. He plans to go home and save it.


The father lined up for payment in the hospital hall and was attracted by the noise of the door.

I saw a woman with a child, and gave a gimmick everywhere, while gimmicked and said: "I beg you, lend me some money, I will definitely return tomorrow."

But no one is willing to lend her, she said she is a liar.

The woman walked up to the father and took a nap. Then she cried and cried: "The child has a high fever, an emergency, and now it is late. I can't withdraw the money. You borrowed me 3,000 yuan. My host will definitely return it to you tomorrow. ”

Father said: "You are this child?"

The woman said: "I am the nanny of the child's family. His parents are on a business trip. The child has a high fever at night. I quickly sent to the hospital. I was so anxious that I didn't bring the money. The child yelled at his mother's earliest flight tomorrow. You can save. Me."

The father's brain is simple. These two sentences impressed the father and directly gave out 3,000 yuan to the woman.

The woman said: "Thank you for thanking you, you will give me your card number and I will return it to you tomorrow!"

The father wrote the card number on the paper and gave it to the woman.

Women took the money and thanked them, and went to the second floor pediatric payment office to pay the money to the emergency department.

When the women left, the hall was full of fun. Those who did not borrow money pointed to the father and said, "You have been cheated. You haven’t read the news. These are all liars."

Father said, no.

Others said: "You have been deceived, obviously a liar! The reasons for editing are getting more and more ridiculous."

The father hurriedly called his son to say this. The son shouted: "Oh, you are stupid, you just borrow money from a passerby, you are cheated. Hehe."

The father rushed upstairs and the woman had disappeared.

The father had to pay the mother to pay the fee and went to the ward to accompany the mother.

The next day, when the father went home to cook for his mother and prepared to bring the meal to the hospital, he suddenly received a text message.


It turned out to be a reminder message from the bank.

My father saw the balance stupid.

"Respected customer, your account number 9900 account, transferred to 30,000 yuan ..."

There is a total of 30,000 yuan.

The father suddenly realized that he might have met someone who was in trouble, and his own kindness was rewarded by others.

We can't deny that although there are many scammers in the world, good people still exist.

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