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Platform closed down, even the APP is gone, owed money is not no need to return?

Time: 2017-12-26         Source: Find a small micro-signal         Author: Micro Signal find a little money

For the shore can not be recovered on the shelled daily struggling in the collapse of the shortfall on the baby, in addition to paying back the money, but also to cure the heart of this glass of medicine is only "a certain cash loan platform has been closed, the money owed can not Still "this kind of news.


However, if the cash loan platform collapsed, the money owed really can not still?

The answer is obvious, how is it possible!

However, where else, how are you going, as the case may be.

Situation one: the platform was taken over by other platforms, to continue operations after the rectification.

 Under such circumstances, neither the platform official website nor the APP should close the repayment channel, but it does not exclude the suspension of operation of individual platforms. In other words, as long as the normal repayments can be made, the borrower should repay the debts in full and on time, regardless of whether the platform has been changed or not.

If the repayment channel is temporarily closed, then the borrower can contact the platform customer service or other operations staff to consult how to repay.

Situation two: the platform was cleared due to irregularities, closed down.

We know that, in general, the cash lending platform for cash lending platforms mainly comes from self-financing funds, platform shareholders, financial institutions such as banks and trusts, and other general investors.

Regardless of where the source of funds is, even if the cash lending platform is indeed closed because of irregularities, creditors still have recourse to the borrower's debt, that is, when the creditor recovers this part of the debt from the borrower, the borrower should repay, Especially the principal part.


In addition, some cash lending platform and P2P platform cooperation, or the platform itself belongs to the P2P platform, then a considerable part of the lending funds from ordinary investors, if so, even if the cash loan platform is closed or the business is banned,Then ordinary investors also have recourse to debt, that is, the money you owe may need to be returned to these average investors.

Scenario 3: The platform was ordered to make rectification and re-operation due to irregularities.

Whether it is because of interest rates or other issues, being ordered rectification platform, on behalf of it a day of re-operation. So owe this platform of money, must be still. Moreover, generally before or during the rectification, in order to avoid losses to the greatest extent, the platform will speed up the collection frequency and maximize the return of funds.

This means that before the repayment date, it is possible to receive a notice to remind you to repay. In this case, if there is really no money for early repayment, you can claim that your rights will expire, and if the prepayment after the negotiation can be exempted from related expenses, then depending on individual circumstances decide whether to repay in advance.

It should be noted that if the platform is required to be rectified because the interest rate is too high, the borrower can apply for more than 36% interest on the part of the loan is not returned, or negotiate a mutually acceptable figure and then repay.

Need special attention is that the cash loan platform does not mean the collapse of claims disappear, so the money still have to pay back. If not, personal credit may be affected, was credited with bad records such as overdue, may also be pulled into the net black, and then the loan may be difficult.

Finally, for everyone is most concerned about, which part of the money can not be, financial 360 Xiaobian give you one such answer: For those high-interest loans, ultra-loan, more than 36% of the annual interest rate can not return.

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