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The platform closed down, and even the APP was gone. Did the money owed?

Time: 2017-12-26         Source: Finding Little Money Micro Signal         Author: Micro Signal find a little money

For the lack of money on the shore to be bombarded every day and struggling to collapse on the edge of the collapse of the baby, in addition to returning money, but also to cure this glass of good medicine is only "the so-called cash loan platform has closed down, the money owed can not Also "This kind of news.


However, if the cash lending platform closes down, can you really owe the money you owe?

The answer is obvious, how could it be!

However, where is it still and how it is still depends on the circumstances.

Case 1: The platform was taken over by other platforms and continued operations after rectification.

 In this case, neither the platform official website nor the APP should close the repayment channel, but it does not rule out the suspension of the operation of individual platforms.. In other words, as long as the loan can be repaid normally, the borrower should pay off the debt in full and on time, regardless of whether the platform has changed hands.

If the repayment channel is temporarily closed, the borrower can contact the platform customer service or other operators to inquire about how to repay the loan.

Situation 2: The platform was cleared due to violations and closed down.

We know that, generally speaking, the lending funds of the cash lending platform mainly come from: self-owned funds, platform shareholders, financial institutions such as banks and trusts, and other general investors.

Regardless of the source of funds, even if the cash lending platform is indeed closed because of the violation, the creditor still has the right of recourse against the borrower's debt, that is, when the creditor recourses the debt to the borrower, the borrower should repay it. Especially the principal part.


In addition, some cash lending platforms cooperate with the P2P platform, or the platform itself belongs to the P2P platform, so a considerable part of the lending funds come from ordinary investors. If so, even if the cash lending platform fails or the business is banned,So ordinary investors also have recourse to debt, that is, the money you owed may need to be returned to these ordinary investors..

Scenario 3: The platform was restricted from rectification due to violations, and then operated again.

Whether it is because of interest rates or other issues, the platform that was ordered to be rectified represents a day of re-operation. Well, the money owed to this platform must be returned. Moreover, generally before or during the rectification, in order to avoid losses to the greatest extent, the platform will accelerate the collection frequency and maximize the return of funds.

This means that before the repayment date, it is possible to receive a notification reminding you to repay. In this case, if you do not have the money to repay the loan in advance, you can claim your rights, that is, the expiration date. If the early repayment after the negotiation can reduce the relevant expenses, then depending on personal circumstances, it is decided whether or not to repay the loan in advance.

It should be noted that if the platform is required to be rectified because the interest rate is too high, the borrower can apply for repayment of the loan interest that is higher than 36%, or negotiate a mutually acceptable number.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the collapse of the cash lending platform does not mean that the creditor’s rights will disappear. Therefore, the money still has to be paid back. If it does not, personal credit information may be affected and may be recorded in overdue and other bad records. It may also be pulled into the net black and it may be difficult to refinance later.

In the end, for everyone's most concerned about, which part of the money can not be returned, 360 Xiao Bian gives everyone an answer: For those usury, ultra-profit loans, more than 36% annual interest rate may not be returned.

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