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Financial management by the end, should buy money or bank financial management?

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With the survival of monetary funds, bank financial income is higher, the end should buy more?

At the end of each year, due to the withdrawal of funds, there will be a year-end crescent effect on the market interest rate and the yield of various wealth management products. That is, there is a marked upward trend in the rate of return. This year will also be the case.

Both monetary funds and bank wealth management belong to wealth management products with relatively high security level and are suitable for sound investors with less risk tolerance. The yield of these two types of wealth management has also risen sharply recently.

Then during the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival this period, in the end is to buy money or bank financial management? Then compare the difference between these two products.

  First, the purchase of a starting point: the threshold of bank financial management is too high

The starting point for the purchase of monetary funds is usually 1 point, 1 yuan or 100 yuan, very ordinary people's financial products, everyone can afford, but the starting point for bank financing is as high as 50000 yuan, for students or just graduated Most newcomers do not have so much savings. Even if you save up to 5 million, can not all be invested in bank fixed-term financial products. Therefore, this one put some investors out of the door.

  Second, liquidity: Monetary Fund victory

Monetary Fund is the implementation of the T +1 trading mechanism, the redemption of funds is the second working day credited to the arrival of a lot of goods after packing base baby faster cash withdrawal, most of them are T + 0 or seconds to account . Most of the bank's financial management is a closed-end wealth management products, mostly in the period of 1 month - 1 year, with an average term of 5-6 months, which means that during this period your funds to be locked even if There is an emergency can not redeem early, poor liquidity.

  Third, the benefits: bank financial better

Financial 360 monitoring data show that 74 Internet babies last week, the average annual yield of 4.22% annualized, up 0.09 percentage points over the previous week, the average annual rate of bank financial management is expected to 4.84%, up from the previous week 0.05 percentage points. From the point of view of revenue alone, it is clear that the bank's financial management income is higher, and now many city businesses and stock banks have reached more than 5% of the financial income.

  Fourth, the purchase of convenience: Bank financial needs to the network face sign

Monetary fund to buy more convenient, major banks, Internet banking platform as long as real-name registration and binding bank card number on it, but the bank will have some trouble managing money. The first time you buy bank financing, you must sign to the bank outlets, make a risk assessment questionnaire, and then buy it, then you can buy directly in the mobile phone or online, while the risk assessment questionnaire is valid for one year, need to be re-made after the expiration, But after the second time can be done online.


The above is the main difference between money funds and bank financial management, specifically, financial analysts 360 financial investors made the following three suggestions:

First of all, the end of the year if the financial management is the preferred currency fund, because the eve of the Spring Festival is often the peak consumption, spending more, the money in the monetary fund is conducive to scheduling at any time, but if placed in a closed-end bank financing, there is no way at any time Withdraw

Secondly, if you are not afraid of trouble and determine your liquidity requirements are not demanding, it is best to choose bank financing, the revenue should be relatively high. The difference is not superficial, but the amount can be seen more.

Such as a Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in the sale of 123 days financial products yield was 5.25%, the total return of 5 million yuan to buy 885 yuan; the remaining treasure the current annual rate of return of 4.141% on the 7th, if the same income after the purchase 5 The total return of 123 thousand yuan for 6900 yuan, a difference of 187 yuan.

Third, if the amount is large enough, it is best to be able to configure both monetary fund and bank financing at the same time. You can spend your living petty cash and emergency funds on the balance BaoLi and other funds in the bank's financial management.

There are many high-yielding and reliable short-term financial management, concern: financial 360 Finance, reply "fly spectrum" view.

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