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Internet baby gains up 5 weeks Saibao average yield of 4.8%

Edit: Lisa Source: Financial 360 original Date: 2017-12-22


This week, the average annualized return rate of Internet babies was 4.22% for five consecutive weeks and a 24-week high.

Financial 360 monitoring data show that this week (December 15 - December 21) 74 Internet baby products, the average seven-day annualized yield of 4.22%, up 5 weeks, an increase of 0.09 percentage points from the previous week Overall, the growth rate is still relatively large, setting a 24-week high since the beginning of July and there is still a tendency to rise in the short term.

From a different sales platform, the third-party payment system this week, the average baby seven-year annualized return rate of 4.31%, continue to rank first, the banking department, the Department of the Department of the baby and the consignment system is not much difference, the average seven-day annualized rate of return 4.21%, 4.18%, 4.18%.

This week the top ten baby earnings performance are very eye-catching, the overall level has been significantly improved. On average, the wage-earners have an annualized return rate of 4.80% on seven days. They topped the list this week, followed by QIANBAO with an average yield of 4.66% on seven days. Only the two babies returned more than 4.5% this week .

The difference between the third and the tenth place on the earnings leaderboard is very small with an average of seven days annualized yield of 4.48% -4.50%.

This week the average yield of 4% -5% of the baby between 60, 3% -4% of the baby only 14, the lowest profit is Bo Shi Enterprise treasure, the average annual yield of 7.50% .

This week, the average annual yield of remaining treasure is 4.06%, an increase of 0.11 percentage points from the previous week and above 4%. However, 56 of 74 babies are still in the countdown.

Affected by the return of funds at the end of the year, the liquidity in the market will become more and more tense in mid-December and the interest rate will also increase sharply. The effect of baby end-of-year tightening will be obvious. This trend will continue until the end of December. The baby's earnings will continue to rise in the coming week .

At the end of the year, more and more people went in and out of capital, such as issuing year-end awards, selling bonds and repaying debts, and purchasing new products. In this case, the current financial management of the Monetary Fund is very popular with investors. Financing 360 financial analysts suggest that we try to pick the cash withdrawal to the second baby, the highest flexibility in the use of funds.

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