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The baby's income on the Internet rose for 5 weeks The average salary of Baojin Bao rose 4.8% on the top

Edit: Lisa Source: Rong 360 original Date: 2017-12-22


This week, the average annual return rate of the Internet baby was 4.22%, which rose for 5 weeks and hit a 24-week high.

The 360-monitored data show that the average seven-day annualized return rate of 74 Internet baby products this week (December 15 to December 21) is 4.22%, which has risen for 5 weeks and has increased by 0.09 percentage point from last week. Overall, the rate of increase is still relatively large, setting a new high of 24 weeks since the beginning of July, and there is still a tendency to rise in the short term.

Judging from different sales platforms, the average third-party payment rate for the third-party payment this week was 4.31%, which kept it at the top of the list. There were no significant differences among the baby in the banking system, fund system, and consignment department, and the average annual yield rate was 7 days. It is 4.21%, 4.18%, and 4.18%.

The baby in the top ten of this week’s earnings performance is very eye-catching and the overall level has significantly improved. The salary rate averaged 4.80% per annum on the 7th, and it won the championship of this week's ranking, followed by the changeable treasure, with an average annual yield of 4.66% on the 7th. Only the baby's return rate was above 4.5% this week. .

The gap between the third and the tenth in the income rankings is small, with an average of seven-day annualized yields ranging from 4.48% to 4.50%.

There are 60 babies with an average return between 4% and 5% this week, and only 14 babies between 3% and 4%, and the lowest income is Bo Shi Enterprise Po, with an average annualized yield of 3.50% on 7 days. .

This week, Yue Bao’s average annualized yield on the 7th day was 4.06%, an increase of 0.11 percentage point from last week and returned to more than 4%, but it ranked 56th among 74 babies, still counting down.

Affected by the return of funds at the end of the year, the liquidity in the market began to become tighter in mid-December, interest rates also rose sharply, and the baby's income at the end of the year was very noticeable. This trend will continue until the end of December, and baby income will continue to surge in the coming week. .

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