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Annual interest rates of more than 36% do not have to return, then how have you finished back?

Time: 2017-12-21         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Xia sister Q & A time This begins, are you ready?

1. The annual interest rate of more than 36% of the part, is not non-existent savings card on the line?

A: Not.

The so-called annual interest rate over 36% part of the interest can not be returned, means that the platform to discuss and agree on this issue, and then repay in accordance with the new agreement between the two sides. If you unilaterally adjust the repayment amount according to 36% of the annual interest rate and only save the adjusted amount to the savings card, the platform may be overdue due to the insufficient amount to be deducted. If the overdue record was reported to the central bank, then even more outweigh the benefits.

2. Recently it is not a lot of net loan also can not borrow it?

A: You know the truth.

Recently, many people are also easy to come in response to the loan, comb a bit, for about two reasons:

(1) By the end of the year, the credit lines of major lending institutions have almost been exhausted. Basically, all the funds are withdrawn from circulation and the treatment of the next paragraph is certainly cautious.

(2) With the arrival of the new government loan and the subsequent rectification and clean-up, some platforms will be banned and some platforms will be reorganized and re-operated afterwards. In any case, in the era of strong regulation, lending is definitely more difficult than before.

3. By 2000, a month also 2200, the loan interest rate is how much?

A: The formula in hand, who will count.

Formula One: Annual Interest Rate = Daily Interest Rate * 360 = (Interest / Principal / Loan Days) * 360

Formula 2: Annual Interest Rate = Monthly Interest Rate * 12 = (Interest / Principal / Loan Term) * 12


(1) Average daily interest rate converted into annual interest rate, are calculated according to multiplied by 360

(2) The default period of 1 month

(3) "*" is multiplied by the meaning, "/" is divided by the meaning

Apply formula two:

Annual Interest Rate = Monthly Interest Rate * 12 = (Interest / Principal / Loan Term) * 12 = (200/2000/1) * 12 = 120%

The interest rate far exceeds the upper limit of the cash loan interest rate by 36%, exceeding part of the interest can not be repaid, but within 36% of the annual interest rate should be repaid in full and on time.

4. More than 200 monthly repayment of the service fee illegal?

A: The specific circumstances of the specific analysis.

The New Deal of Cash Loans clearly stipulates that the total cost of loans should be annualized, that is, the platform can charge service fees, but the costs should be credited to interest instead of receiving interest at a rate of 36% per annum Fee or other fee.

5 has repayments how to do?

A: basically come back ...

Under normal circumstances, the implementation of the maximum annual loan interest rate should not exceed 36%, it should be cash loans after the start of the new government, that is, before this loan repayments have non-compliance part, in theory, or not to come back.

In addition, even after the New Deal to pay the non-compliance part, it is estimated that the possibility of coming back is relatively small. In general, the platform will certainly not be returned, if you want to solve litigation, you may also have to consider the cost.

how is it? At the end of today's Q & A, all the babies still have some questions about God.

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